Nothing special..

Chinese new year is around the corner means holiday!!!
i've not buy any new year clothes yet...
coz i buy and i wear, just can't!?!y im i like tat
topshop crop scallop top, tea & sympathy denim short and belt
obviously not a work outfit.. i still cant accept to wear short to work though lotsa colleague is wearing it almost everyday..just feel that its not really suitable..

Trendreport is back in action
my sister is in charge of everything this time...from stock to shipping!support her!:D
dunno wht else to blog...anyway time to bed
ciaoz..good nitez ppl


  1. i like the crop top~~~
    it's recent stocks?
    coz haven been eyeing any like tis

  2. wa i love that top! u look so cute on it!

  3. nice and cute top !
    u look cute too ;)

  4. bee: er.kinda new gua i oso dunno ler last 2 week i went n saw de..hehe

    ashley: thanks darling! :D

    ecyoj: Thanks sweetie! u're cute too!!

  5. Hey babe..i dunno y..i can't get u through phone.. :( when i called it prompt the number is out of service...y ar?? wanna ask u bout chic pop..please call me when u see this..hehehe...thank u....

  6. Shevin: hey dear i gave u my new number right? that's strange ill try to call u back tonight k..coz really busy ler..oh chic pop okok..hehe..D:

    weiyeeng: thanks dearie!