My 2010 Summary

· got baptist after 4 year believe in Christ!
· obsessed with red regret of getting such a blog name that disallow me to in love with other color, wedding stuff, babies
· earn nothing much save none although i shop less this is truth ok! hahah
· Project Reverie
-grow in spiritual! pick up daily devotion read more bible and pray more!
-save save save money!

· less quarrel
· saving plan for future on the go ..
-manage to save the amount we planned
-get married soonest possible hahha..

· lotsa first time at work season photo shoot, mifa fashion show, stock take, set up/dismatle fair, promoter and etc
· have 3 very cute colleauge yy, sophia & yun at least brighten up my boring working days.
· tougher and tougher life at work not the job scope but the whole company management.
- i wish i can have better achievement in my career, do something i like and Glorify God
- do not worry about financial part just follow to God's path

· lotsa photo shoot with boyfriend
· memorable birthday gathering
· reunion with my primary bestie after losing contact for 10years

· Bkk -annual shopping trips with ah li, sister, ney and me
· Langkawi- fun trip with ccf'er
· Malacca- 1day food trip with ney before heading down to jb
· JB- annual gathering with sisters..cum sun's birthday celebration
· Singapore- Family Trip and visit relatives..USS!
-Taiwan in July and BKK again

i had a great 2010!
Thanks God for all the blessing
i believe 2011 gonna be greater year and i'm ready for greater plan and challenges..
i pray that family and friends stay healthy..

below are some outfit pictures that i never post it here
i believe you guys had a great 2010 right!
Thank you so much for reading kiminpink! hugz..
God bless you~

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Kim. Have a blessed year too :)

  2. hi kim! happy new year!! have a blessed 2011!
    hope can meet u in person someday =)

  3. Ohmygawd such a sweet color palate! You never fail us on Layout thingy!

  4. Happy New Year!

    Hope the new year will be better than the last. Keep blogging :)

    Love your outfits
    (btw, this is my 5th time posting the same comment because there seems to be some error...hope my comment don't appear 5 times haha)

  5. Faster get married!!!
    Remember to invite me

    I live the 3rd outfit on top row so muchie

  6. hey bee :D Same to you! Faster get married too! =)

  7. hai Kim

    Yes! faster get married!!

    very sweet layout. love it.

    Happy New Year!!


  8. been so long i din come to your blog, so busy with projects and family gathering !
    Love your new template so much, so sweet like you. hehe. Thanks for the Christmas e-card dearie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you too !

  9. Ming, not so soon
    Maybe end of next year or another year after...

  10. Yvon: Happy New Year to you too..:)

    Li Hui: Thanks sweetie!hehe..ya hope we can meet

    amanda:haha..glad to hear that..:)

    joey:ya will definitely keep blogging!
    really!?must be blogger's prob

    Joyce: you too dearie!

    bee:hehhe i hope so lo..ahha sure of coz will invite u de!

    peiyun:haha :)
    you too sweetie

    Ketty: yeah miss u too!! you're welcome dear..just little stuff.hehhe

    bee:oh noted haha must invite us as well!haha

  11. Hey,Kim seems long time never c u update ur blog ya. How r u?

  12. Anonymous: yes i did update!!!
    you might bookmark this particular post..:) change ur link ya..hehe

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