In case you forget

in case you forget me
cant resist the very good lighting in topshop fitting room
was thinking to buy the top until today... should i??

Sorry people, im so lazy to reply mail and comments lately...
my mind are flood with work! so many things to be complete before January!
how i wish they hire more people in our department!
flora tank top: Topshop, Light denim paperbag skirt: Teetoo, belt & shoe: Trendreports
IMG_0049 copy
that was our 3 and the half year aniversary!!
im truly blessed.. because God give me such a sweet boyfriend
another pic! in case you forget me! hahah
okie just a short and random one..
im blogging in office the very first time!
because all the head are off to boss house warming party!
Happy Long Weekend~


  1. OMG you look like model in vivi!the hair match you so well!Happy anniversary to you!

  2. hi wat mascara r u using n i like d cupcake decoration in ur room

  3. oh prev u r using clinique's skincare rite?how was it?

  4. Lixuan: vivi model?whr got im way far to look like em...Thanks for the wishes dear..

    ecyoj:yaya but im kinda broke to buy!sob

    anonymous: im using majolicax2 and maybeline mascara..:D cupcake deco?my room? hahha

    anonymous: yes dear for daily care is good but for acne/pimples treatment not really works on me.. :D

  5. Hi Kim,

    Nice to meet you the other day in front of Pavilion KL, sorry if I did scare you lol

    Merry Xmas to you :D

  6. teetoo, is it the one in Sunway Pyramid? Heard my fren said b4, got a lot of nice fashionable stuff.