Busy weekend

part of job scope is to help out every session photoshooting
my work is to be ah sai a.k.a kakak
hahha help here and there...settle meal and iron clothes..
but kinda enjoy it coz
got lotsa pretty faces along.. and some of them are really sweet!
having fun playing with kids around..
crap with colleague
enjoy meal together
get to know more colleague from different departments
they are the designer of Poney
Anderson, Lyssa and Celine
stay under the sun.. saw that crazy hair man behind? that the photographer
ahhaa got 2 somemore! sorry my mistake i ter-clone him..haha


oh ya this week 2 colleague left..
glad to know you Michelle..Have a great future ahead!

outfit to work
fringe top: sis's, black skinny: forget, sandal: sis's
haha i got nothing to wear d..have to terrorize my sister wardrobe
so sad huh

HE is my comforter

i had the emo week eva from monday to sat!
i realize im not brave enough to show my real expression in front of ppl
friends, family and even the boyfriend
i tend to cry alone
but not now because i have God especially when come to worship services
im open to express my own feeling reveal my own problem to God
because HE know and care
after leaving my burden under the cross i feel light and comforted
Matthew 11:28-30:
"Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke (get in the harness with Jesus) upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

lame me

haha look like im wearing pj in this pic with my sombong face some more..
Chinese new year in 2 weeks time! wht have u brought??
me?i got nothing...sob, im so not into the mood tis year..
got nothing to share..;D

2 down

exhausted..just back from our 2nd photo shooting at full house, j/n yap guan seng.
pretty nice place for shooting and exactly wht we want for our theme, garden tea party
the kids model are awesome! cant wait to see the outcome!!
actually wanted to do some shopping tonight but too tired to get changed and stuff
so just stay at home while the whole family out for movie
with no dinner nothing..coz i just wish to get on bed right after i finish this post!
the most torturing fact is that tomorrow still gotta work!arh..
my life is all about work now! my mind keep thinking wht task i need/should do this coming week
but i always Thanks God that although its really busy at work but at least i found satisfaction
at least im doi something i like.
outfit to work again , nude loose crop top: topshop, fake lace skirt: Cotton on, bag: sungai wang, nude flat: vincci nude loose crop top: topshop, fake lace skirt: Cotton on, bag: sungai wang, nude flat: vincci.

oh ya one more thing i discover that iphone anti mosquito app is really working!
and it safe me! i dunno why mosquito always 'like' me! mayb im busuk or wht? some say my blood type attract mosquito..i cant tahan itchiness i use to scratch and scratch until got scars
that y i have vy ugly legs...sob..but its end of the story of me and mosquito with anti mosquito apps..:D thanks for the person who created it! awesome!

ok time for bed..:D nitez..

Nothing special..

Chinese new year is around the corner means holiday!!!
i've not buy any new year clothes yet...
coz i buy and i wear, just can't wear..how!?!y im i like tat
topshop crop scallop top, tea & sympathy denim short and belt
obviously not a work outfit.. i still cant accept to wear short to work though lotsa colleague is wearing it almost everyday..just feel that its not really suitable..

Trendreport is back in action
my sister is in charge of everything this time...from stock to shipping!support her!:D
dunno wht else to blog...anyway time to bed
ciaoz..good nitez ppl

im alright..:D

hey im ok thanks for all the email and text! ahah
just bit emo yesterday
blogging at the office coz everyone is back already..so charm right?
gonna post a outfit a day so i will keep updating my poor blog
today is really busy at work..when i finally sit down at my place its already time to go home
im no longer looking forward for weekend these few weeks
coz i still gotta work on Sunday continuously 3 week for f/w photo shooting
its kinda fun and lotsa things to learn but its extremely exhausted until today my muscles are still ache..
anyway here outfit last week to work
one of the reason i love working at Garment company
you can wear anything u like!
Lace crop top: Apee, Stud velvet skirt: Room 8008, Tight: online, shoe:vincci
oh ya please vote for me!if you like my design
ya its pink again..and that's me..:D

I bite

I wanna blog but I can't my pc dead...i wanna continue my work at home but i cant its Really dead this time format doesn't help at all!!! i got no time to bring it for repair...my weekend is occupied with work and classes....emo emo

Dun come near me, I bite!

-Posted by Baby i-

Good News Bad News

This 2 week kept getting good and bad news
when there's good news it always come with bad one like free gift
but the bad one is always really bad stuff
last week while i'm happily thanks God for a friend's new born child
i got a text from the boyfriend telling me a friend's mum passed away
i haven't had a chance to share the joy with the new mummy but need to attend the funeral
and today while i'm joyfully received my artwork after weeks of rushing it
i got another sad news that one of the friend in charge in the hospital
i never had a friend this close got serious illness..
i Pray for God healing on her, only God can heal her reduce her pain physically and spiritually, she is such a loving, healthy and cute girl tat no one around her can expect this will happen, its a really tough time for a young girl like her and her family, please pray for her

Random I


Compose some random shot that i took after getting baby i
some are already post in tweet but i found tweeter is bit hard to track back previous post
so hehhe.repeat again la

•1- taken by ney while im driving..love the mood of the pic..paiseh my logo almost block the whole pic
•2- dinner at tony roma's onion ring which is way too much for 2 but still love it
•3- me with ugly mouth and expression..in Starbuck
•4- Children christmas party in church, we have robot, elf and adventurer hope my cousin enjoy it..
•5- my custom made crop tee with extremely puffy shoulder, kinda failed coz accidentally made it too short way shorter than normal crop top...have to pair it with really high waist..
•6- snowflakes with friends after Christmas Services..the night is still young..hehe snowflake become our hang out place after church
•7- really cute shot of Isaac! so lovable! hope i have a son like him!

okie a short one end with quote of the day
"What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very things God prepared for those who love him." 1corithians 2:9

God bless you :D

Back in action

im back in action people
sorry for abandon this blog for sometimes
i lost my heart to blog..
cannot i have to build back my semangat
New year, New template, New resolution, New me!
will share more about my life. just to keep memories for myself
keep telling myself why care about who is reading, how people think of me, how many ppl is reading
just be myself..

so back to the new template..
dunno why the previous just dun seem right after few week looking at it
so i decided to work on a new one
pretty satisfy hope it last long for me..
im now crazy over pearl so its all over the blog...hehe
anyway hope you like it..

Macarons! my very first time trying it!
been reading blogger wrote about it for some times already!
always wanted to try but dunno where to get
until i found a blog selling all sort of dessert and cakes!
one of their hottest product is macarons!
so without thinking twice i order it immediately...
the textures is special to me!
ask me if u wan the link...:D
they have Macarons Cakes too..

wookay ciao..tomorrow gonna be ku li (cheap labour) helping out for my company fair again!
my post is designer cum ku li (cheap labour)
oh ya anyone wan to buy kids wear tell me i have really great deal for you...
only last one available...:D good news to mummy ain't it?

My 2009 Summary

Finish Degree

Officially rice bug

Visit neng and looknut at BKK, Shop crazily!
Got my 1st full time job (internship dun count) at Architectree doi 3D stuff
Got my Moo moo
Win myself RM500 from oneFM

Ney left me to India for Training took our couple shot b4 he left
suffered alone without him!

my dearie sun came to visit accompany the lonely me
we share bed, buy same shoe exchange shoe.. whr r u? bila mau datang?
Gideon brought us on air, Thanks again for the wonderful experience!

back to JB visit my sista and hunting for food..
sew my 1st skirt..worn once only..haha shame on me
1st violin concerto in my life but not my type of thing i almost felt asleep for countless time
Ney back to Malaysia! 3rd year anniversary

on Tic for the 1st time
Met Yonpin for so call lunch but actually for $ ahahha..paiseh will find u one day without other purpose

Finally Graduation Ceremony! 1st family portrait was taken
Resign from the company, start my freelance life
Sew my 2nd skirt!

Birthday Celebration with the precious one, and malacca trip with family
Genting with his colleague
Sew my 3rd skirt

continue enjoy being freelancer
met Ping. shop and enjoy weekend with her
skin become real bad..

blog lesser..
decide to get a fulltime job again thanks God He is my provider
again attached with a job
took part in VBS as helper..being tortured by the kids..

meet up with uni-mates for dinner..
Got my baby i
1st time deco christmas in Church

(Favorite photo of the year)

Conclusion: im truly blessed..:D

So here it comes 2010
i've no plan or resolution
i just hope i can continue walk with God in His path
Because i believe He have plan for me..:D