Lace! i love!!!

its my title on lookbook for this outfit below
too blur?
haha okok a clearer one
not detail enough? here another zoom in one
can't see the back?
haha why lar me like that! create all sort alasan to put more pic
lazy to describe where i get it from
im sure most of you know where right? its everywhere!
night at pavilion, watch "Up" with 3D spec
i want to watch another 3d movie!!please~

vain me...

im no direction again!!!! im actually wondering whether to get myself a job or what
i dunno! sometimes i just feel so lost!
ok end..of this perasan post!
bye all


Homemade???im sitting at home now making all sort of things
spend these 3 days sewing! my fingers are now full of needle hole..
hehe..but im satisfied!!! and enjoy!!
1 skirt take me 1 day to complete if only my sewing machine didn't manja...
from drawing prototype, cutting cloth, send to tailor to sew the side part(车边)to real sewing!
ok gonna show you how my scallop, full, and peplum skirt look
hhaha ya all are skirts!
scallop skirt in pale pink!!!
the first layer i make it bit pleated like peplum d hor..
haha..but the end is scallop shape...
this picture turn out very pale...
oh ya this is not for sales ya..i still think the scallop part have to be improve!

++ Peplum skirt + full zipper+
ya im planning to sell this in several color..anyone intrested?
light yellow, turquoise, fushia pink, black and khakis
but all are available in s size only ya...
anyway so far i've only complete this piece in turquoise...
i love the full zipper at the back...

++Pale pink full skirt++
im so in love with this color
actually pre order a pair of nude pink ballet flat!!but who noe..haih...
so girly and easy to mix and match

oh ya my buy from tea & sympathy
another black full skirt and scallop pants!!!
hehe..yayya bee i brought it...
the puffy skirt is way puffed than mine!!!love~

hope you love it...
have to work on my web design...end of the month already!!
i earn nothing! can..
but noe wht i believe God is guiding me all this while!
He provide me whatever i need...from small things to big one
i experience Him these few days when im really frustrated with the sewing machine being manja for no reason! i pray...ya i noe is small stuff..but it works! after my prayer!
Thanks God!!! i have to learn to rely on Him on small things! so whatever i do in my life in future God will be my main purpose!

Yummy Delicious

another bangsar day with ney
grey blazer: tic tac toe, heart necklace: moca, stripes tee: stockist, pleated short: Trendreports, chanel inspired bag: online , friendship shoe: vincci

guess what i brought this time??? hehe 2 major love!!!
but i have no chance to wear any of it yet!!cant wait
im collecting the paper bag!hahha...
kimtea3 kimtea4
then we went delicious for late lunch!!
kimtea5 kimtea6
strawberry milkshake, chocolate brownies, seafood pasta
since both of us dun eat much..we start to share 1 set of meal!!!
to avoid food wasting!!! the portion is just nice for us...
the pasta is really great!!!! i always love linguine with garlic and olive oil!!
us in the middle of the street....
another random outing with the sister..
since im free in the weekdays so i can go shopping whenever my kaki is free..haha
mustard top: ugly duckling, belt: online, flora dress as skirt: catinbowl, heel: bkk, chanel inspired: online, random flower headgear on hand: bazaar
haha look at her! i think she will kill me putting this pic here!
mcd sundae cone is the best cheap yummy delicious ice-cream ever! anyone with me?
random picture of me stuck in the jam...
i miss driving...hahha..moo moo is so boring nowadays.. but i enjoy being fetch..
why lar me like tat..

yeah!!! just back from pavilion! watching UP 3D!!!
first time watching real 3D cool~~~
you just feel like touching everything in the movie..hahha..
love the story as cute..touching..and everything inside just so dreamy and colorful!!!

and i just finish sewing my 2nd peplum+scallop skirt !!!!in pale pink....
will show u girls sooner.. need to do some clean up job...
need comments from im thinking of selling my product sooner...
ok to bed...
Good night everyone!!!!
have a blessed weekend~

Archi...tree memories..

oh no i dun dare to write the full name of the company
coz i made a big mistake..
today i try to search the company's site in google
i realize...
my blog come out 1st in the search list!!!! how can?
means whoever wish to go the site come to my blog 1st..sorry sorry
so now ill replace the company name with *tree..

im busy with web design and all little tiny stuff to study and settle...
later gonna head to mum's office so gotta finish this post
doi freelance is great..haha i enjoy my life now! Thanks God
but i need more job!!! to survive next month and next next month!hahha
sometimes i do miss working life! coz u can dress up for work, eat lunch and crap with college!
ok now as promise it all about my previous company and college..
the office.. these one right at the middle is my working place...
people beside me..left tai yang..on the right!people! he is the special guest that i mention previously in some of my post
he's the only one who discover and read my blog! and my crapping partner in the office~
with one of the boss(green), with sean (blue), ling (black), cathy (grey) and aimi( black)

haha the drama queen.. so cute right she? Angelina, niece of the bosses..
she seldom come to the office but so happened she came on my last day
when i told her im leaving, she dun believe and go around asking everyone whether am i really leaving or cheat her...
after she found out its truth she gave me this..
tissue paper with drawing and words..hahha
so cute...

farewell lunch with all the college...
thanks boss for the free treat!
haha they are the drama king..acting yamcha in front of the water machine..

hehe..another things to give thanks to God..
surprisingly out of all my shopping i still manage to save some amount of money!
am now wondering what to buy from that
DSLR camera, Mac book or Iphone!
i need each of em for valid reason k..
DSLR- i've been eyeing on this newly launch camera!!!its just so cool.. and i need a proper camera to shoot like product image for my client u noe and even bring me freelance job as a photographer perhaps..hahha some more im asking my dad to share half with me! i can save another half of my saving!
Macbook- seriously i been dreaming of it years ago..and noe i have more solid reason of owning it! i need to meet client and show them progress or my portfolio right?..hahha..wonder how big is my business huh! i oso dunno..
Iphone- my phone is dying!! it last me for 3 years long right! but still can call and sms lar..the things is so so so boring with it already..

how how??wht would u choose?

New journey

sorry for not replying email and comments and chatbox..
im really lazy coz im in holiday mood now..hahha

what a exhausted long weekend
luckily im no longer tied with work..if not this week gonna be very tiring at work
convo is really a good experience..and it may be once a lifetime thingy
wake up early-prepare- waiting - and waiting- sweating- gift- flowers- photo session
although tiring but its all worthwhile!!!
u must be bored seeing all the graduation photo in facebook
but hahha yes im posting it again here!!! not to waste mah..
pic credit to ham pa pa...
love tis pic so much!!!!
*just press read more to view...

we went back to campus on sat for the FOE and FOM graduation...and
haha shiok sendiri wear our rope...since ours are held on monday
the complete CCF family!!!!
met pretty glad to meet u!!!u're so tall and pretty in person!!!
gorgeous yue er..whoever saw ur pic will tell me that u're pretty!
im proud to have u to be Trendreports ambassador!
ya her top and pant are from TR
with the pretty white angels of the day!!!
not to forget my oufit!
topshop inspired mesh lace long top: Velvet Ribbon, mini skirt underneath: unknown, clincher: The envelop, shoe: Vincci +Customize..
convo1 this photo so much!!!its good to take pic under the sun..


here come the actual days
my family! all the us are in the hall coz we have 2 graduates in the family
finally they meet...everything turn to be alright...
and so ngam that my parent just sit in front of the boyfriend's parent..
this photo remind me of my mum's convo pic...
my parent noe each other in uni too..
ccf!!! major love...missing the days in ccf d..
is a place we grow up together in Christ
my spiritual life is so dry these day..*guiltiness*
711 family! miss those day we just move in
the fcmer...thanks to phlox that bring us together...
miss those days we are busy with assignment and project and business too...
my lecturer!! Mr Khong!!! love the way u lead and teach us!!!
u're the one burn my passion in design and give me lotsa encouragement of improving myself and build my inner confident!!!
Thanks shu wan and ah fai for the glove!!!so cute!!!
lucas..thanks for entertained us!haha..
shocking face..there's always lotsa laughter when u're around!
suzie and shevin! All the best in the future career and life!!!!
keep in touch k!
dear xue er jie, thanks for everything!!!
ding ying! she sing very very well on the ceremony!!!!
finally me and ney
its kinda special to grad with the loves one!!srsly..
cant wait to get the studio shoot we had last week!
oh ya wearing beneath the rope..its a very bad example of attire
coz they say my skirt is too short to be on the stage...
Grey Blazer: tic tac toe (super worth buy)!, black basic: online, peplum skirt: Q-losophy, belt: the envelop and Heel: BKK
the candies to gives out..sorry ya not much time to prepare!
Really thanks for all the flowers and gift!
im truly blessed...:D
yet its another journey for me after this...gonna work really hard for my life!
Thanks God for all the blessing that pour upon me these year
i gain and grow a lot in uni!