Merry Christmas..

Photobucket Christmas feel right?
dunno why i'm so semangat! tomorrow gotta wake up at 5am for work!
but im still pura pura wanna complete this layout..
coz ill be leaving right after the work to cousin's wedding and Singapore with family for short trip..
will be back with lotsa update and photos...i hope..
Blessed Christmas!

oh ya hope you like the card i sent to you~


  1. thx for ur ecard my dear! u r so sweet! wish u and ur family hv nice trip in singapore. Merry Christmas!

  2. thank you for the card. :D
    i like the layout. simple and christmasy.
    but it kinda lags in chrome browser. I apologise if i offend you :(


  3. thanks for the e-card, its sweet! =D ya, its lag in safari too. :( have a nice trip & Merry Christmas! ^^

  4. thanks for you e-card so much,so lovely and I love your skins :D love red so much!
    Merry X'mas too

  5. ping ping: you're most welcome..:) just a tiny little thing i can do..

    ashley: glad that you like it!! ya thanks for the feedback! i think the problem is solve, if there's still problem let me know! im ok with it..heheh

    Wei wei: hehehe welcome! ya thanks for informing too!! solve d try and see k!Thanks so much!

    June: you're welcome just something simple i can do you girls! hehe Merry Christmas to you too..:)

  6. awww ! VERY christmas feel :D
    i semakin like step-into here ! omg :) so comfortable !

  7. WHAT A CUTE LAYOUT! Check out my comment in your previous post, Red Attack! in case you missed it out :D

  8. Oh gosh, i love the layout~~!! So xmas feel..... U r genius!!

  9. wah.. the first thing in my mind when i open your blog to read.. it's very very Christmas feel!!
    cute. i like it very much!!

    oh ya Kim, i dunno if u forget or i gave wrong email address of mine, but i didn't receive your e card :'(

    maybe u can send me here?? pleaseee?? hehe..

    thanks a lot dear

  10. Amee: hahah really? glad to hear that!!!

    Nicole: yea dear checked, had sent an e-card to you..:) hope you like it!

    Rosanna: hehe glad you have it!! no lar simple thing only..

    Hoyoyi:'re welcome!

    Peiyun: so sorry for delay dear, coz i was out of the country..btw i've sent you the ecard to this email ya! hope u receive it!
    Merry Christmas to you~

  11. Hey Kim,I received my E-card. :) It's lovely,ty!
    Merry X-mas to u too! ;)