white saturday

been spending my 2 1/2weekend at Genting
i never like Genting, i always have car sickness otw there and i never like the environment there
i'm not there for fun or relax but working for company events..
and today marks the last day of me and tat place
and i never want to go there anymore...
but i Thanks God for these few trips up and down from Genting and KL
coz my car sickness is cured! I can go Cameron next time without worry abt this!
God is Good..
random pictures before heading back
see my hair bun! Sponge baby is amazing!!
i got it from Christine dear
because with my hair length and thickness i can never had this kinda nice hair bun
sponge baby make it so easy and so tight!
decided to take this shoe over from my sis! simple yet clean!easy to mix and match!
randomwhite5 randomwhite7 randomwhite6
and some random pictures took by iphone...
scallop top: Ugly Duckling, Jeans: Zara
sometimes i do prefer simple and casual outfit..:D
Blessed Sunday!

Words to myself : Where am i heading to?

i wonder why i choose this path as a designer?
interest? passion? talent? or glamor? fulfillment?

i think i lost everything i have in design. i am just a robot. no longer bother to voice up my disagreement or my idea, what they want i do and give and change and make mistake and redo. that's all. and i'm just a human that need salaries to keep alive.
i felt so sorry to myself, my parents and to God He gives me this talent and i wasted it.
i found no passion in anything i do right now. i dunno what am i looking for. where am i heading to.
sometimes i thinks im not qualify to be call a designer, sometimes i feel people overrated me and now they must be disappointed at me, sometimes i feel i dream too big im just so small, so small until i cant feel myself.

nothing and no one can refill this emptiness in my soul.

Only God can!only God knows what His plan for me.
Although i feel so weak, lost and depress with myself, but i am rejoice because i can rely on God.
i must pray! pray for a change! be quiet and listen to God's and read His words.

Happy Birthday, sister tien.

Tomorrow is your birthday, and sorry i still owe u pressie!
give me some times to search for a prefect gift for you..
I always Thanks God for you and your achievement in academic,you always give your best in everything you decide to go for..You did a good job!

love these series of pictures taking with you!
both top from her and both bottom from me..hehhe

i love photo shoot with theme! hope you girls love the pictures too..
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, dear sister tien.
God loves you~

Shopping ban *on*

i've shop way too much this few months!
i need to stop all the spending..for coming august!!!
cozi need to save a lot for my sept trip!
my target is 0 clothes..*finger cross*
out of 10 newly brought clothes 8 of them i would't wear for second times..
and now my wardrobe is gonna explode with overdose of clothes..
i dunno why.. and i know its a waste...and i promise God i gotta throw this bad habit away!
so coming august post will be no new item on my outfit post.. repeat outfit is my main goal now hehhe...i always admire those girl mix and match with similar pieces several times but still look good and trendy!
my recent favourite
boho lace top...another good bargain..
Happy Friday to all..
though sat n sun i still gotta work..:( so sad

Random 星期一

没有Monday blue, 放自己一天假
一早起来去拿Trendreports的货, 虽然不多但是还蛮满意自己也私藏了几件..
然后回来拍照, 整理衣橱...有好多没穿几次的衣服要卖掉!我要努力存钱了...Shopping ban到九月!
然后再拍pre-love 的照, 就已经要吃晚餐了..时间怎么这么快过啊!

IMG_7066 IMG_6971 IMG_7025
很满意这次的照片!谢谢小妹的时间! 摄影技巧不错哦!



last weekend finally can meet up with ping
as usual bangsar girl day out
but before the shopping trip begin
we visit this little cute restaurant in bangsar
"Poco Handmade"
love their simplicity, calm and friendly environment...
poco2 poco3
i love their shop front design
me wearing
turquoise top: online, coral pink short: JB, straw bag: Trendreports shoe: Ajax Boutique
poco5 poco4
ping's katsu don and my japanese curry rice..
the food is not bad, healthy and light..the price is reasonable too..
poco7 poco6
us..have some girly talk before our food being serve
vintage deco!
their beverage and dessert menu are printed on cloth
so pretty!
and we end our day after a tired shopping trip at jalan telawi ..
thanks ping for the day..:D
go visit poco! you'll love it..

it's ♥ shape

IMG_5768 IMG_5762 IMG_5770
greet you with some vain pictures of me..
bear with me.. i know my whole blog is full with my ugly pictures..
heart shape top: random boutique that i forget the name, denim short: tea & sympathy, straw bag: vintage from mum, sandal: trendreports
IMG_5375 julynew copy
i perfer wearing spec..
oh ya i recieve some comment about this top when i 1st post it here and fb
some say wah u wear cow skin top ar..so match with ur car lo..
some say its polka dot!
all wrong its heart shape!!! and i buy it because of these lovely heart shape!
details pictures..
i love this top!!

All over the place

Summer kim1
i am all over the place..love this picture so much!
thanks ney's effort and editing!
say yay its weekend ..
again a fully planned weekend for me..
meet up with Ping later for shopping and lunch and and get my taiwan pre-order clothes from her too!!! night movie with ney, Despicable ME! heard & read lotsa good review about this movie! i need some laugh!

receive a bad new this week about my aunty's death in an accident, we was deeply saddened by the news..it was so sudden! my parent are flying to Perth for the funeral services..
May the comfort of God help the family during this difficult time..
we miss you, aunty..

Summer ♥

Summer kim32
feel like going to vacation when i see the pictures
i want vacation!!!
hope u like pictures... more to come~
happy thursday!

i love my boyfriend

yes, i love my boyfriend
i have to admit i am not a good girlfriend
because i angry a lot, emotional, fussy and stubborn!
but he is always so so so so x1000 patient with me...
which make me feel myself is super bad and like a crazy women most of the times..
the only shortcoming of him is the not-so-romantic thingy! i know lar he is trying his best!

present you a super big pictures of us!
this will the the size for all the images for my blog in future! hope you are fine with it!
super wrong picture with wrong focus point
but i still love the picture..dun waste the effort mah so must put here..
after 10 attempt this the only one with right focus!but my hand -_- spoil it..
we are 四眼(four eye) couple..hehe

another brand new week start..Weekend pass so fast for me! why?
A recap of my weekend! Saturday morning- photo shooting, then sunway pyramid (meet someone who came secretly to KL to meet her love one! you know who you are!) , then dinner with mum before she go to airport. Sun- Church Service and Empire Mall( buy gift for my little sis)- home (shooting for trendreport coming collection) and dinner with family. The end. so pack! i just cant sit at home one day~
oh ya to all i'm not in charge of buying and conducting trendreports for the mean time, my sister do most of the job and she did a great job i must say.. (i only help to model and edit images) i wish to be back on the track but i cant really spare out time to do buying and sending parcel(the hardest part)!!! i'm not a multitasking women..she's gonna update new collection tomorrow~ nice stuff! i grab few already..hehe

this week my mum is on vacation at Australia
gotta babysit my sibling, prepare dinner and do housework! arhg... big responsibilty being the eldest...God bless everything go fine and smooth!

Blessed week to all~

P.s: oh ya for those who mailed me your address..ill send the bunny hairband out this week ya..sorry for delay..i forget post office closed every first Saturday of the month!
p.s.s: sorry for super messy post..hehe i just trying to write down everything!




Sammi說:「大家都習慣迎合世界的價值觀去處事,但卻欠缺活出真正自己的勇氣,正如過往的我,只活在充滿價值觀的生命中,當我以為擁有一切時,其實心中一無所有,我曾嘗試用很多成就去填滿心中空虛,原來事情更恐怖,我內心更一無所有,只 會永無止境的在名利場中追逐,根本無法認清自己的生命還有什麼。」
「在我未來人生路途中,我有更重要的使命要去擔當,我現在內心所擁有的平安,是金錢所買 不到的,上帝之前給予我的放逐,無非是要讓我找到真正的自己,現在我才是活出真正的自己,擁有真正生命價值。」

Sammi 在生命的低谷找到爱与真理-那就是上帝,他不吝啬的把这份爱分享给喜欢她的歌迷因为他知道认识神是最美丽的礼物 。我也希望希望自己能像他一样在自己的职场上荣耀神为神做见证。

愿主继续赐福与他继续做更美好的事工荣耀主。God bless you.

在《罪与罚》这首歌里, Vanness 吴建号rap 的这一段深深的感动我。
手里握着 不是希望 而是拳头 电影里头不是你死就我活 可以相信 但先要看到结果 这个世界就是这么这么做 在意成就 忘了拯救 人不为己天诛地灭我听过 什么时候我也变得堕落 重生的盼望输给欲望的黑洞 我犯的罪 连我都不想赦免 你却为了我的罪流下你的宝血 值得吗 不怕我忘记吗。。。 CLICK 这里看MV

你们得救是本乎恩,也因着信,这并不是出于自己,乃是神所赐的,也不是出于行为,免得有人自夸。(以弗所书 2:8-9)

New look again..

been working on this new template for few day
like how big is the main content! and simple that's what i really one..for the mean time, i guess!
nice? hope you love it too..

just got back from cg..supper tired!
Thanks God it's Friday!
gonna off to bed real soon..my eye tak boleh tahan d
meet you at the tea party in my dream..:d

wanna share a verse with you:
4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
4 你 們 要 靠 主 常 常 喜 樂 。 我 再 說 , 你 們 要 喜 樂 。 5 當 叫 眾 人 知 道 你 們 謙 讓 的 心 。 主 已 經 近 了 。 6 應 當 一 無 罣 慮 , 只 要 凡 事 藉 著 禱 告 、 祈 求 , 和 感 謝 , 將 你 們 所 要 的 告 訴 神 。 7 神 所 賜 、 出 人 意 外 的 平 安 必 在 基 督 耶 穌 裡 保 守 你 們 的 心 懷 意 念 。
*remind me of ah song we used to encourage each other with this verse, gambateh my dear
Night sweetie~