Yeah...its finally here..:D

the holiday i've been waiting for its finally here!
like really..F.I.N.A.L.L.Y
we are allowed to go early today..double happy..heheh
this cny kinda sad for us..coz we gotta celebrate separately
dad, sis wan, and bro headed s'pore to celebrate with grandma
while me and sis zhi stay here with mummy..haih..
but never mind they are coming back on sun..
another things is i still gotta work at home!!!! have to complete the catalog!!arhg..

feel the urge to blog about this restaurant
they food is awesome and price is reasonable
me and ney cant forget the taste after our last gathering there..
Yes...its New York New York Deli ( O. U near cold storage)
many choice..we cant really think of what to have
so we decide to have what we ordered last visit!
oh..the vy delicious clam spaghetti! my favorite!!!
i dunno how to describe, it just so so nice..
smoke salmon salad and strawberry milk shake!
the salad is way way way better than Full hse's...
wookay..that's all
Happy Chinese New Year to you..
May you enjoy this precious time with your family
God bless you..
hugz...take care


  1. Kim dearie!
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Have a great day!

    Long time no talk isn't? Wish your great.

    Take care.

    Miss u.


  2. baby .thanks for the template =) Happy Valentine to you too!!!

  3. didi: Thanks sweetie! How was ur holiday? ya long time in talk ! hope ure doing good too..take care my dear..:d

    ney: hehe..not for u pun..:P