Sheer Style

so here a post how i mix playing around with my sheer shirt...
#style 1
IMG_2219 copy
sheer shirt as outer wear
match with Dorothy tank top & bangkok high waist short
ignore this hair style..
this curl make me look so old/mature.. luckily is temporary..
But! i perm my hair yesterday like FINALLY!.. love the end least smth different..
will share in next next post...

#style 2
IMG_2229 copy
tied it up..

#style 3
IMG_2324 copy
match it with Topshop long tank top

# style 4
IMG_2344 copy
pair with flair skirt from chatuchak
loving the effect..i don't know where is the light in the middle come from..
IMG_2331 copy IMG_2338 copy
and Vincci accessories oxford
IMG_2352 copy

# style 5
IMG_2284 copy IMG_2301 copy
pair it with a belt on the waist..
casual i like!
IMG_2294 copy IMG_2308 copy
and of coz a nice bag is indispensable
always love brown bag, so easy to match and simply chic!
got it from Vivace Cabin Visit their store!

which style u prefer? hope you enjoy this kinda post..:D


  1. love style#5 ; love your brown flats.. where did you buy it? :D

  2. love style 4! got vintage feel! And the place looks good! can't wait to see your new hairstyle in the next post ;D

  3. Awww, love all the items you have <3
    more of the kinda post? :D

  4. Love love love! <3
    I kinda like this curl it very nicely dear! My curls are always very messy and dry..=x
    Love your outfits too..casual chic..i have been looking for brown bags! so vintagy~

  5. love ut curl hair.. nicely curl :)

  6. Babe,

    where did you buy that sheer top in blue? Nice

  7. Love all the styles ! But i'm so chubby so i look shorter cant wear like this. sad thing :(
    And you look not mature at all in the 1st picture. a good changes :)
    Missing you :S

  8. love all of the pic~~
    stay lengleng ya^^

  9. Love your outfit match...

    十卜 (^^) 十卜

  10. aww i love ur style #1 n #4 especially the skirt in style #4, how sweet it is! =)

  11. Thanks for sharing! i like all the style!

  12. I love your outfit for style 4 too~ but i wanna know where did you bought for the brown moccasin flat in style 5? they are so cute! ^^

  13. all style looks great! love it!
    and the bag too :D

    oya i just read your reply for my last comment.. the website is actually in Indonesian, but u can also click if u want to know and read it :D nothing to be vote actually its just a boring Internet Marketing Business :D


  14. i love this post and your hair is pretty! :D

  15. I loveee your sheer top! Been finding one. where do you get it from? Do you sell it? Or can you twll me where I can find it? Please, thank you.

  16. where are those place you taking picture?

  17. Style #4 is so girly and I totally in love with your oxford flats. Been looking around for it!
    Style #5 is simple yet chic (Y)!!

    Saw you in Chicpop the other day with your boyfie and you both look great together :D

    p/s. Always loved and adored your great sense of fashion, keep it up <3

  18. And, you don't look matured/old with in those pictures. The curls fit you perfectly! It's good to have a new change, can't wait to see your new hairstyle in next post :)

  19. Looking forward for ur new hairstyle^^
    btw u carry out this curl very well too la..

  20. Debbie: hello debbie, the flat from city square, jb..:D

    Grace: Thanks Grace!! hehe havnt take pictures yet dun give too high expection ya..hahaha

    Ally: Thanks Ally..:D will try to blog more for this..:D

    Angel: Hello angel dear..for the sweet comment! no my also messy and dry! u cant see it in the pictures mah..haha yes yes its indeed a nice bag!

    Yvon: Thanks Yvonne! :D

    Viexoravogue: Hi dear i got it from bangkok..:D

    Ketty: arh whr got chubby lar u! u re just nice! miss you too! let meet up one day..

    jun: Thanks jun..:D u too stay leng leng!

    Jamie: Thanks you jamie!

    Sharon: hahah..but the skirt make my leg look gemuk!haha

    Mel:Thanks Mel, i brought it at city square, jb some times ago..

    Bee: hehe Thanks sweetie!

    peiyun: Thanks peiyun dear, oh icic it part of ur job?

    vvens: Thanks vvens!

    amelia:i actually got it from bkk, but i found is selling smth similar..

    Anonymous: KLpac..

    Nicole: awh..thanks for the comment nicole! so sweet of you..
    really...hahah we are tiny little couple..
    your word motivate me seriously! will try to take pictures sooner and post abt it!

    Christine: stay tune ya! Thanks! but i still think too mature..i dun wan to b old..hahha

  21. Appreaciate your effort! you did a really great job kim! love style 5 the most!

  22. urmm... not being racist here, coz im chinese as well, but why do chinese often wear shorts that is really really short to the point it looks like they're not wearing anything underneath a top/tunic/etc?

    curious. aren't you embarrass?

  23. Joleen: Thanks Joleen! how's ur project?

    amanda: Thanks for the comment Amanda, FYI i do wear a white short beneath the tunic please refer to style 5 picture no 2. and the short is always on me whenevr im wearing the black topshop tunic, yes u're right if there nothing underneath of coz its embarrasing!

  24. absolutely adore your outfit :) the top in phat culture does not look as sheer and the cutting looks big :/ I'm small petite like you :p

  25. love your sheer top in style #4. awww, awesome portraits and ur hair is nice! :D

  26. Anonymous:Thanks dear.. ya that one not that sheer..ill look around and tell u here ok??

    Eva: Thanks eva for the words! :D i love the picha u took!!!!!!

  27. Love all the shots dear! <3 I have the exact same bag :P got it here in HK and coincedentally i got myself a sheer top as well! *high 5*

  28. hey sweetie,u looks so pretty! i love the sheer and ur sense of fashion! nice match and now i'm looking for the sheer shirt in blue also ♥
    hope u can keep share these kind of things with us =)
    take care and stay pretty ya!