i love Daiso

or should i say i love cheap stuff..
hahha..Daiso sell lotsa cool stuff from Japan with really cheap price!!
i visited 2 different Daiso branch in single days..
see how crazy is me..
they have plenty of cute little thing to dig and discover!!!
i went the curve, Daiso in the noon...
and Daiso at 101 at the night!!!
me haha..i cut off my ugly face...
my Daiso outfit
white bow mini dress: Trendreports, Jean mini: F21, Bag & shoe: Trendreports,
part of the stuff i brought..in pink..for customize thingy!!
gonna decorate my workplace for my freelance
oh ya i started the 1st project on Trendreports ripped studded tee on sales...
limited so far all are reserved once i post the teaser up..
next will be f21 inspired peplum..for sales..im excited to start on that already!!!*scream*
i wanna keep one for myself ler!

another week to work..haih...
oh ya my convocation on next week already!!!*excited*
my mum is worrying about what to wear already..hahhaa...gonna bring her shopping
Thanks God i've go this far...
uni life-> graduated-> full time job-> Resign-> convocation-> ???
i been gone thru lotsa huh!!hahha..


  1. hey dear~ i will be bac to MMU wen u convo nehxx! see u ter k? n i wanna see the peplum skirt!!!!!!!! *screammmmm*

  2. i wan the tee still got ornot ar?when is peplum?i wan to reserve it 1st!!!haha!!

  3. Oh Gawd~
    Babe, u gonna make me go screaming and stalking ur blogshop all day long again..

    Aw, i *heart* the ripped studded T..
    Can put me in da reservation list pls... *BIG WET EYES*

    Haih ! How i wished to resign and work like u.. FML

    Anyhoo, i'll support u forever.. Muakx

  4. Am lovin ur skirt. And especially the shredded shirt!!!! Anticipating TR's update. Hehh! :)

  5. haha. the daiso shop looks pretty interesting.=) my cousin mentioned it to me but i never tried to go and see.lol.

    Dont cut of your pretty face!

  6. sherlyn: hello sweetie, sure thing!!must take pic k!!!so ur convo will be next year?? peplum not so fast wor..have to be after convo coz i only have time to do after i stop working...patient ya!!

    Ashley: haha no more wor darl!!! all reserved d!!blue wan u wan ornot???haha jk lar!! will do one for u when u back!!peplum will be mid of august!! sabar ya

    Lynette: Hahah..really?? okok reserve for u 1st k..hahha..dun like me my friend say im strawberry group cannot tahan work life! thanks darl.u're always so sweet to me...

    sharon: Thanks sista! hahha..stay tune ya!ops..forget to check mail!!

    Elizabeth tee: yaya i love daiso..ya u should go one day!!its really interesting place to play hide and seek..haha..jk..u get find great stuff there!! not pretty lar!! have to cut off if not scare u girls away..

  7. Haha! Me too.. My friends alwiz said im a princess who can't stand working life.. -___- lll I've changed 6 jobs in a yr *evil grins*
    And this time i'm leaving soon, but right after i finish my projects in hand..

    Wanna have my own boutique, self learning Fashion course now *You're the one who gif me da inspiration*

    I noe it ain't ez for me !!! But i really hope i'm able to make my dreams come true..

  8. aww i love this outfit of yours, it looks very clean and pretty! :)

  9. *HaHa*
    i just went Daiso the other day in Singapore and bought a couple of flower hair clips too!! for SGD2 its dirt cheap!!
    i love Daiso too...its like treasure hunting in there!!

  10. Lynette: wah 6 job! that must be fun noeing lotsa new friend!!! wah own a boutique! that's cool!! me?haha me still newbie ler!!! wah u self learn fashion course ar at whr?i oso wan to take course on sewing!no worries dalr!ur dream will sure come true ya!

    vvens: thanks girl!

    joyjoyce: ya! Daiso in S'pore are bigger than wht we had here!!!!and 2 bucks sound cheaper lar!!
    im totally with u!!its like treasure hunting! me love it!