Recent buy

today my colleague ask me
what your plan to buy with your saving?
shamefully i answer er..i got no saving!
its so so hard to save money for me! how how to save? any idea?
whenever i have extra money i have extra stuff to spend on..
or i should say whenever i need to buy something important God provide me extra money
my most recent monitor and graphic card!
coz my both of it malfuntion at the same time last 2 month
which i 不舍得to buy it with my salary..
been draging for sometimes..using ney ney monitor without graphic card
forcing my poor computer to do vy heavy job with illustrator and photoshop
until ...until i get my freelance payment last week!!
its such a joy when the person call me to check my bank account coz its not a small amount for me, i almost giving up or even think of getting the payment coz the project due half a year ago
i praise God for his mercy on me! and i finally decide to get one and pay my car insurance..
my favourite sandal at the the color combination!!!!
feel happy whenever i wear it!!
its named 'the happy shoe'!
and my buy this 2 months..denim bf shirt, nude scallop top, polka dot drop crotch, flora tank, dreamy top, scallop and stripey body con skirt..and some random legging..
of coz some are share property with my sis..
its always good to have a sis that share same taste and style..
*save money *
we buy together and sell together-gether..


  1. i love ur sandals so much!!! can i know where did u get it from? :P

  2. Agree~~ Haha...

    That's the ultimate advantage of having a sis :p But too bad, mine is not living with me @.@

  3. yup me love ur sandals too ^^ am curious, where did u get it from hun?

  4. hee hee.. the sandals is cute~! so where do u get from?

    tell ya, i bought a same top with u.. haha.. the floral tank, but mine is another kind of print. lol. i saw urs at first, then when turn back wanna buy, sold out, so i choose another print.

  5. Kim dear, where did u get yr nude scallop top from? It's uber gorgeous!!! :D

  6. Potatochip: hi dear, yes i love it..i got it at a shop at sungai wang name ajax if im not mistaken..:D

    Beverly: awh..too sad u must be missing her alot!

    Abigail: hello there.. i got it at a shop at sungai wang name ajax if im not mistaken..:D

    Joanne: i got it at a shop at sungai wang name ajax if im not mistaken..:D (*copy paste)
    hahha seriously? so ngam geh..where u brought it? s'pore ar?

    Felice; Thanks dear! i get it from Ugly duckling booth at Toohot2handle bazaar last week..:D

  7. yaya.. i bought at sg.. so sad, urs nicer.. :(( i take pic of mine n post in my blog next time. :p

  8. oh wow, tats cool. thanks for the info! :))) hugs