I'm officially got my certificate into God's Family..
after 3 year believe in Christ..finally we decide to get baptist
Pastor praying for me
reading vow..1st time put a pic of me wearing spec here
ya i noe vy ugly.. but i prefer no make up to church..hehe
with all the ccf'er..
thanks for coming to witness this significant moment for us
oh ya i just got back from jb
and im so touched yesterday..coz for the very first time
i join sunday service in JB which i nvr thought of...
and that feeling so special because i'm back to this town and i'm a different person
felt so grateful and cried thru the whole worship service
i never regret becoming a Christian and i wish to grow mature in His word
i never felt tired sharing my testimony in fact i hope everyone wish to hear what the story i've been thru and how God transform me
sorry ppl i lost mojo to blog
but will try to blog more! got i got lotsa interesting stuff that promise to share..
Blessed week..


  1. tot tat u officially married!!!! muahahaha lolzzzz

  2. I wanna listen to your story! Haha..
    Congratulations again dear :)

  3. sherlyn: hahaa i hope so too.. jk lar not so soon lar dear u first!

    sharon: thanks dear..:D

  4. Hi kim, really wanna hear your story too. Please share with your readers. I'm gonna be baptised soon too, around June. Cheers! God bless~

  5. ;D grats!
    Anyway, was here to visit your blog! I love your langkawi pics!!! ;D

  6. You look cute though even with your glasses, I'm serious. ^_____^

  7. Michelle: really? ya will do a serious post about my story one day! hehe..Congrats dear!! Welcome into God's family!! God bless you too dear..

    Grace: Thanks grace!

    Beverly: haha really? going to get a new spec soon..tired very contact lense d

  8. Blog Hopping. ;)
    Congratulation in your baptism.
    May God shower you with His love and grace.
    God bless you always.

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