12 years..

*this post have been in my draft more than a month..

been 12 years since primary school..
ops u know how old am i ..haha..nvm ya im tat old..
never thought of meeting anyone of my primary school mates because
i follow my family shift up here to KL for years..
but Thanks for FB connected all of us!!

Annie, someone really special in my childhood ..
she is the one i spend most of my times with..
we take same bus, stay at same garden, play barbie, ride bicycle in our primary school life..

yes this is us! we look so innocent..she always so pretty!
it been 12 years we never met or contant
am so happy to meet her again! remind me of so many sweet memory of those time..

still so pretty right?cant wait for our next meet!
she like a big sister for me
Elaine and Rosanna..
my best friend in standard 6..we are same size and height! even now..hehe
hope that we can meet again coz that day im in rush not really have a good chat
parts of the primary school friends..
IMG_0910 copy
with pretty Rosanna..
part of the classmate..

that's me..i think about standard 4
so chubby..hehe..:D

the feeling is very special coz our relationship to be so close yet so far
its so so fun but weird feeling to meet with long lost friend! agree?
but i do hope that we can meet again next time..

Password Protected: I'm Lost!

Highly protected!
Request from me if you want to read..

Can Can II

Finally its the promised post
monday no blue for today coz this week is gonna be only 4 working days..
finally there's another 'friliday'
im struggle with wht caption to write with the photo
let me show you the magic of can can

outfit: lace jacket: Room 8008, nude short: Ugly duckling

and the heel i brought for half a year and nvr got a chance to wear..
these are the pictures without the hat
my hair look so flat right

the can can that i choose to match with the outfit


see the different?


i think look better with it hat on
flower can can
sometimes i feel i look too cute with the fridge..
im too old to act cute anymore..sob
since my forehead is fully recover i can have side bang again!

at least with the help of can can i look more mature
outfit: denim shirt: Sunway, flora bodycon tank: Topshop

how?can can is so loveable and easy to match right?oh ya all pictures above taken by myself with the help of wireless controller!love it to max..
hope u like this post..:D

click on to pre-loved site!!


my blogging mojo is back
thanks to u guys who reading it! hehe and thanks to the new camera ney is more wiling to take picture for me now
i got so many pending post waiting to be publish
im struggling with which one to be post 1st
our weekend is always pack with lotsa activities sometimes just hate myself when i come to sunday night..coz weekend is even tired for me!
so last weekend we visited i-city shah alam for more bokeh experiment!
but this post is full of my photo..hehe.. i-city itself can divided into 3 post
me, mian mian (our new friend) and bokeh-heart
so if u dun like to c my photo just ignore this post
icity7 icity8
i dunno y i always smile like tat so ugly i know
but love this close up shot with the blur lighting background
i-city is all about light! it should be call light-city
i like when the light is not yet switch on
personally think its better to visit this place before sunset..
get what i mean
just like a colorful bushes which create a vy diff feeling
coz at night we cant really take nice photo without flash..
again its me..:D
outfit of the day
batwing top: blueberry, bangsar
peach short, vintage flat: JB
oh ya that's my new hair cut? haha any different?
i love this hair coz my very genius hairsylist safe me from continue overheat my hair with hot curler
now i can say bye bye to it and have natural curl in and healthy hair end everyday!
That's it..promised can can hat outfit post will be the next one..:D

Can Can

Can can hat is so so hot this spring..
i had one which i brought from cotton on here*
but its not so much like a can can the shape is more to a fedora straw hat
so i decided to get one but it was so expensive..
until i saw mizu closet update.
this is the 1st i tought of buying but after further though
i go for this i know the ribbon doesn't look nice and match with the hat
so i ask the seller whether the ribbon can be taken off and yes she said
so here come mine version of diy can can hat

Can can 1
with a simple black ribbon
its the typical can can

Can can 2
Flower Can can
it is my flower hairband that i got from lah lah land long long time ago

Can Can 3
lacey lace! got the lace from some random tailor shop for RM2
so feminine and girly..

Can can 4
White eyelet bow plus lace!
my favorite..:D

Can can 5
does it look familiar to you?
its the vintage belt i always pair with skirt..yes! belt on can can
look great ain't it?

Can Can 6
go for luxuries one..
pearl necklace on can can! haha..dunno when ill wear it!

with 1 hat 6 different feel and mood to match with different types of outfit..:D
i love my can can..
which one is your favorite?

oh ya..i took some outfit pictures with the hat too..will post it in my next entries

wonder why im so free on monday?
haha..im mc, been having fever on and off for 5 days
just done my blood test this morning and Thanks God is not dengue or other critical disease
Doctor say i just need to rest and stay indoor and and most importantly away from work!
haha..i love my doctor..:D
ok im off to bed

Bokeh ♥

what is bokeh? hhah actually i dun really know how to pronounce it..
the pic above is bokeh effect..nice not?
its not photo shop editing.. or any software
all picture original photo directly transfer out from dslr!
i love this and i wanna master in this effect
now i only can take night scene with lighting all around to create it
without any object..all i need is a flash
but im too broke to buy one..hahha ill figure a way..:D

Interested?you can create yourself!
what you need is a dslr..haha no pic of the new baby..we are too rely on it
and abandon my compact camera..
you need 50mm lens..a basic yet cheap lens for us the beginner..
and diy your lense! with a cut-out shape on it!
of coz you'll need a full tutorial

random pic from the net..so nice right..
again..i'm gonna master in this!hehe

oh ya i brought something cool for our baby c!
its a wireless remote!
say no to timer! haha.. i hate timer especially taking group photo
the poor photographer always very tension running thru and forth to check and take pic!
with this device! no longer need any any ppl running or left out anyone in a group pic!
oh ya its good for cam whore too.. hehe

okie that all of my saturday morning sharing~
little update of myself
still havent recover from sick..been 3 days..from ney's bdae till today
all plan canceled..coz im too weak to go out
no matter what i ate ill thrown out.. feeling dizzy and fever on off..
if today my body appear rashes i gotta say hi to Dengue..
hopefully i can recover sooner and spend my weekend with him and my family..
God please heal me..you're my healer..
Blessed weekend!

Happy Birthday to the special one

明天是你的生日, 你女朋友我什么礼物都没买
哈哈.. 有时觉得很奇怪人家都说两个人在一起一定有一样东西联系着
可能是同样的爱好, 或是同样的品味
但是我们就是有说不完的话题,笑不完的东西, 更重要的是我们有同一位神

说到他生日, 惭愧的一年比一年淡
只希望简简单单的陪着你, 就像我们的爱简简单单
快快做完你的video! 把明天留给我噢!


***pictures credit to Shu wan

"Mummy" Day

i have to force myself to blog more!
try to blog updated stuff rather than outdated one..
coz i write to keep a memory..not for others reason..

Happy Mothers to all the mother out there...
we had a little celebration for our super mom..

this year we rather than cracking our head to prepare present
we decide to treat her a good meal..

and me again..hahha

is good to bring my little sis out with camera for her to play around

ill have lotsa nice picha!

love the baby 550's picture quality and color! everyone can take proffesional photograph now..


then dad treat us dessert at snowflake
its been sometimes for me to join the family for dinner and outing!
hope we can plan a trip this year


Hope she enjoy the night..

She is the one who we depend, rely and love.. she sacrifice everything just for us, her children...She is great She is my mum..i Thanks God for giving me a mum like her who can cook so well, guide us so well, and take care of us so well!

Thanks mummy..
love you..


denim shirt: sunway, white tank: cotton on, stripes bodycon skirt: Room8008, brown vintage flat: JB


our new shoe..super love this flat!

random picture of me and my super tall brother!

Happy Mothers days..