Another 3 days! 2011 come to the end~
2011 is treating me very well!
Best of all! 

the new word "Fiancé"enter into my dictionary
get involve in everything related to wedding

Second best thing~
Visit taiwan!
would love to visit taiwan again next year~

 Best number 3
Being freelancer for more than half a year!
i'm really Thankful to God that i still survive until today~
i'm amaze how He provide! whenever i'm insufficient there will always be job
all depend on Faith~
i might have my own office soon!hehe..

Best number 4
my second family!
the choir members, we are like a big family
we always spend every sunday together!!

another best thing!
we're marching into 5 and half year~
 thanks for being so caring and considerate
the current hot activities of us is to go for a walk after dinner at the park
haha sound so old.. and we will end our walk with prayers~
pray for people around us, for family and ourselves

Hope you have a great 2011 and let's look forward for another awesome year ahead!
Happy New Year in advance~
because i know i would blog so soon!

Sweater Addiction

i've been wearing a lot of sweater lately..
i just can't get enough

i'm wearing knitted textured stitch sweater (Taiwan) match with black shirt (Reverie) and ripped short

Vivi collar sweater (online) and Snidel Grey Trouser (Reverie)
Super comfy 2 tone shelves sweater (Taiwan) match with white short and Turquoise Baggu Backpack

Reverie Knitted Stripe Sweater and Black High waist Short

these are things match with sweater..
Collar tip Shirt, Topshop velvet short, Zara & miss Selfridge red body con skirt and Topshop Suede Slipper Loafer

Wish you Merry Christmas in advance~

My Wedding Gown

my wedding gown illustration
Toga bow with natural waist ballerina ball gown for photo shoot session
Slim-line lace grown for church ceremony
actually i worry i can't carry the slim line gown well coz I'm short..:(
but i want something classic and proper for church 
i have another short gown for photo shoot too..but the top part of the dress is not settle yet..
Wearing Contrast Collar knitted top, berry trousers

Christmas and new year is around the corner! what's your plan?
we will have a event coming saturday at tropicana mall~ free gift wrapping, christmas carols and gifts
and a talk next monday at PGRM by Pastor Steven Tong 
gonna be a happening month! 

Wardrobe Crisis

i always wardrobe crisis especially on special occasion 
to be exact dinner and wedding 
i seldom buy dress or anything formal
i'm a last minutes person i will only shop if the event is close like tomorrow!?! haha..
till recently im so fed-up with myself
i brought a dress and a top online for a wedding yesterday and it suppose to delivered on Friday
but no one at home to receive it ...*scream*
and it was too late to do last-minute shopping~~
i spend my whole morning having war with my wardrobe..and this is not the first time!
told the bf im gonna buy anything i saw is nice from now on dun stop me! i dun care!
do you mind share with me which stores do you most often hit up for last-minute clothes to wear for special occasion?
ok back to normal outfit

loving the black swan on the collar! cute no?

Crop Black Swan Collar shirt-made in Korea (SOLD OUT)
highwaist pant-Bangkok

Contrast Collar Blouse- Reverie , polka dot skort-Ugly Duckling
accompany dear kelly to test and choose her gown for her pre-wedding shoot at bridal house
one of my white gown will arrive 2 week later another one will need another 1 month to custom made..!!! what kinda wedding gown you think i go for? any wild guess? will share it in my next post
am now looking for wedding heels and accessorize to match

Movie Premier- Author Christmas

Who do not love free ticket for movie right?
especially movie premier, free popcorn, poster, free seating #likeaboss
Thanks Seventeen for this privilege!
Christmas is coming to town!
December is always my favorite month.. celebrating the last month of the year with lotsa public holiday, preparing for christmas event, deco and carolling in church~
okie back to the topic
Arthur Christmas~

very cute movie for everyone to watch in this Christmas Season~
Santa Claus is coming to town, but this time, he’s not coming down the chimney but space hip
do you never wonder does Santa deliver all those presents in one night,
this movie will tell you how is the 21century santa work!
im not good in story telling but this is the movie you should watch in this season of love~

movie night out

Normal movie night out with ney
Maxis Movie is love!! we now purchase movie ticket all in half price only!
although movie ticket is not expensive but this save a lot..
my house's internet was down that day..so i was force to bring lappie out to complete my work before dinner..i still find its really heavy..to bring out :(
and i'm still looking for a nice fitted bag for it..any suggestion where can i find new laptop bag?
going for really comfy sweater and short..for movie
i always wear pant for movie coz i love to sit cross-legged, no choice i have short leg
and i dun like my leg to hanging middle in the air..
Stripe sweater & velvet brown short: : coming soon @ Reverie-store.com
you might realize sometimes i post some pieces from Reverie but you nvr found on the site
coz its sold out before i can publish at Reverie..
btw thanks so much~ love you!
while waiting for 那些年。。to be show is so good!
Reverie Winter Collection update tomorrow~

into something~

im kinda into make up recently, getting consultation from make up artist, watching tons of make up videos
tho i dun make up a lot like once or twice a week only but its fun to put on make up on myself or somebody its like a painting piece of art..
these are the stuffs i play around with
For Setting
Make up for ever midst and fix..actually i dun use that accept when its come to photoshoot so i only apply this on my models.. its help to set and make the make up last longer..
Laura Mercier loose powder..
For Base
Make up forever primer and liquid foundation, sephora & Benefit boi-ing concealer and Inglot pen concealer
the liquid foundation and primer are really good!! so smooth and glowy!
as for concealer i think benefit boi-ing concealer is the best better than mac (selec cover up) that i use previously this last longer, and not patchy or dry..did a good job in cover up dark circle..
For Eye and lashes
sephora long lasting water proof eye liner kinda good to me..
as for lashes..from essential, maybeline, embro and majolica
they serve me pretty well..
For lip and cheeks
nude lip stick, pencil and lip gross
i rarely apply them coz i have vy sensitive lip
as for cheeks kose (brought from taiwan) and sephora duo blush
For eye shadow and eye brow
i go for natural brown tone, gold, beige..
actually i just started to draw my eye brow last month and
im so regret why i din try to apply it b4
For brushes and sculpting powder
the hourse fur brushes are basic set and sculpting powder only use for model on set..:)

some random little new thing..
sewed a cover for my new bible
a very good study bible that pastor introduce to us.. help a lot in understand the detail of the scriptures~
i really need to read more~ its the best way to draw closer to God
      new toy for me and boyfriend
dream come true.. always wanted to own a Macbook or iMac
but always worry of the flexibility on design tools coz we dun have money to buy original Adobe products~
anyway problem solved..so we make our dream come true~
i can now bring it to meet client and work outside of the house! and he can do his video with better speed...

random props i did for a recent pre-wedding photoshoot
mustache stick and hand bouquet
wanna thanks patty once again for this lovely sign board~ love it a lot~