Photo do the talking..

Back to rushing with company catalog design and lotsa poster thingy
cant wait to c the real outcome!
next week gonna have short trip with some ccf'er to Langkawi
i miss trip with them! its really hard to have vacation together since some of us already start working..timing is really important
that's why when they ask people to join without thinking i say yes..see how desperate is me
anyway picture of valentine dinner at delicious
me and ney are craving of their pasta
Delicious, jalan tun razak
the happy me..
ney deciding what to order
not very nice thai style seafood salad
Crab meat Linguine
Peach pie with vanilla ice -cream
iyhcee bla bla
since both of us are not bit eater so 1 starter, 1 main course, 1dessert, 1 drink is just nice for us..
in fact bit full d
the happy us..hehe
and more


another lovely back dress..
Heart-back retro dress & belt: ugly duckling
and a good movie to end the day..

Take care people..

Chu er...

chu the day i finally out of the house
visit ney's parent and sent them off to their annual vacation
so good right..they have their annual honey moon on cny without fail
i also want! haha
matching color blue+red+blue
sm times he take effort to dress up too..
stripes crop top: Forever 21, denim high waist: sunway, rubi flat: Cotton on
necklace+ bracelet: Forever 21
love this birdie necklace from f21..:D
today have a little celebration in the office..lunch and lucky dip
i win big angpao..though not really big but ok lar..better than nth..hehhe Thanks God!
tomorrow gonna visit cell members hse! must b lotsa fun! cant wait!cant wait!
nitez ppl..

New 'eye'

how how? ya new template again..
i dunno y ill keep thinking of changing my blog layout once im free
this time go for smth cute and more pearl!hahha

my cny is totally a boring one! the boring new year eva!
but Thanks God i gotta sleep a lot! really a lot...
din get to visit part of my relatives so less angpau this year..sob

oh ya i got my new lens b4 cny
its my second time trying out cosmetic lens the 1st time was bad
coz my eye cant take it dunno y
i use fresh con lens previously but kinda expensive for me since i dun use tat often
until i saw this picture few weeks pretty can
without any delay i ordered 2 one grey and hazel
the packaging
me wearing how??hahha
anyway nite all..
time to sleep tml start 'work' liao...sad

Yeah...its finally here..:D

the holiday i've been waiting for its finally here!
like really..F.I.N.A.L.L.Y
we are allowed to go early today..double happy..heheh
this cny kinda sad for us..coz we gotta celebrate separately
dad, sis wan, and bro headed s'pore to celebrate with grandma
while me and sis zhi stay here with mummy..haih..
but never mind they are coming back on sun..
another things is i still gotta work at home!!!! have to complete the catalog!!arhg..

feel the urge to blog about this restaurant
they food is awesome and price is reasonable
me and ney cant forget the taste after our last gathering there..
Yes...its New York New York Deli ( O. U near cold storage)
many choice..we cant really think of what to have
so we decide to have what we ordered last visit!
oh..the vy delicious clam spaghetti! my favorite!!!
i dunno how to describe, it just so so nice..
smoke salmon salad and strawberry milk shake!
the salad is way way way better than Full hse's...
wookay..that's all
Happy Chinese New Year to you..
May you enjoy this precious time with your family
God bless you..
hugz...take care

All in a shot

sorry i broke my promise that ill post my outfit and feeling daily...
im lazy..when i reach home the 1st thing i wanna do is hit my bed and sleep
nowadays i go to bed around 10 smth..such a good girl right?
i dunno why am i so tired..
although i slept that early i still found tired and dun feel like waking up in the morning!
anyway i did take my outfit photo few weeks ago when my sis is doi part time
so she can take pic for me but now one take pic for me d..
so today im gonna post whatever i had in one single post..
not something special so normal outfit to work..:D
cardigan: bunnynoo, stripes tank: forget, skirt: online
top: Dorothy Perkin, stardust skirt: Room 8008, shoe: December
Sequine shoulder pad top: ugly duckling, acid skinnies: Bangkok
nude toga: Room 8008, short: Tea & smypathy
Top: Topshop, skirt: Room 8008, Shoe: Topshop
i got lotsa nice top for this CNY!!
from t & s- as usual a must for me to visit when they have new arrival!
Old blossom -The shop has serious awesome stuff and the deco is so so sweet! go cute jezmine visit now!
Hang Me up - RECOMMEDED Blogshop! awesome unique stuff with extremly good service of the owner! New update this coming week!)
Ugly duckling- i waited at the pc for freaking 2 hour just for the update k..hahah brought 2 top at the end! *satisfied*
Cotton on- having SALE!! serious cheap and sucessfully dig one pretty crop top for only 29!!!
and also f21!
why i say top only..coz i brought all top no bottom to match..haha siao right!
never mind those pretty top are enough to feed me..
i cant wait to wear them already!
im so looking forward for this CNY break not too much of the celebration but a rest from work
ya i only start work for 3 month but seriously this job is exhausted..then the previous one!
why am i so pandai or am i that 'lucky' always get job this kinda job that drive me crazy busy!

okie.. Blessed Sunday to all!