tired me!

am so so so tired right now.. or should i say pass whole week!
i look like died fish! lotsa work plus lotsa event and activities non-stop!
have been waking up at 7 everyday include weekend.. sleep at 12 smth
6 hour of sleep and a full day work is too exhausting
how i wish to take a week off just to stay at home and sleep...and think
but God is fair.. no matter how tired or exhausted
i always have little time to relax abit
like shopping..even im back with nothing but at least the week is called a week


outfit of the day
love the short with bow clicher attached
ruffles tube: velvet ribbon
bow short: boutique
and some vain photo of me..
pinkkim3 pinkkim

that's all..off to continue my work..
oh ya a quick one, remember i was complain about my forehead keep popping out pimples?
i wanna thanks God
when i found it really serious i mean my pimples problem
i pray to God for healing and ask God please use this medi to heal me..
and it work! im so blessed..hehhe
i'm recovered.. and this solution cream eally work on me
its cheap yet workable!! Thanks God for this miracle..
cant wait to share it


  1. u look so sweet and cute! i wan to see the top you wearing in last 2 picture, nude pink with polka dots right?how it look like?

  2. hi dear,
    the short is cute~
    my life is work and work and work also..
    looking forward to meet u next week.take care

  3. Awwww love this outfit so much ! so cute <3

  4. Lovely outfit indeed. You look really great in it!

  5. I was going to compliment on your tube top that it's sooo cute and ask you where you got it, when I realised you got it from my sister, haha! :P

    I know how you feel when your skin improves! :)))

  6. Zoe: hello dear, thanks..oh that top actually i wear it for camwhore only..its ZARA cardigan...:D

    Ping:yalo work so sien!yaya where are we going this time???

    Yasmine: hey dear thanks! love the photo in ur blog!!

    Irene: Thanks dear!

    Revel: hahha..ya that tube is from ur sister!! such a waste they stop selling clothes at velvet ribbon!!
    yaya..finally someone know how i feel!!! ur skin recover also d right?? :D

  7. ehm...don know eh...bangsar again? i m ok actually..hehe

  8. wow~wat cream r u using??come share share..hihih..;p