Back in action

im back in action people
sorry for abandon this blog for sometimes
i lost my heart to blog..
cannot i have to build back my semangat
New year, New template, New resolution, New me!
will share more about my life. just to keep memories for myself
keep telling myself why care about who is reading, how people think of me, how many ppl is reading
just be myself..

so back to the new template..
dunno why the previous just dun seem right after few week looking at it
so i decided to work on a new one
pretty satisfy hope it last long for me..
im now crazy over pearl so its all over the blog...hehe
anyway hope you like it..

Macarons! my very first time trying it!
been reading blogger wrote about it for some times already!
always wanted to try but dunno where to get
until i found a blog selling all sort of dessert and cakes!
one of their hottest product is macarons!
so without thinking twice i order it immediately...
the textures is special to me!
ask me if u wan the link...:D
they have Macarons Cakes too..

wookay ciao..tomorrow gonna be ku li (cheap labour) helping out for my company fair again!
my post is designer cum ku li (cheap labour)
oh ya anyone wan to buy kids wear tell me i have really great deal for you...
only last one available...:D good news to mummy ain't it?


  1. wow lovely one! i like. the macaron look so tempting la, i nvr try.ya just be yourself! take care dear

  2. those pearl there..hehe
    i got new templete also ;P

  3. this is the 1st time i heard about macarons, thanks for blogging it out.

    hi Kim, what kind of kids wear you have? mind to show?

  4. I miss your posts gurl....update more please?? :D And can you share with me the link for the macaroons?

  5. can i know the link for the macaroons pweeessss

  6. i wanna know the link pls? thanks!

  7. Li xuan: thanks sweetie! haha ya it look tempting for girls tat's y im tempted..hehhe u too dear!

    ping: thanks dear..ya urs is cute!!!i like it!

    Firewire: thanks! hehe anything from Poney i have special discount card with really high offer..:D u wan??hehhe

    Felice: hey dearie! okok will try my best alright? sure here the link. take care..:D

    belle: sure girl thr u go

    tys: alright! here

    Enjoy ur macaron..:D

  8. hi kim!

    the dessert looks yummy! hope you enjoyed it.
    Thanks for blogging back in english!=)
    happy 2010~