Pla dib- The Heritage Village

Pla dib- The Heritage Village, Seri Kembagan
accidentally read about this restaurant while blog walking..
since its so near to my place, so i tag my sibling along when my parent are out for wedding dinner
IMG_2392 copy
i love the enviroment..the design and the lighting..
IMG_2388 copy
feel cozy
IMG_2440 copy
especially love their outdoor seats..with lake side view!
IMG_2415 copy
Creamy Cappelini Angel Hair with Ebikko
love the mixtures and its a great combination
IMG_2412 copy IMG_2420 copy
smoke salmon salad and Black Fried Rice serve with raw egg
not really like the salad..we should order their chef recommended soft shelf crab salad..
the fried rice is something new for me..i love it!
IMG_2444 copy IMG_2378 copy
they are offering free dessert with every purchase of main course
Flamed Crispy Mango with Ice cream..i love free stuff!
Definitely will visit again!
IMG_2455 copy
turquoise chiffon crop top: Beetch, highwaist short: BKK
yeah.. gonna start hunting for dress for wedding and annual dinners this weekend!
i need nice dress!

Sheer Style

so here a post how i mix playing around with my sheer shirt...
#style 1
IMG_2219 copy
sheer shirt as outer wear
match with Dorothy tank top & bangkok high waist short
ignore this hair style..
this curl make me look so old/mature.. luckily is temporary..
But! i perm my hair yesterday like FINALLY!.. love the end least smth different..
will share in next next post...

#style 2
IMG_2229 copy
tied it up..

#style 3
IMG_2324 copy
match it with Topshop long tank top

# style 4
IMG_2344 copy
pair with flair skirt from chatuchak
loving the effect..i don't know where is the light in the middle come from..
IMG_2331 copy IMG_2338 copy
and Vincci accessories oxford
IMG_2352 copy

# style 5
IMG_2284 copy IMG_2301 copy
pair it with a belt on the waist..
casual i like!
IMG_2294 copy IMG_2308 copy
and of coz a nice bag is indispensable
always love brown bag, so easy to match and simply chic!
got it from Vivace Cabin Visit their store!

which style u prefer? hope you enjoy this kinda post..:D

Simply lazy

IMG_2175 copy IMG_2174 copy
my outfit post getting so boring i know
i am so plain and simple this season..
don't why.. just so lazy to dress up..
IMG_2187 copy IMG_2168 copy
knitted top: Topshop, studded short & Shoe: Bangkok
IMG_2171 copy
this top is supper comfy! i like!
IMG_2196 a
i'm still thinking whether should i take day off for the opening!
i wanna queue up and enter the shop first!
and they are having special promo on the 1st day!!i want to go so crazy i know..

Nice Stuff II

IMG_1776 copy
MAC concealer
always searching for good coverage concealer to cover my dark eye circle
some concealer is patchy, some doesn't last long, some is too oily for eye part
and i think i found the best so far...
last long and not patchy at all..blend so well with my liquor foundation
IMG_1780 copy
MAC gel eye liner
another good one! previously i used both maybeline and kate was good
but they dried out so fast! like after 3month..

IMG_1785 copy IMG_1841 copy
left: how i apply concealer
right: eye liner so me...
IMG_1820 copy
essential shampoo and conditional
got it from BKK! i love it..and now almost empty
still haven't launch in Malaysia!?!?
IMG_1821 copy
after make up..:D
gonna sleep soon..nitey!
Blessed Sunday!

Nude Shirt Sheer

last weekend
finally can hang out with the boy friend in weekend...
IMG_1858 copy
i can camwhore as much as i like in the car..driving alone is boring..
IMG_1878 copy IMG_1873 copy
went to chic pop last sat..but sad..nth catch my eye..
IMG_1884 copy

we are 2 four eye frog...
IMG_1879 copy IMG_1880 copy
big face big face.. just cant put this fridge up for minutes..
feel so insecure..
after start working i've been putting up weight!!!
i need to diet and maintain back my ideal 38 kg!!since im short i cant grow any more fatter..
any diet plan that works??pls share with me...
IMG_1869 copy
nude sheer shirt, bag & shoe: BKK and random black high waist
love this top so much!! so i put it as the title for this post..hehhe
IMG_1892 copy
tired..going to bed..
11pm is my usual sleep a good girl..ehhe

i want pasta this weekend..

i am craving for nice food again...
smoked salmon salad...
Seafood Aglio Olio -my favorite as always!
banana cheesecake! this cheesecake taste so so good! wanna eat it again..
1 started, 1 main course, 1 drink and 1 dessert is just too full for both of us..
he is my best sharing partner..

enjoy ur weekend pretties~

just to mark down, this week i experience something different..
God is amazing

nothing special




caramel3 caramel

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