12 years..

*this post have been in my draft more than a month..

been 12 years since primary school..
ops u know how old am i ..haha..nvm ya im tat old..
never thought of meeting anyone of my primary school mates because
i follow my family shift up here to KL for years..
but Thanks for FB connected all of us!!

Annie, someone really special in my childhood ..
she is the one i spend most of my times with..
we take same bus, stay at same garden, play barbie, ride bicycle in our primary school life..

yes this is us! we look so innocent..she always so pretty!
it been 12 years we never met or contant
am so happy to meet her again! remind me of so many sweet memory of those time..

still so pretty right?cant wait for our next meet!
she like a big sister for me
Elaine and Rosanna..
my best friend in standard 6..we are same size and height! even now..hehe
hope that we can meet again coz that day im in rush not really have a good chat
parts of the primary school friends..
IMG_0910 copy
with pretty Rosanna..
part of the classmate..

that's me..i think about standard 4
so chubby..hehe..:D

the feeling is very special coz our relationship to be so close yet so far
its so so fun but weird feeling to meet with long lost friend! agree?
but i do hope that we can meet again next time..


  1. hehe..i like the last photo..chubby yet cute =P
    your frown looks like worry about something! hahaha

  2. hey discovered ur blog from yasmine's !
    you've got great flair in fashion! and that red dslr is sooo rad !

  3. oohhh,u r from jb one?
    coz found one of d gal was from johor jaya one ;P
    may i noe what cafe is this?
    the lighting thr & d pic outcome was awesome.
    shoot by 550 oso?

  4. ney: hehe..thanks for ur support..hahha yala very worry will be bully by you la

    michelle: hello there..thanks for the compliment..ya so nice right the Pentax dslr its my friend's

    Christine: ya i grown up in jb but now settle in KL with family.. haha..ya very nice place hanging out with friends..name is living room at pelangi the suncity building..:D yes shoot by 550..:D

  5. oic..really nice outcome d pic.^^
    it is in d ground floor?
    would find 1 day go thr too..hehe
    oh ya,u go on daytime or?

  6. Christine: thx dear.. yaya ground floor..ya its a great place! i went in day time ya..and it was too good..me and another bunch of friend visited the cafe at night on the same day too!

  7. thx kim..i jz went thr wif my frens on fri nite..
    really a nice place for gathering..
    mayb nextime wud go again on daytime..^^