Night Shopping

you might get bored with all this bkk stuff..but i still want to blog
First Night- Sum Lum Night Bazaar
20 min away from platunam area
IMG_8843 IMG_8853
you can find lot of exclusive stuff here.. of coz the price is rather high
some of the items are designed and very unique! so for me i think worth lor..
i must say thai are really hardworking people!
i saw a few sales assist in the day at platinum and then i saw this same guy/girl again at sum lum and guess what i meet him/her again in the saturday at chatuchak market!! *SALUTE*
IMG_8837 IMG_8850
some random shop selling really special designer made bag! wanted to buy for mummy but it way too expensive! over budget..

2nd and 3rd Night- Siam Square
Siam Square is Thailand Shinjuku?
its street style shopping area..with boutiques and you might also discover secret back lines that contain lotsa shops selling cheaper clothes...
boutiques normal rate from 100- 1000 ringgit..
IMG_8983 IMG_8989
loving their shop deco and design! so nice....
IMG_9306 IMG_9294
and this is what i mention the small back lines that sell cheaper stuff!
if you cant find of it situated from the bridge to MBK
one more things about Siam square, go at evening around 6
shop all the boutiques and discover all the back lines
then around 8 to 9 something at night
a lot of small stalls selling clothes, accessories and shoes will start to set up opposite siam paragon!its like a mini night bazaar! and they are all selling really nice stuff with cheap price!
even my thai friend recommended!

IMG_9013 IMG_9234
part of stuff i brought from sum lum and siam square
melody iphone casing! me love melody rather than hello kitty and its really cheap!!!!i like cheap thingy!
heels, sheer top, random white tee and short

next! tips travel at bkk from my thai friends!
hope you are not getting boring with all thing thai thingy...


  1. Enjoying reading ur BKK post. But the font is a bit small. hardly to read it.. :)

  2. Yvon: noted dear..font bigger d..thx for e feedback!

  3. How much for the heels dear ? Everything are so nice ! envy :(
    yea. agree with her, i always highlight it and then can only read bcoz the background and the text abit blended. =S

  4. love your bkk posts..not bored at all dear! =D
    I wish i can fly to bangkok now haha!
    The prices of clothes at boutiques range up to 1000RM? Thats a lot!! @_@

  5. @angel Oh..I just realize is 1000 RM..because they sell really nice stuff, good design and good quality :D

  6. just want to ask u, which hair curler are u using now? and what's the diameter?

    sorry to ask unrelated question here. i'm going to buy hair curler, my first time, but i have no idea which to buy.


  7. i loved this place. i've got a lot of pretty and expensive stuff here during my last trip there! hahaha. and everything there is just so YOU!

  8. Oh those shoes ♥

  9. ketty:the heels i brought at RM100..:D havent got e chance to wear it ler..oh okok i edit bit on the color as well d..hope its better now ya.

    Angel:thanks..glad that u enjoy reading it!
    yes dear some of the stuff are really exclusive!!! but mostly the top/shirt are RM300 smth! which i cant afford to buy..hehhe

    ginny:is ok dear, im using a cheapo hot curler tat i brought from bkk the diameter is 25mm:D

    vvens:ya hahaha i saw the straw bag u brought thr!! so nice can!!the shop selling all kinda nice straw bag!!! im regret not getting it!

    anonymous: i love it too..

  10. please blog more about bangkok! i am going in nov! all your info are important to me!

  11. maybe i know how much u spent for the whole bangkok trip ? =) u only stay at bangkok for the 4 days & 3 nights ?
    btw it's such a nice post =))