Shiny Forehead

i fall sick again.. i wonder why am i getting so weak..
and this time viral fever then CHICKEN POX!
yes i haven't kena this thing b4 so finally its my turn..
love & hate relationship with it
love- 1 week leave at home
hate- im tat kinda person that cannot endure itchiness.. i just cant! that's y i have several mosquito bite scars on my legs..i dunno how am i gonna over come this chicken pox thingy..
God grant me tolerance please..
i have tons of things to complete at work..i cant feel peace when i know i got chicken pox..sorry colleagues..thanks so much!
IMG_0602 copy
outfit last weeks
beige scallop hem top: Taiwan, khakis short: f21
love this pic coz i have shiny forehead..hehhe
my face condition is getting better no more popping out pimple/acne after my facial treatment..hopefully this thing dun spread on my face
oh no fever come again..time to go to bed..

God bless you~


  1. drink more water and sleep well, hope you recover soon:)

  2. take k bare with the itchiness..
    hope u recover soon^^

  3. i got this like last year also ><
    make sure u apply the pink medicine everyday(can reduce some itchiness)
    hahah n most importantly dun eat any black, not even kicap they say will leave black scar 1 ~~
    take care lo!

  4. ohno ! take care ya ! hugs ♥

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Keep thinking of happy thoughts to distract you from the itchiness :)

  6. Thanks all! im getting slightly better today..:)
    thanks so much to bother and take ur time to write a comment for me!