My Summer look

thanks for all the comments of sharing!!!
i enjoy reading every single story.. there are no winner!
just email me if you wan a bunny head gear.. no choosing color ya..i just give randomly
(only for those who comment before at 27 June, 7pm)
okie here come another outfit post
i always in casual, no make up, side braid and nerdy spec
that's my summer look
crop top: dainty dresser, khakis pant: forever 21, straw bag: mum's vintage
top: room 8008, navy blue pants: Stokist
kimsummernerdy2 copy
went to make pair of glasses at our friend's optical shop
at first my plan is to do a lens for the spec i worn in first and second pic
but i discover a lot of nice vintage glasses in the shop that are not displayed
and the nerdy spec in the marker are make of acrylic its not suitable for long term wearing
it might also break when the optometrist try to put the lens in the frame
and i cant resist those glasses, they are supper comfy than my cheapo one
all spec are really vintage more than 20 vintage purchase ever!
cant wait for my spec to be done..

Romance issue

i dunno why my blog become so boring
same photo same contain same me
sorry to all..
i actually rewrite this post for the third times
hope this is the final one
love the color of this pictures..
thx to photoshop action scripts
(awkward pictures of us, coz i actually photoshop us together)
we do enjoy times we spend together..
after 4 years of relationship, i just wish to there are some little sparkle
because to me being romantic is not a nature or something who born to be is an effort you put in your relationship to please your partner..
from yesterday devotion i learn love is a verb, you need action to show your love
ok today im gonna start a topic..
is your boyfriend romantic? did he do anything so touching that make you tears?
come come share with me please.. a handmade bunny headgear will send to the one who share the story that touch me.. coz you're a lucky girl
or you can also complain here if your boy is same as mine

A lil update of myself

been hectic and lot of drama
with work and life..
i really wish to persuade my dream but maybe the timing wrong
i believe God has His own timing for everything
what i can do is pray and wait..
at sunway giza location reckon for my secret plan
its a pretty good place but the only concern is too too far from my places..
wearing: peach stripes crop top: BACI, denim suspender: Trendreports
i brought a wrong bag with me that day..supper wrong..
various ugly expression of me..
thanks for ney for always fetching me here and there

super duper short update today..
yeah no monday blue this week..
tomorrow on leave for rest and shopping
because he take a leave off just to spend time with me..
thanks ney

Mian Mian

hello all..
this will be totally a different post..
no vain pic of me, no outfit, no sharing..
enjoy the pictures..of our new buddy..
location: i-city
time: 6 to 8 pm
main cast: mian mian
IMG_2977-edit copy
去 i-city 咯。。
IMG_3000 edit
with lotsa lighting behind..he look so cute right...
IMG_3018edit copy
mian mian with bokeh effect..
1st sucess attempt of bokeh effect with a focus object in front!
IMG_3038 copy
another one..
IMG_3147-edit copy
ill bring him to everywhere we go
capture nice picture and note down memories..
meet 王老吉 for the very first time..
in fact its my first time drinking it too..
now i know why my ex colleague love it..
IMG_2981-edit copy
that's all
hope you love and enjoy the pictures, which one you love most?
wanna to see more of mian mian photo?

oh ya, Bee who is Mr doughnut?

Random outing with my lovely one

after we own baby c
we have another task to do rather than shopping and movie
because i enjoy being snap..we spend every weekend with baby c
i cant go out without it now! totally addicted..
the happy smile..
my photographer is good at catching my happy moment huh
my photograher!
..ops your double chin terkeluar!nvm i still love you..hheeh
my current favorite
so easy to match
goes well with any outfit!
florajumpsuit7 florajumpsuit6
wearing this jumpsuit..
look my pj for me hor..that's y im selling it! recommended for tall girl!
and a quick lunch at this korea delight kiosk
florajumpsuit4 florajumpsuit
and random picture of me with minimum make up
am wearing my free fresh look illuminate lens
supper comfy compare to other cosmetic lens
but i found it hard to take off after a day wearing! do u face the same prob?
and we brought some random cute chalkboard for shooting purpose!
thanks ney for all the picture and time!
i cherish every moment that we spend together..
Thanks God for today sermon! i have to learn to cherish than complaining
to give rather than asking for more.. change myself rather expecting other to change
i Thanks God for you, love you~

am so random today
anyway good stuff here!
headgear IMG_14627
am selling handmade headgear at Trendreports!
free postage for kiminpink's reader..

Chic Pop :D

i had my best bazaar shopping experience last sat with this girl!
Shevin! its was my most enjoyable bazaar
right place in right person
i've been to many many but i always come back with not vy satisfied mood
not because of i brought nothing just that kinda weird feeling
i dunno..ya im a weirdo i know
some bazaar held at clubs which i think its way too dark for shopping..
some bazaar had too many many vintage stuff and too little crowd which make u paiseh to shop
some bazaar got too many crowd but too many people smoking and drinking..
but chic pop 3 is perfect enough light source! and wider space to walk around!
forget the hot and sweaty part..
chic4 chic5
shopping kaki..
freebies of the day
so nice right this dress..only 30 buck! worth very single cents!
flora top: Topshop
vintage short: Tea & Sympathy
flat: JB, Vintage suitcase: Trendreports.
and my cute bunny wire hairband: Trendy Confession
with shevin..
and Miss ocd
she so tall right and model figure!
wow..i look like carton in between them!
and Yasmin.. another tall girl! so glad to meet you..girl! u're gorgeous!
chic11 chic12
and our buy of the day..both of us brought a bag each!
satisfied! all are good bargain! luckily i hv shevin she help me to bargain a lot!
if im with bf or sister i dare not lo..seriously..
saw that pretty straw bag? it from Vivace Cabin
always wanted a straw bag!
decent picture of us..
love how baby c produce photo we have nice complexion and
most important! no photoshop needed..
thx dear for the day.. hope u enjoy it too ya
Thanks tic too for such a good bazaar..

oh ya im selling my version of the wired hairband..anyone interested?
in 2 yummy color..