Happy Birthday, sister tien.

Tomorrow is your birthday, and sorry i still owe u pressie!
give me some times to search for a prefect gift for you..
I always Thanks God for you and your achievement in academic,you always give your best in everything you decide to go for..You did a good job!

love these series of pictures taking with you!
both top from her and both bottom from me..hehhe

i love photo shoot with theme! hope you girls love the pictures too..
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, dear sister tien.
God loves you~


  1. very nice pics~!happy birthday to her as well~!

  2. wao... really nice!! i love it~
    wonder who is de photographer xD

    btw, happy birthday to your frn TIEN~ ^^

  3. another great picture post! Anyway, happy birthday to your sis ;)

  4. nice pic...u both looks like twins^^

  5. wow..realy luv this kind of pic~
    wonder who is the editor~
    *i notice the typo of 马"拉"西亚..lol
    happy birthday to ur sis~
    july gal rocks!! ;P

  6. love the photos~~~ so well taken! you girls must be realllly close! :) Wishing her a Happy birthday too!!

  7. nice picsss~~~
    happy birthday once again xiao tien tien

  8. I thought is ur twin.. or she is?? really look a like ..!! nice pics~~~~~ wish her a blessed birthday :))))

  9. Happy Birthday to you Wan Tien ! Be blessed ! :)
    and she look so tall @.@
    is good to have sister. both of you very pretty :)

  10. you both look like twins!! nice photoshoot! u both look cute~~ :)

  11. OMG supper nice!start business!with your talent and your bf skill!sure can!

  12. First thing, Happy Bday to ur lil sis =)

    Both of u looks so-alike and nice outfit with nice photoshoot =)

  13. Ping: Thanks baby ping! thanks on my sis behalf!:D

    ivy: hehhe you know who is him! is my sister my dear...:D

    grace: Thanks Grace! thanks for the wish as well!

    jun: really? i think we have different look ler!

    Christine: haha im the one who wrote it wrongly! paiseh..but lazy to upload again d..hehhe..:Dcant wait to get my sponge baby!

    Angel:Thanks angel for the compliment!we're still learning..Thanks again!

    Yvonne:hehe she is my sister who is younger 7 years..:D thanks dear yvonne

    Ketty: Thanks dear! yalo she is taller!! so sad! im the shortest and the eldest!

    vvens: Thanks..:D

    Eva: Thanks eva! whenever i type ur name remind me of wall e! hehhe.. u're cute too!

    ashley: Thanks darl! business? how can! still long way to go okay..

    Lynette: Thanks on her behalf! been times nvr heard of you dear~ hope u're doing great!
    Thanks for the compliment!

  14. So cute la you both! Pretty too!
    Happy birthday to your sis :P Hope it's not too late :)

  15. haha..ur hai mian bao bao aka sponge baby dy post out today o..tracking no dy sent to u by mail yesterdau!
    it was really extremely useful for tie up a japanese style bun..before this i always fail :(
    but now..hehehe..
    btw ur bf did a good job in this series of photo..super nice!

  16. hey kim, soooo cute>.<
    where u bought your pants? very nice leh...

  17. OMG, sooo pretty both of you!
    sisters with matching outfits? awesome!!!

  18. lol... is him... wao... skill not bad huh...!! good job, c.ming!!!

    oppsss.... sorry... no wonder look alike... :P

  19. wao...ur sis look like twin with u...
    as pretty as same^^

  20. Hi! just pass by n im now stucked here, especially in those talking abt ur outfit. like the way u wear! =)

    btw, hv linked ur blog to mine, hope u won't mind! =)

  21. ur piccas somehow look like ur in korea!haha good job!

  22. sharon: thanks sharon!! Welcome back to Msia!! hgehe

    christine: yes received and loving it max!hehe he is still learning oso..:D

    irene: Thanks irene!the pants i get it from taiwan spree..

    Adriani:Thanks sweetie!

    ivy:ya he is our fulltime photographer and still learning..:D

    Hwiyee: thanks dear!

    Sharon: arhg..Thanks for dropping by!! no of coz i wun mind and big thanks for linking!!

    shea: haha really? its a vy normal garden..:D
    Thanks shea dear!

  23. O.M.G!!! You two look super alike!!! It's like T.W.I.N.S!!!

  24. omg i like the top!!! where did you get yours and your sis's one?


    happy birthday to her!!

  25. Beverly: Thanks pretty!

    cherly: the top one from f21 another one from online..
    Thanks dear

  26. lolx.. really look alike. :D like the top !