Dearest boyfriend

To you my dearest boyfriend,
been some times never mention about you here,dunno why today i just feel like writing
so this post gonna dedicated to you~

Thanks for always being a good listener to me been really hard at work these days all i do after work when meeting up with you is complain complain and non-stop
torturing you with a lot of complain and nothing good..
but you always keep quiet and listen to me ..
always stand at my side..then encourage me with God's words..
you know me so well..i appreciate it! seriously..
thank you so much!
DSC04762 copy
i know you prefer to stay at home especially after your tiring day at work
but whenever i request to go out to get some stuff at the mall
you will say always matter how tired or how busy you are..
you will always accompany to anywhere i wanted to go..
thank you so much
DSC04769 copy
you're such a cute boyfriend
i love to make fun of you, because you're so 'real' in front of me as you said!
haha you always say you can do this and that only in front of me!
feel so sweet whenever i heard this, i feel im special..
been 4 n half years i must say i never regret at least at this moment not at all
thank you for guide me lead me with God's words
you're indeed a good present to me..
DSC04749 copy
see my face?
i'm proud to have such a boyfriend like you!
love you~


  1. hahaha..last pic is funny =P
    love you too !

  2. Sooo sweeeet!!!! Hope you two can last long! Sure will :D

  3. so sweet wei!when are you guys plans to get married?

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  5. it makes me think of my bf while reading ur words! =)

    that's not easy to meet someone like this, stay sweet forever! =]

  6. Haha, Kim, i'm doing the same think like u.. Complain complain non stop about work..LOL..
    U hv a very gd bf (: Loves loves

  7. Thanks all! stay sweet and happiness too~

  8. super sweet :D may 2011 brings u both more sweet moments together! :)

  9. May i know where did you get that ankle fringe boots?