Back in action

yeah i'm back in action
for Trendreport!

all the items are handpick by me..and im loving every single pieces..


I'm officially got my certificate into God's Family..
after 3 year believe in Christ..finally we decide to get baptist
Pastor praying for me
reading vow..1st time put a pic of me wearing spec here
ya i noe vy ugly.. but i prefer no make up to church..hehe
with all the ccf'er..
thanks for coming to witness this significant moment for us
oh ya i just got back from jb
and im so touched yesterday..coz for the very first time
i join sunday service in JB which i nvr thought of...
and that feeling so special because i'm back to this town and i'm a different person
felt so grateful and cried thru the whole worship service
i never regret becoming a Christian and i wish to grow mature in His word
i never felt tired sharing my testimony in fact i hope everyone wish to hear what the story i've been thru and how God transform me
sorry ppl i lost mojo to blog
but will try to blog more! got i got lotsa interesting stuff that promise to share..
Blessed week..

i love girls outing

this whole month is all about girls outing for me!
so happy can.. from 1st to last week..meeting different groups of girls i love..
this is the 1st week with kelly, song and shu wan
because God we know each other
really enjoy the time singing, chatting, laughing together!
we or should i say 'i' plan lotsa activities that day
sing k in the morning!
then we head to Bazaar...toohot2handle
the bazaar was great! but i personally prefer other place for bazaar shopping rather then club
its too dark inside to shop and music too loud..just my 2 cents
and back to sunway pyramid for lunch and shopping
oh ya the goodies bag was awesome..lotsa good stuff..:D
flora tank: , denim short: tea & sympathy
at lastly my outfit shot from our photographer of the day! shuwan!
she take awesome photo right? visit her blog!
she also the one who take our latest couple shot!
nice not? more to come..heheh

another 2 outing next week! meeting my long lost childhood bestie!
Thanks God i finally found her contact in FB!! she the one i spend most of my primary school years with..we play barbie doll, ride bicycle every evening, take same bus, go each other house so often! really miss her!! hope the date turn good and fun!! coz we have not meet or chat for 10 years!
and the last is gathering with my jb darling! ya am going all the way back to jb just to meet them! miss my girls so much! 1 year din meet them d..
kersian ping ping gotta work tomorrow if not tomorrow we will meeting each other!
Gambateh and take care k! we meet next round!

Thanks God for giving me so many many cute and sweet girlfriends!
HE is my provider...i remember once i pray to God i need a friend a close one who i can share everything with her! and God listen and answer my prayer.. now i have more than one

next: our baptist... im officially into the big family..

Recent buy

today my colleague ask me
what your plan to buy with your saving?
shamefully i answer er..i got no saving!
its so so hard to save money for me! how how to save? any idea?
whenever i have extra money i have extra stuff to spend on..
or i should say whenever i need to buy something important God provide me extra money
my most recent monitor and graphic card!
coz my both of it malfuntion at the same time last 2 month
which i 不舍得to buy it with my salary..
been draging for sometimes..using ney ney monitor without graphic card
forcing my poor computer to do vy heavy job with illustrator and photoshop
until ...until i get my freelance payment last week!!
its such a joy when the person call me to check my bank account coz its not a small amount for me, i almost giving up or even think of getting the payment coz the project due half a year ago
i praise God for his mercy on me! and i finally decide to get one and pay my car insurance..
my favourite sandal at the the color combination!!!!
feel happy whenever i wear it!!
its named 'the happy shoe'!
and my buy this 2 months..denim bf shirt, nude scallop top, polka dot drop crotch, flora tank, dreamy top, scallop and stripey body con skirt..and some random legging..
of coz some are share property with my sis..
its always good to have a sis that share same taste and style..
*save money *
we buy together and sell together-gether..

tired me!

am so so so tired right now.. or should i say pass whole week!
i look like died fish! lotsa work plus lotsa event and activities non-stop!
have been waking up at 7 everyday include weekend.. sleep at 12 smth
6 hour of sleep and a full day work is too exhausting
how i wish to take a week off just to stay at home and sleep...and think
but God is fair.. no matter how tired or exhausted
i always have little time to relax abit
like shopping..even im back with nothing but at least the week is called a week


outfit of the day
love the short with bow clicher attached
ruffles tube: velvet ribbon
bow short: boutique
and some vain photo of me..
pinkkim3 pinkkim

that's to continue my work..
oh ya a quick one, remember i was complain about my forehead keep popping out pimples?
i wanna thanks God
when i found it really serious i mean my pimples problem
i pray to God for healing and ask God please use this medi to heal me..
and it work! im so blessed..hehhe
i'm recovered.. and this solution cream eally work on me
its cheap yet workable!! Thanks God for this miracle..
cant wait to share it