im alright..:D

hey im ok thanks for all the email and text! ahah
just bit emo yesterday
blogging at the office coz everyone is back charm right?
gonna post a outfit a day so i will keep updating my poor blog
today is really busy at work..when i finally sit down at my place its already time to go home
im no longer looking forward for weekend these few weeks
coz i still gotta work on Sunday continuously 3 week for f/w photo shooting
its kinda fun and lotsa things to learn but its extremely exhausted until today my muscles are still ache..
anyway here outfit last week to work
one of the reason i love working at Garment company
you can wear anything u like!
Lace crop top: Apee, Stud velvet skirt: Room 8008, Tight: online, shoe:vincci
oh ya please vote for me!if you like my design
ya its pink again..and that's me..:D


  1. it's alright..everything will be alright :) God is always there to guard you and will not let you fall~

  2. be strong my me if u need me..

  3. the lace top is so nice...wat is Apee?

  4. Hey i miss your outfit post! as always so pretty! i love the skirt, Room still have it?

  5. Cheer Up =)

    I'm tot-totally looking forward for your outfit post and although ur busy but sounds like u'r enjoying it, its a good thing =) (Whispering) Your company stil wanna hire people ? ;p