Dong Dong Qiang

Chinese new year in 2 days!
can't wait to meet relatives and wear all my new clothes..
IMG_8453 copy
got myself little gifts that day for all the hardwork last year after getting my 'vitamin B'..
as you know im in love with red..and its a perfect to wear red on cny without having ppl staring weird at you..
but dunno why this time i didn't buy any red top or bottom for cny..*bang wall*
IMG_8465 copy
so boring with my hair already.. hv to change a new hair style after cny..i promise myself
IMG_8470 copy
red hat, checker shirt (bf's), black knitted top (taiwan), Ripped Denim Short (Queenl La Moss)
IMG_8407 copy
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!
IMG_8446 copy
May God bless you have a safe trip any where you're heading to..
drive safe and have a great time with your family..


  1. happy cny to you kim! you look gorgeous in red!

  2. happy cny to you and ur family!

  3. You look awesome with the whole outfit! red goes well on you

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