chiffon blazer

so fast my precious 4 day long weekend is over
really hectic one..not even have a proper sleep or nap
and now im feeling sick and body ache all over the body..
i cannot fall in sick this coming week gonna be busy at work
IMG_2663 copy IMG_2669 copy
loving this chiffon blazer..
IMG_2660 copy
chiffon blazer: online, tunic top: topshop, nordic print legging: uniqlo, sling bag: vivace cabin

went to old blossom box today! and finally i found my ideal dress..
now all the hunting come to the end..i hate this fire fighting thingy!
Thanks again pretty jezmine! she is so darling and helpful!
gotta sleep really early tonight..
nitez girls!


  1. Hi Kim,

    Just to check with you.Did u see any S size Uniqlo leggings when you went?I've been last Friday and the sales assistance told me they only cater for M and L. :(

  2. ping: hehe thanks baby ping!

    Joleen: haha lookbook is a wht description?btw i assume it to be good

    anonymous: Thanks..

    Ann: yes dear there's no s size leggings mine is m size 1st i kinda scare to buy later loose not nice..but it fits me well..dunno is me fat d or what..hahha..

  3. Hi Kim!

    Thanks for the info.I don't think you are fat,you look great. :D

  4. this look definately fits you perfectly! rarely seen you wearing almost-all-black-outfit ;) i love it! something new on your outfit post :)

    keep it up!


  5. Really love your look here! Cantik gila!

  6. Cool outfit - I love your leggings!

  7. Love the whole look esp. the chiffon blazer. Very chic

  8. hi.. can tell where u got this black blazer? thanks!

  9. ann: thanks ann for your wordS!!

    beverly: u too!

    anonymous: Thanks! u encouragement to share my outfit here more!

    kelly: Thanks kelly!

    ashleigh: Thanks so much..:D

    joey: yeah me love the blazar alot..

    Michelle: Thanks michelle..

    frolic: is from random website