Sorry for disappearing
i lose my passion in blogging again.. ya again...i dunno whether this happen to you
but this often happen on me!
clicking new post for so many times but always ending up discard the post
was thinking am i revealing too much of myself? what kind of person am i portraying in this blog? should i just stop this blog or close it to private one? so i can be myself?
though of getting .com will let myself more committed in blogging but obviously no
i use to "haih" a lot i think its a really good way of release all the stress from the "haih" word
only this h-a-i-h works on me no other words can replace it
okok i should stop all the emo stuff

have complete few blogs design pass weeks
<span class= <span class=
for both my to view...
more on cute and colorful concept
<span class= web
and for my client yunique paradise and Faco Abrasive
Thanks yuni for this opportunity working with sell great stuff!!!hope you love this design ya and the one on the right a cooperate website (my portfolio)

im looking for job now..want to stop all this lazy lazy thingy
anyone out there wanna hire me?
life gonna move on although i hate traffic jam, office hour and office polities
i gotta go out from my comfort zone!
i should start pray to God that ill get a job He want me to involve in rather than a job i wish
that's what i learn from today sermon..

next updates (if im recover or i dun stop blogging) my birthday celebration
cant update 1st coz tomorrow still got one last birthday thingy..hehe i know its ready 1 week after..who care..hahha


  1. i lost my passion for blogging in the past few days too:( n i was WOW-ing while i browse through yunique paradise's webpage...n wondering who is the one who design their template! u did a great job dear! n thank you sososo much for the skirt ya!!!!! i lovelovelove it so much! n it fits me so well :p kekek like it till faint! wakakak

  2. wow....come on u should get out from your comfort zone n get a job coz u have great abbility as web master *design* your design so much kim...

    btw happy b'day

  3. no way stopping the blog!!if private you gotta invite me promise ok?i love the bird in ur sis blog but y her blog cant view?

  4. yeayea..ney ney also strongly encourage you continue to blog =D U just need some encouragement to keep going on!~

  5. sherlyn: Thanks darling! haha..glad to hear it fit actually im not sure abt the address i just trying my luck..

    evelynpy: Thanks sweetie for the compliement..ya i should get out from my comfort zone and stop being lazy...

    ashley: haha u can log in my blog mah..coz she private it d..she say she will open after exam wor..

    ney: when is ur turn?hehhee.thanks you

  6. i lost my mojo to blog to.. *sigh* but if u're closing it private remember to invite me k? it's like my daily dose of caffeine ;) and yeah, i think u're revealing it a little too much, especially yr moo-moo car plate #, kinda dangerous.. furthermore u're a pretty girl ;)

  7. ya..i miss ur post too darling! no prob!!! sure invite you! oh my i totally forget to blur and car plate!! no wonder sometimes counter ppl smile at me when im driving oh no..

    oh ya when is 2nd july launch??cant wait already!