Nice stuff

Random beauty product i brought it online some times ago..
really great bargain..

top left sexy look beauty mask- Moisture mask
love the mask design, it fits your face shape perfectly, it helps to firm and lift up skin..

top right- Liese bubble hair color (hazel brown)
coloring hair at home can be so easy and so even coz its like a normally u wash ur hair with shampoo..:D click to view my hair color

bottom right- shills bb cream long lasting, hydrating and well blend!(Shills: Taiwan brand) , shills pore cover (not really good, cant see obvious result), shills lip gross (okie, but im still not use to put on lip gross)
click on link for more info..
overall are not bad but i love the mask most! u can get immediate effect after using! my skin hydrate and lifted!
now i do mask so frequent! coz its affortable and effective!
Blessed week..:D


  1. kim, wanna ask if the bubble hair-dye product will dry out the hair?

  2. hey where you brought all these product from?

  3. I dyed my hair with that Liese too. :p
    heavenly awesome product!

  4. nice staff...^^ thx for sharing~

  5. hi, how much did u purchase the liese bubble dye online? i saw it is selling at watson and sasa for rm38. i wonder if purchasing it online is cheaper..

  6. lol,
    babe, after seeing ur post i straight go buy the bubble hair dye d...

  7. Hi, just wonder.. after dyeing hair with the liese bubble hair dye, does the color last long?

  8. bee: hahaha i think after i dye my hair become smoother dunno is 心理作!hahaha yaya worth of trying!!after u say the hotel i pun straight away book jor!

    anonymous: for hair dye from spore, the rest from a online store mail me for the link..:D

    fong yee: yayaya ! FIVE!

    bb:welcome dearling..

    cammy: no i din brought it online i ask my bf bro brought it for me from spore its around 17.90 SGD when that time watson and sa sa malaysia havent sell it..38 is kinda ok..:D

    sharon: dear.i think considering ok lasting but i think its depend on hair type..:D

  9. where can i get the shills bb cream? does it sell in malaysia?

  10. Casey yes dear for shills product I brought it online at !

  11. where u bought d mask n how much?suitable for sensitive skin?