God say be patient...

been some times when i last cam-whore
so i start with half face 1st lar...

people ask hey why are you still stuck there..
i say i dunno maybe that strong disagreement/depression is no longer with me in my heart or mind
God provides me strength and extra patient to hold on with all this
in fact i still Thanks God with who i am and where i am standing right now
i believes there's something God want me to learn from everything that happens..
and the most important things is to trust Him more
day by day...

i learn to Thanks God for everyday so i can be happy person..:D

i also thanks God for this gift of dolling up myself
maybe for you, you don't think is a gift..but i do
and i really wish i can honor Him with everything He gives me..
randomkim2 randomkim1
wearing: crochet dress wore as top, again the same old button up high waist short all from bkk

okie end this emo outfit post..
im so bored with my hair already.. want to make a change..but no idea ler..

Outfit Post

random outfit post
IMG_9858e IMG_9861e
wearing:polka dots sheer shirt & flat & button high waist short from BKK, Topshop vest, vintage bag and handmade pearl necklace from Ping
have you got urself a sheer top/shirt or whatever is sheer?
IMG_9846e IMG_9857e
visit our favorite Taiwan snack stall at Sunway Pyramid
another lovely items from bkk got it ar only RM8!!!steal steal steal..
i saw some luxury accessories shop at Sum lum and chatuchak selling at RM25 smth!
its not ur normal hearts ring, the ring come with different color of hearts on different side..so i can match easily with my outfit!

Burthday Gathering~

we had a small birthday gathering at
POCO Handmade
yes i love this place, love the simplicity and the feel..

kimbd33 kimbd13
is a great place for hang out, gathering, small party and more~
kimbd31 kimbd34
the boyfriend got me some balloon too..
kimbd kimbd6
only 10 of us..
have great time catching up..
kimbd15 kimbd8
the drama king and his beloved wife chew yen
they bring lotsa laughter and joy to us..hahha
cake session..:D
again thanks ney for the cake from Bisou
feel so weird..ahah i dunno y
kimbd22 kimd22
thanks kelly and micheal tang..
kimbd21 kimbd20
oka & chui yen, shu wan & ah fai
kimbd25 kimbd24
lucas & shu wan
kimbd12 kimbd7
group picha
must have shot at the shop front!
the girlsss
7-11 members reunion..
kimbd27 kimbd26
and couple shot!

Thanks for everything and everyone!
especially the boyfriend! i just simply say and he make it true..
from gift to birthday party! and our vy own dinner..
thanks for letting me be the queen
love u muchie..

it's just a number

age is just a number (trying to convince myself)
but seriously this year i really feel i'm old already
when ppl calling me birthday 'girl' i felt so sad..coz im no longer fit to that cute word anymore
kimvintage18 kimvintage15
usually my mum will only ask what i want for birthday or what i wish to eat on my birthday
but this year is totally different..
She ask me when am i gonna marry..when the boyfriend gonna propose to me..(im not hinting)
hahhahaha..i feel so weird..i tot she dun wan me to be get married so early..
kimvintage19 kimvintage16
i can feel the different
looking at my mum, no one believe that her eldest daughter (me) is already 24..
i think she cant accept this fact too..me, neither
when i grow older birthday no longer my own thingy..she is the one i 1st think of
i felt so Thankful to my mum coz this the day she suffered...
kimvintage14 kimvintage13
i hope this coming year will be great
and i hope today next year i'm doing what i like and pursue my dreams following God's path
kimvintage9 kimvintage11
i want to be a joyful person and bring joy to ppl around me...
i Thanks God because He bless me a lot throughout the year
He bless me with a job, my life, and people around me..
and i cherish everything i own now..
kimvintage3 kimvintage2
okie that all my thought this year..
kimvintage4 kimvintage
hope you enjoy the pictures too...
kimvintage5 kimvintage6
crop top: Topshop, Full skirt & bag: Chatuchak, heels & belt: Sum Lum Night Bazaar

it's my birthday~

it's my big day~
i Thanks God for what i have now and how much He has bless me with..
i pray that, God please lead me and guide me in my future, career, life, and relationship
i want to surrender everything to You..
because with me myself, i am nothing , i am incomplete without You
i want to be cheerful, rejoice as always..
because i have You, Jesus Christ

Precious friends

guess who's here??
our precious friends
i Thanks God for giving me a chance to join Student Congress in 2007
because of this conference we get to know lotsa friends from south east asia
one of them is Neng from Thailand!
its been a year since we last met each other *read here*
he a nice and sweet friends of ours..always spare out time to meet us
hope next year we can go for Mission Trip together! May God bless us..
IMG_9210 IMG_9214
its so much fun sharing and talking with them
IMG_9209 IMG_9216
they provide us some useful tips travel in bkk

1. Platinum mall ☆ ☆
2. chatuchak ☆ ☆ ☆
3. Night bazaar outside siam square ☆ ☆ ☆
4. sum lum night bazaar is meant for tourist, so everything is expensive there..save ur bullet at chatuchak bacause thai themself shop there!

Eating advice
1. not to eat roadside stall
(notice there's no flies in a stall and especially those selling pork u dun wan to know what actual the meat is)
2. if u wish to eat seafood at bkk go China town!

1. Always go for METER taxi rather than tuk tuk
2. Airport transit fare are having promotion right now, so if u go within the period please take the transit to town..is way way way cheaper!


so here come the end of my bangkok post..
i have so many pending post abt others stuff in my draft so this food post marks the end of my bangkok trip!

Sum lum Night Bazaar
thai food at random restaurant..
tom yam, seafood fried rice, vege
IMG_8822 IMG_8833
the surrounding..
price is reasonable food are average good..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Platunam Market
IMG_8806 IMG_8803
grilled prawn
RM10 per stick!worth of trying..:D

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Siam Paragaon
Fuji Japanese Restaurant..
since we're craving for japanese food my friends recommend us to try this..
the price are really cheap..nice try~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMG_9184 IMG_9189
of coz we are here for the pork burger!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mos Burger- Siam Paragon
IMG_9200 IMG_9216
dunno why but i love mos burger..! the 1st time i have mos burger was my last s'pore visit! and i cant forget abt it! especially their rice burger
recommend their squid burger and pork burger
how good if mos burger are here in Malaysia~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Chatuchak Market
IMG_9101 IMG_9115
some random stall selling bacon and garlic bread
and mango sticky rice..i love this!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Siam Square

IMG_8994 IMG_9009
'tutti-futti' in thai.. for our ice cream crav

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
IMG_8962 IMG_8968
must try dinner! go for this at least one..for Malaysian

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Platinum Mall Food court
IMG_8799 IMG_8799a
local food.. pad thai, braise pork rice, papaya salad *nice*, and etc

i luv bkk..