yes my new born baby are ready for sales..

pastel yellow, khakis, turquoise, fuchsia pink and noir
the pink one is sold..thanks violet!!!hope you love it..

since its each piece come turn out sightly different in measurement
selling at RM58 each..
i make another pink one for myself..hehe
look so tall in this pic right?
im facing lack of top recently..too much skirt and pants but no nice top!!
haih..been some times from my previous shopping spread coz im jobless now
contact me if you want the skirt..

just got back from cg camp yesterday
so warmly and charged...Thanks God for everything
word of encouragement and sharing from brothers and sisters...
will share the pic next post after gathered all of em


  1. i got no top as well!!!! so sad! lolzzzz now the only thing i can do is use all my dress as my top =.="""

  2. hehe reply in the mail ya.. yalo no top cannot match with pretty bottom right? me too dress= top..haha sometimes its hard to stuck the skirt part without look big on the bottom..haih..

  3. hey there.. do you have bigger size? can't fit into the measurements given.

    mail me pleasee yea?


  4. the turquois so much...
    i wanna buy but how about the shipping cost?

  5. Carol: hello darl..sorry for the meantime only s available..will let you noe once i plan to do bigger size k? thanks...

    evelypny: but so sorry sweetie turquoise reserved d..:( never ship to indonesia yet will check it out k..:D

  6. can i have the khakis color one :) thanks!

  7. wow they all look amazing!
    do you have any left ?
    do you ship to australia?

  8. I love it~~ But i'm afraid i can't fit in the skirt though.. you are away too petite...