My Summer look

thanks for all the comments of sharing!!!
i enjoy reading every single story.. there are no winner!
just email me if you wan a bunny head gear.. no choosing color ya..i just give randomly
(only for those who comment before at 27 June, 7pm)
okie here come another outfit post
i always in casual, no make up, side braid and nerdy spec
that's my summer look
crop top: dainty dresser, khakis pant: forever 21, straw bag: mum's vintage
top: room 8008, navy blue pants: Stokist
kimsummernerdy2 copy
went to make pair of glasses at our friend's optical shop
at first my plan is to do a lens for the spec i worn in first and second pic
but i discover a lot of nice vintage glasses in the shop that are not displayed
and the nerdy spec in the marker are make of acrylic its not suitable for long term wearing
it might also break when the optometrist try to put the lens in the frame
and i cant resist those glasses, they are supper comfy than my cheapo one
all spec are really vintage more than 20 vintage purchase ever!
cant wait for my spec to be done..


  1. i super like the 1st summer look!!

  2. hmm. what is bunny hear gear?

  3. so which vintage spec you choose? ^^

  4. Bunny head gear..
    Is it the one you re selling in your blogshop ?
    btw, i love your blog n ur blogshop (:

  5. oh I missed the chance. =(
    I wanted to share mine but the guy isn't my bf so I feel shy to share it.

  6. supper nice outfit for summer! casual and stylish max

  7. Ahh. I can has a bunny head hear?!?! :) :)

  8. bee: thanks darling! u wan the bunny thingy not? mail me ur add!!

    June: this the one

    michelle: hehe i also forget second one i think..hahha but now i think 1st one nicer..

    Eugenia: yes dear that's the one!

    Fong yee: nvm is ok dear! next round alright?! hehe

    Anonymous: Thank you..:D

    Vvens: yes yes! mail me ur add!

  9. Super adorable girl~ :) Love your first style casual and comfy look. i want to get a straw bag like yours! :D

  10. kim, i wan it..but have no gut to wear it...
    big face laa..

  11. the 1st outfit was superb!
    casual..i like it!! :wink:

  12. Angel: thanks! dear u commented on my previous post right! do email me if you to redeem ur gift ya

    bee: har..whr got big!!!! no big lar!

    christine: thanks dear.. i like this ler!

  13. haha..that1 sold out jor~
    realy luv ur every outfit!
    looking forward to ur next post :)

  14. hi.. what's your email? :) Can i have a bunny headgear too? :)

  15. christine: haiyo too bad! thanks dear for the compliment!!!

    sharon:! yes u commented mah..:D