Project Rêverie- Behind the Scene

Since the weather are unpredictable and kept rainy the days before
so we start the shooting earlier last minutes..
IMG_7503 copy
IMG_2924 copy
bee have long straight hair so its easy to do diff style
IMG_3022 copy
posing..hehe im referring to the reference images from laptop..
IMG_2972 copy
pictures viewing while break time..
IMG_2993 copy
on set...:D

preview images!
what do you think?

a little update of myself..
nowadays seldom take outfit pictures..weekend are packed weekday no mood and no time to take pictures of my outfit..i have lotsa to buy, great bargain, good stuff and many more to tell you girls..but just dunno why i have no mood to blog..
bear with me.. hope my blogging mojo will be back very soon..

in this special December, i received a lot of blessing from friends around me..
Although i face some problem at work but God's words, friends, family and church buddies warm my heart..
Thanks God i'm truly blessed..

Project Rêverie

i actually don't know how and what to start not good in storytelling..
anyway the idea inspired from some supper nice and photo i've been feeding myself these few month..
IMG_1753 copy
so i start to sketch my idea out!
IMG_1739 copy IMG_1744 copy
Thanks God idea kept flowing in...
so this is the whole range of the collection! of coz its not very pro..
coz im not doing this for business but for fun only!hehe..
i invite my bestie shuwan who is now doing photography to be the photographer
pretty Bee as my model! Thanks again Bee! and ney as videographer and also not to forget very helpful brother Kah Hin's house as shooting venue!
the photo shoot already done last 2 we are in the midst of editing and finalize..
if you know me ,im a 5 mins person my passion or idea doesn't last me long enough to make it true or work out in the end!
But this time is totally different! Thanks God that i make it thru!
God is behind everything! He provides me idea, strength, energy, right people, right place, right timing so this project work out!
when i look back, i can't believe that i utilize my time after work just to complete sewing all these in time!
will share on behind the scene shoot in next post!

Random Stuff at work

i realize i seldom blog about my work if compare to my previous job..
anyway since these pictures are with me for some times..
i don't usually have breakfast
depends on my mood...:D
involve in mifa show..and work like a cow..
DSC04232 copy
random outfit to work..when i feel girly..
visit boutique for some work stuff...
wearing knitted top-taiwan, khakis pant- chapter 8
Picture 031 Picture 027
company annual dinner..
DSC00942 Picture 077 copy
self decorate mask broke half way.. fail!
5200411937_23e98be69c_b 5200405485_92fec87571_b
our table we were arranged to sit with media representative..sienz..
Picture 070
with funny girl yun
basically i've learn alot here! other than graphic design
help in at event, set up fair, stock take, sales girls!
anyway i thanks God for letting me learn this much and experience different things!
-the end-
croset and tutu are from old blossom as well!
IMG_2735 IMG_2741
old blossom is ♥

Christmas is coming...

updated: All shorts are sold out and not restockable..
Thanks for overwhelming response..

so fast the year 2010 come to the end! because Christmas is coming
Malls are ready for Christmas!
IMG_8272 copy
End of November and December are always pack and busy for us
especially in church...and again is time to refect ourself
IMG_8267 copy IMG_8263 copy
takes pictures with pavilion's Christmas deco is a yearly thingy! *Here*
IMG_8276 copy IMG_8281 copy
wearing Mum's cardigan, Old blossom box lace corset, khakis pleated high waist short,
Old blossom box vintage-like watch necklace
IMG_8284 copy IMG_8291 copy
i have extra stock for this shorts in s and m size!
because i saw this pretty short at the supplier and i just cant resist it!so i just grab a few pieces in order to own it!anyone interested? mail me or drop a comment! am not earning but sharing love!
IMG_8260 copy IMG_8254 copy
testing shot at topshop fitting room as usual!
love the lace details knitted top! so pretty! i like!
IMG_8288 copy
this year gonna end soon! i wonder what i've done so far..
is all about work, church, cellgroup, shopping
nothing much or special
anyhow quiet doesn't mean bad but full of God's blessing

Take care

Pipit Market..

Thanks ping for reminding me of pipit market
always missed the chance to visit this art market by local artist and designers
IMG_2749 copy
there's art exhibition by local artist..
love his drawing~
IMG_2750 copy
a girl selling really nice handmade stuff! her stall is so dreamy!
i love her XOXO handmade soft toy!so cute!
IMG_2757 copy IMG_2780 copy
people mountain people sea
really successful bazaar i must say!
IMG_2815 copy IMG_2832 copy
tag sister zhi along..she love all the handmade stuff!
IMG_2820 copy IMG_2819 copy
after the bazaar we went sunway damansara for thai food!
Bangkok wasabe
affordable but nice thai food are served here!
IMG_2838 copy
super spicy and sour tomyam!
i think its better than those i drink in bkk!
maybe localize d..
IMG_2841 copy
thai pandan chicken..not bad~
IMG_2826 copy
thai iced tea..
IMG_2835 copy
and pineapple fried rice!
definitely will visit again..
IMG_2793a copy IMG_2796a copy
somthing plain and easy
topshop tunic, stripe flair skirt, vincci oxford.

chiffon blazer

so fast my precious 4 day long weekend is over
really hectic one..not even have a proper sleep or nap
and now im feeling sick and body ache all over the body..
i cannot fall in sick this coming week gonna be busy at work
IMG_2663 copy IMG_2669 copy
loving this chiffon blazer..
IMG_2660 copy
chiffon blazer: online, tunic top: topshop, nordic print legging: uniqlo, sling bag: vivace cabin

went to old blossom box today! and finally i found my ideal dress..
now all the hunting come to the end..i hate this fire fighting thingy!
Thanks again pretty jezmine! she is so darling and helpful!
gotta sleep really early tonight..
nitez girls!