it's ♥ shape

IMG_5768 IMG_5762 IMG_5770
greet you with some vain pictures of me..
bear with me.. i know my whole blog is full with my ugly pictures..
heart shape top: random boutique that i forget the name, denim short: tea & sympathy, straw bag: vintage from mum, sandal: trendreports
IMG_5375 julynew copy
i perfer wearing spec..
oh ya i recieve some comment about this top when i 1st post it here and fb
some say wah u wear cow skin top match with ur car lo..
some say its polka dot!
all wrong its heart shape!!! and i buy it because of these lovely heart shape!
details pictures..
i love this top!!


  1. I love your straw bag dear ! Searching for one :(
    Where do you get your spec ya ? I know Topshop got sell this kind of nerdy spec but it cost RM99 !!! There's no way for me to buy a RM99 spec !!! =p
    Oh ya ! do you receive my email ?

  2. may i know where is this restaurant?

  3. owwhhhh this is really cute!!!!!!

  4. more more more
    thirsty for ur outfit post

  5. hehehehehhehhe...yaya...heart shape ><"

  6. Ketty: thanks dear..ya luckily my mum keep it..:Dmy spec from some random small shop in sungai way 19 need buy topshop..:D ya dear just read! replied you ya!

    Yvonne: Thanks dear!!!

    meris: its Ichiban Ramen i think..not recommend! food not really nice..:(

    sherlyn: thanks dear..

    hwiyee: arigato!

    bee: haha will try to post more!!! hehhe thanks dear..

    Ping: ya..hahha..

  7. hey kim, try to recall where you bought the tops, love it!!!

  8. Luv that heart shape top lot..:)

  9. jun: thanks dear..对啊!妈妈给我的唯一包包。。

    Anonymous: its at sungai wang! 6th floor..a young owner, little small shop but all the stuff is so nice!!! will introduce the shop one day!

    Christine: yes..its love..:D

  10. thanks kim, 6th floor nearby what shop do you rmb?i might drop by to check up the top too!!!

  11. You're so cuuute! I hope I don't sound like a creep eheh. And OF COURSE that is heart shape lol at "cow top" xD

  12. Anonymous: the shop is at the middle of the floor I really dunno wht else oh it's the owner's mum Jaga the shop..I brought it quite sm times d hope it's still thr for u ya!! Tiqa: thanks dear!!!!!yes heart shape that melt my heart!!!!