Project Rêverie

i actually don't know how and what to start not good in storytelling..
anyway the idea inspired from some supper nice and photo i've been feeding myself these few month..
IMG_1753 copy
so i start to sketch my idea out!
IMG_1739 copy IMG_1744 copy
Thanks God idea kept flowing in...
so this is the whole range of the collection! of coz its not very pro..
coz im not doing this for business but for fun only!hehe..
i invite my bestie shuwan who is now doing photography to be the photographer
pretty Bee as my model! Thanks again Bee! and ney as videographer and also not to forget very helpful brother Kah Hin's house as shooting venue!
the photo shoot already done last 2 we are in the midst of editing and finalize..
if you know me ,im a 5 mins person my passion or idea doesn't last me long enough to make it true or work out in the end!
But this time is totally different! Thanks God that i make it thru!
God is behind everything! He provides me idea, strength, energy, right people, right place, right timing so this project work out!
when i look back, i can't believe that i utilize my time after work just to complete sewing all these in time!
will share on behind the scene shoot in next post!


  1. Can't wait to see it! *excited

  2. Cool! Please share soon!

  3. cool and nice..pls share when u start selling..i'm interested..

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  5. Can't wait to see the outcome
    Sorry if my skin is giving too much trouble to edit

  6. Joanne: in fact me too cant wait to see the outcome!

    Linda: hi Linda..erm actually not planing to sell it..i do it just for fun and portfolio..:D

    Ketty:yeah cant wait! me too..hahah

    bee: not at all! dun worry! paiseh delay so long..hehe

  7. hello, saw ur comment on one of a girl who posted about peranakan!and u are a girl like me who is 1/8 nyonya descendants :) glad to know u and love ur blog!

  8. gambate!!! kim...i really salute u!

  9. happy for u. unlike me so lazy. jz dream and never take first step :(

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