Not so happy

my birthday is approaching
but i still haven't got myself a present..haha ya i give myself present's' every year
i noe its just another excuse to do shopping
do you do so?or im a weirdo...
weido kim
so emo u noe?i went to pavilion, bangsar, sunway pyramid, mid valley
and lotsa online "window" shopping
i want a birthday dress to wear at my birthday dinner..
but i found nothing, nothing i really really like!!! till now *charm*

went to cotton on at pavilion
love their basic! comfy and affordable
mesh dress
but i end up buying none of them

then i went bangsar the other day
tea & sympathy is a must but i end up with these
accessories only... so now i have nice accessories but nothing nice to match with!
then i went to perm my hair
again the stylish reject to perm my hair according to the style i want
he is the 3rd stylish who ask me not to do anything on my hair!
they say they dun wan to cheat my money...=_=
ok fine i go for a trim
end up not really satisfy..ya indeed is easier to maintain already
but i prefer my previous messy hair which i can style it
before trim the hair no after pic of me, coz i dun look good..
i look like a bird in the jumpsuit right the boyfriend keep calling me birdie!

the only thing im happy is
get my lace up flat...
so here come my not so happy birthday...


**minutes ago..i saw a dress at topshop website! hope is available in KL
here i come topshop..wait me!


  1. I buy myself gifts for my birthday too!!!!! *shy* ;P

    Your hair looks sooo nice, I WANT TOOO! <3

    Happy Be-Early Bday Kim! :D

  2. oopsi! ;p i buy myself a present too. HAHAHAHA.

  3. Don't worry, you're not weird ok? I buy myself pressies too...haha. Anyways, here's wishing you Happy Birthday Kim!

  4. u know what actually happen to the gift that i wanted to sent to you? i have it now! they sent it back to me! wth i forget to write postcode! sorry darling! turn to ur belated birthday present!

    ish~sorry i always log in your blogger for the private blog to post comment! sorry!

  5. hahah. nothing wrong buying gifts for yourself during occasions=) heheh.

    OMG Kim, both the dresses are awesome. Buy both la. lol.
    you carry them well. =)

    happy early birthday. when is the actual date?

  6. sorry i went missing again! i do buy pressie for myself on my birthday too!hehe y ashley can log in ur blogger! me no? she log in for what help u write blog?haha! nitez!

    counting down 3 days~ excited not?

  7. haha one more thing u do look like a bird in the jumpsuit! but the most cute one!hehe sweet!

  8. hey, nice blog..but, don't you think that you are a bit obsessed with clothes that you don't really are using materials to fullfill your life..this is just my opinion ok????hope you don't mind

  9. jing: hehe..gimme five!my hair nice? no! i dun like..but thanks darling you are so sweet! *hugz*

    vvens: hahah! yeah another five!!

    felice: ya im not weid..thanks darling

    ashlely: ahahhaa..what happen to you? postcode oso dun rmb to write u purposely dun wan to sent to me izzit? ahha jk anyway is ok nid to sent again waste postage only! ok lar as long as ppl dun think i comment myself can d

    elizabeth: yeah yeah!!haha..nothing wrong..haha but its not i wan ler..i wan smth girly girly..hehe

    thanks dear actual on the 21st..:D

    yinle: haha u oso missing one lar u! coz she have to check my private blog for html purpose.. haha not at all i havent get myself a present..:( haha yalo yalo big birdie! not cute at all..

    anonymous:hey there thanks for your comments but i do think everyone have different interest in different things and will try to indulge their life with things they like...some like books they buy lotsa book, some love fine dinning they indulges themselves with good meal! but for me i like clothes & fashion so i buy clothes as long as i dun over my budget then i think is fine my 2 cents..:D

  10. Hi Kim ^^ Cotton at Pavillion ~ my fren said the cloth easy to 起毛 one oh.. coz made from china thats why look so fashionable yet cheap. LOL ! but i no try there yet. now ? can find any dress for your birthday ? any dress "smiling" at you ? hehe.
    When is your birthday ya ?

  11. yup...enjoy your day and happy holidays.

  12. ketty: seriously?? hehhe luckily i din buy then ..but sm are really nice.. haha i brought one right b4 the birthday dinner change it on the spot! Thanks God hahha.. thanks for the wishes darling..

    anonymous: Thanks to you too~

  13. whre u got the lace up flat,looks so nice and accessories too~
    Happy birthday to you 1st,cause duno when is ur birthday,hehe..;)