last weekend finally can meet up with ping
as usual bangsar girl day out
but before the shopping trip begin
we visit this little cute restaurant in bangsar
"Poco Handmade"
love their simplicity, calm and friendly environment...
poco2 poco3
i love their shop front design
me wearing
turquoise top: online, coral pink short: JB, straw bag: Trendreports shoe: Ajax Boutique
poco5 poco4
ping's katsu don and my japanese curry rice..
the food is not bad, healthy and light..the price is reasonable too..
poco7 poco6
us..have some girly talk before our food being serve
vintage deco!
their beverage and dessert menu are printed on cloth
so pretty!
and we end our day after a tired shopping trip at jalan telawi ..
thanks ping for the day..:D
go visit poco! you'll love it..


  1. i love ur green mint color shirt^^
    and i spot ur shoe!!!althought its too far,,hahaha....
    but overall very nice outfit....
    ur hair is suitable for u,thinking whether i should try tis hair style anot??^^

  2. HEHE! I LOVE POCO SO MUCH! I WANT GO AGAIN :D and nice pic you have

  3. Poco located at which part @ Bangsar?

  4. wao... poco really nice ne~ my friend introduced me to go there (: really want to find a chance to go there with my boyfriend ... your outfit really nice (:

  5. it's really cute n nice restaurant i can see
    where is bangsar anyway?

    eh both of u look like twins , have those same hair shape haha.. :D

  6. super adorable and you girls really look like twins with almost the same size and hairdo hee. ahh i wanna go there next time i visit KL hehe.

  7. your blog so neat and so cute.i love~

  8. went kl the other day and intended to have food at this cafe but sadly it's located too far away from our hotel ;(

  9. What a cute cafe! Which part of Bangsar is this located at Kim?

  10. jun: hehe thanks dear! ya the top a super great purchase this month! cheap yet nice quality!sure why not i think look lagi nice on you coz you're pretty!!

    june: yes! i want to go again!!!!hehhe..THANKS!

    Yvonne: dear POCO location map..http://pocohomemade.blogspot.com/2010/05/poco-new-location-map.html
    at housing area before jalan telawi..

    ivy: yes dear u should try!u're really good in doing food review!! i love reading!hehhe

    peiyun: Thanks peiyun, bangsar is near to mid valley..:D hahaha really?

    Angel: hahha! thanks dear..ya go visit poco!

    BB_hwiyee: Thanks hwiyee! dear actually what should i call u? hehhe

    Anonymous: Thanks!:D

    Ketty:Ketty dear, just 2 word! Thanks you!

    Grace: argh..nvm dear! you'll have a chance!:D

    Felice: yes! so cute right! Location map here..:D http://pocohomemade.blogspot.com/2010/05/poco-new-location-map.html housing area before jalan telawi..

  11. lol.. thx ya.. i n my bf really LOVE to eat eat eat :P
    i oso love to read ur blog too... gambateh neh!! ^^

  12. next time i visit KL, i should go there!! yay ^^

  13. hahaha...oh noo....kim is so much cute than me..she is a real cutie pie! and i m giant in size when compare with her la....

  14. Eva: hehe..:D

    Peiyun: yes dear! :D

    Ping: no lar dear u lagi cute! where got giant wor..we same same size lar! dun say like tat!

  15. boleh pergi dengan kamu (blushing) hahaha
    and ya,poco linked u! I want also no. T^T

  16. first time here...like ur hairstyle..may i ask ur hair is permanent perm or temporary 1??

  17. nais la. how many times do you want me to say that your whole blog is damn nais? :)

  18. june: heheh..*shy* really? oh ya thx for informing!

    Juju: thanks dear..not its not permanent perm or temporary.. i blow it everyday like tat.

    vvens: argh..Thanks dear!! me very gam dong..coz u know u're one of the blogger who inspire me to write in blogger! ur blog is way nicer than mine!

    hwiyee: hehhe got it! thx

  19. den how long u take to blow it everyday??? i did tried to blow it like tat b4 but is unsuccessful.