Nude Shirt Sheer

last weekend
finally can hang out with the boy friend in weekend...
IMG_1858 copy
i can camwhore as much as i like in the car..driving alone is boring..
IMG_1878 copy IMG_1873 copy
went to chic pop last sat..but sad..nth catch my eye..
IMG_1884 copy

we are 2 four eye frog...
IMG_1879 copy IMG_1880 copy
big face big face.. just cant put this fridge up for minutes..
feel so insecure..
after start working i've been putting up weight!!!
i need to diet and maintain back my ideal 38 kg!!since im short i cant grow any more fatter..
any diet plan that works??pls share with me...
IMG_1869 copy
nude sheer shirt, bag & shoe: BKK and random black high waist
love this top so much!! so i put it as the title for this post..hehhe
IMG_1892 copy
tired..going to bed..
11pm is my usual sleep a good girl..ehhe


  1. nice shirt! not selling at T.R? i want!

  2. i stumbled upon your blog thru lookbook. i loveee all your loooks! ;o) just curious... you curl your hair everyday or is it natural? i think you're so pretty!

  3. 38kg is too thin lar babe! how tall are you! from the pictures think you figure just nice!

  4. You look so adorable as always! Hmm exercise is the best way to diet! ^^ I used to go gym 2-3 times a week and join marathons sometimes and i did slim down a lot hee.


  5. Chloe: nop dear..hehe..only got it for myself..

    anonymous: Thanks!! glad that you love..nop dear i only curl my hair on weekend..hehe..
    thanks so much for the compliment..:D

    joleen: for me ok lar..since im short!! im 154only! no no i really fat jor!

    Angel: Thanks sweetie! yaya but kinda lazy ler..hehe..but im trying to spare out some time for exercise!! thanks for the suggestion!!

  6. Hey, have been a silent reader for a while. Just wanted to say that bag of yours is gorgeous!