kim Doll

29-june 28-june 26-june

22-june 17-june 1-july

because i realize i took less outfit photo nowadays
so i decided to draw it out! i dunno since when i enjoy doing illustrator so much!
these are the series of kim doll i draw last season
will try draw more...
another 3 days to september! happy max!!
so many things to look forward!!!!
do u love sept too???


  1. these illustration is so awesomeee!!

  2. how to us illustrator draw it??? i wish i noe how to draw too!

  3. OMG!!!
    soooo cute!~

    i used to hate september & afraid of it altho it's my birthday mth..
    hmmm...perhaps too many bad things happened during last fewwww septembers...

    but this yr's...
    i'm stepping fwd & looking forward too!

  4. wow!!! nicely done!!! u inspired me =D

    haha.. i born on sept.. so i'm super looking forward to sept^^


  5. sooooo cute ! =) ♥

    huhuuu ! yupe =)
    i look forward to September also =D wakakkaa ! ♥

  6. omg~~was so adorable!!
    good job kim~

  7. Anonymous: Thanks yo..

    alLets' still learning

    k e l y n: hi dear, there's lotsa tutorial teaching how to use illustrator! try it!hhee

    bee: thanks bee dear..great to heard that!!may there have no smth bad happen! let's look forward together gether !!

    meteor: wow really? great to hear that!!hehhe..another sept baby!

    vvens: Thanks sweet!

    a-mee: hi girl, really? lets look forward together

    christine: Thanks cdear

  8. hi ,
    hw to draw it ? mind to teach? hw to start in beginning? thanks..

  9. hi hi...i'm having bad headache thinking what to wear to my bf's convocation...need to look good yet formal as bf just obtained his mbbs...can you advise me ? i love white...XD short and chubby LOL