this is boring

i have nothing special to blog
seldom go out on weekend nowadays..
i prefer to stay in and rest online and complete my freelance
and one of the big reason is to save! im in shopping ban for 1 month! 1 whole month can you hear me! *proud*
and finally i can be release next week from the shopping ban jail!haha..
anyway since i have nothing to blog
so i continue share my the 2nd series of the picture of me and my sis
hhehe i know this is boring but please bear with me i have special plan for this blog for next week!!
IMG_6474 copy IMG_6472 copy
this series have lotsa landscape pictures
IMG_6470 copy
kinda like this color mood
IMG_6465 copy
its the same place and a really great place for shooting
quiet, no crowd, and various nice shooting spot!
IMG_6574 copy IMG_6581 copy
me: stripes bow top: Taiwan, jeans suspender: teetoo(sis's)
sis tien: stripes top: ZARA, jeans suspender: December
IMG_6548 copy
love this random shot.. we didn't post for this!
IMG_6525 copy
i look so short...anyway that's the truth both of my sister are taller than me!!!
why like tat one!*cry*
IMG_6417 copy IMG_6405 copy

IMG_6430 copy
love this pic!
IMG_6415 copy
lastly accidentally edit this into so strong...
and last but not least not ur typical jumpsuit
that's all..


  1. nice pics~
    and the color is so warm~

  2. i am totally jealous wit u!!! lolzz haha u have a great bf with great skills, great sister to share all the pretty things! lovely~

  3. hey gal .. i like ur shoes .. so much..
    may i knw whr did u buy?

  4. wow your sister looks a lot like you! like twins!

  5. now is my turn to puasa from buying clothes hate myself keep on buying only ><"

  6. dear kim, where's this place? :)

  7. bee: thanks ya.. dear.. when i think of u i think of bkk!

    sherlyn: dear no nid to jealous lar.ur bf also good in photograhy mah!hehe

    zoe: hi zoe the shoe i brought it from jb, city square sm times ago..

    janice: hhaah thanks!

    Ping: haha.. everyone have the time! yalo me too gotta control!

    mei: hi mei, its at bukit jalil garden..:D

  8. hmm,you and your sister really look alike! gosh! :D
    so wonder who is your photographer?
    nice post anyway!

  9. i see, bukit jalil park rite? thanks :)

  10. you guys look like fiona sit ! pretty!

  11. which lens did the photographer use for the pics?

  12. june: the photographer is my boyfriend..hehe

    Mei: yes sweetie, you're most welcome

    Anonymous: arh.whr got she is so sweet and pretty!

    fong yee: 50mm for all the pictures ya my dear

    Adriani: Thanks adriani!:D

  13. look alike..:D jux like twins..^^