Mian Mian

hello all..
this will be totally a different post..
no vain pic of me, no outfit, no sharing..
enjoy the pictures..of our new buddy..
location: i-city
time: 6 to 8 pm
main cast: mian mian
IMG_2977-edit copy
去 i-city 咯。。
IMG_3000 edit
with lotsa lighting behind..he look so cute right...
IMG_3018edit copy
mian mian with bokeh effect..
1st sucess attempt of bokeh effect with a focus object in front!
IMG_3038 copy
another one..
IMG_3147-edit copy
ill bring him to everywhere we go
capture nice picture and note down memories..
meet 王老吉 for the very first time..
in fact its my first time drinking it too..
now i know why my ex colleague love it..
IMG_2981-edit copy
that's all
hope you love and enjoy the pictures, which one you love most?
wanna to see more of mian mian photo?

oh ya, Bee who is Mr doughnut?


  1. hahahaha, the mian mian so cute!!!!

  2. i was so faint about the bokeh! It's really hard to do! izzit only can use on 50mm lens?

  3. vivian: ya..so cute right..i love it too..

    june: hello dear.. ya i think so coz i learn from the tutorial its the requirement of bokeh effect i think..:D

  4. like this post...the mian mian so cute~ like it^^

  5. super duper n mega nice picsssssssssss
    mister doughnut is actuali a brand for doughnuts...just like jco & big apple...(can be found in bangkok& other countries)
    then this brand they have same icon & symbol just like mian mian!~

  6. oww. really hard to do! I should go for a photography class too i think.

  7. hi, a bit out of topic.. but where did you get your brown vintage flats? I live in JB but never see shoes like that! T.T please let me know..

  8. I love ur photos alots n lots...

    and u make me tempted to get one 50mm lens... ^^

  9. NAIS! Love your bokeh :) :)

  10. link ur blog from Sherlyn,
    and i fall in love v ur blog^^

  11. Wow you have such superb photography skills! Man I envy you! Lucky mian mian for being the model. Your blog is as cute and kawaii looking as you. ;-)

  12. 咖啡杯:谢谢哦!

    Michelle: tHanks dear.. glad you like it

    bb hwiyee:hehe ya mian mian is cutie pie

    bee: Thanks sweet! oh ic ic how the doughnut nice not? i search the net d! so cute the the hair is a doughnut!!!mian mian far away relative

    June: no its easy! just nid to pratice i need to pratice a lot too

    xiang yun: its from city square 4th floor i dunno the shop name is next to a big shoe shop..

    Jamie: thanks dear! ya its a good choice of lens coz its more affordable..

    Janice: thanks dear

    vvens: thanks sweetie!

    Ah eva: thanks eva!

    Yukiri: thanks yukiri! glad you love my blog ya

    Minakichu: no lar im just a beginner only.. still learn and practicing! hehe thx for compliment!

  13. yea
    the doughnuts super duper nicee!!!
    and their premiums also damn nice, but very expensive!!!
    thr are a few outlets in bangkok!
    LG of platinum mall also have

  14. What camera u r using? The photos are all super nice!

  15. bee: yeah i wanna try!cannot wanna go bkk and taiwan again tis year d...thx bee for the info!

    carrie: canon eos550d ya..:D

  16. omg ur bokeh looks like tiny hearts!
    where did u read d tutorial from dear?my bokeh never gotten far as good as this..hihi

  17. shea: thanks shea dear..http://www.diyphotography.net/diy_create_your_own_bokeh the tutorial here ya..

  18. The pichas is nice!!! "BOKEH"! Love it! :)

  19. who is ur ex-colleague that likes drinking Wong Lo Kat so much ahh..? *lol*

  20. Mavis: thanks girl..glad you love it!

    Special guest:haha who who? i forget already! hahah..

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