Levain Boulangerie • patisserie

another great place to share with you!!
nice cafe to hang out for brunch, high tea and light dinner...
boelove3 boelove2
assorted patisserie and bread!!
tumb up for their bakery! all the bread are freshly bake from oven and taste so good!!
worth every penny!
the interior.. they also served pasta, soup, salad and CAKESSSS
and my partner of the day- sweet girl BOE! ex-colleague
enjoy spending time chatting and gossiping with her!
sorry we are too busy chatting forget to take pic of our food...
boelove7 boelove6
and ney is here before we left the cafe to take some photo for us
thanks for the day, boe..
boelove boelove8
its a place that ill definetly visit for second time, third and more timesss!!!


  1. nice place. and you look lovely in polka dots skirt :)

  2. lovely and sweet frens :D where is the place? omg your pictures make my saliva dropping. opps :P

  3. hi, where is that place?

  4. where is the place?? seem everyone are interested on it... :)

  5. Dear all the bakery located at
    LeVain Boulangerie . Patisserie
    No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur
    03 - 2142 6611

    location map here

  6. nice place,,hope to visit it when free
    u r so cute with ur today outfit^^
    simple but cute^^

  7. is this located near beryl's chocolate factory?

  8. Qi wei: go n try!!heheh

    jun: ya u should go..i sure u will get really nice photo from there!
    thanks dear!

    bee: ya somewhere thr..if u come from jalan tun razak to times square u'll pass by the prince court hospital on ur right then turn left after the Kuwait embassy to a small road then the bakery is on ur right d! vy easy!hehhe
    that day i tot i saw sm one look like u and ur bf u noe! luckily i din say hi! haha

  9. huh???
    hahahaha...oh no...we reali have common face
    ppl always say we look familiar or look like their frens...
    cham lo..

  10. hahaha but seriously alike ler! the boy look 70% like ur bf! and the girl got ur look but u're slimmer! that's the point im sure she's not u!hehhe..

  11. very english the bakery! So cute! love your outfit ;)

  12. oh so nice the place!where is it?Looks really nice to have tea time with the girls over there!

  13. Are you promoting yourself or the cafe? only one picture shown food others is you? Wondering why 1 of the comment said saliva dropping. swt =-=||

  14. Grace: yeah very english!

    beii: dear is at jalan delima near jalan tun razak!great time for tea with gals!

    anyone: im not promoting the cafe of coz..im not a food blogger..obviously im sharing my outing with my friend at this nice place..:)

  15. Ah~ ok, Because i searched google for LeVain food and it shows your blog.

    Also feel weird when your friend say this~

    "lovely and sweet frens :D where is the place? omg your pictures make my saliva dropping. opps :P"

    no offense~