All over the place

Summer kim1
i am all over the this picture so much!
thanks ney's effort and editing!
say yay its weekend ..
again a fully planned weekend for me..
meet up with Ping later for shopping and lunch and and get my taiwan pre-order clothes from her too!!! night movie with ney, Despicable ME! heard & read lotsa good review about this movie! i need some laugh!

receive a bad new this week about my aunty's death in an accident, we was deeply saddened by the was so sudden! my parent are flying to Perth for the funeral services..
May the comfort of God help the family during this difficult time..
we miss you, aunty..


  1. YAY!! Love it!! where is this place actually?

  2. love the pic so much^^
    great to do it???

  3. Yvonne: thanks for loving it!its bukit jalil park..:)

    jun: thanks jun, my bf do it with photoshop!!!

  4. So canggih! Like it very much! Ur bf is so talented! Sorry to hear abt your aunt , condolences to you and your family

  5. Nice nice nice picture! Always love your blog <3 supporter of Trend Reports too, keep it up (:

  6. Feel like F.R.I.E.D.S [nice pic!]

    May ur auntie R.I.P

  7. more more more more pls

  8. thanks dear..

    Rina: not canggih lar dear only do with photoshop..:Dthanks for your sweet comments..

    bb: thanks dear!

    Nicole: hi nicole! thanks for the compliment..and glad you love TR! we will do our best ya!

    sharon: 谢谢哦!

    Jamie: hahah i nvr tot of that..thanks jamie!

    ney: no more..:o

  9. wooo this is so nais! :) i love your new blog skin too! by any chance do you provide service in designing wordpress skin for bloggers! *winks!* love your work la! :D

  10. vvens: thanks vvens! yes dear am trying to design some wordpress skin! but still beginner stage..:D

  11. nais! let me know if you are okay to serve cause i'm really in love with your work! :3

  12. The taiwan pre-order clothes ordered from taiwan website? I'm have been longing to buy clothes from taiwan but not sure which website to buy, scared the quality won't be good or doesn't look as nice as the pictures do.

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