Random Happy things

oh my im so happy right now...
deserve to write a post..hahhaha
God sent me half day leave tomorrow..Thanks God..
haha..no lar.. i should Thanks boss 1st coz they need all our pc for rendering purpose
so we go work oso no use..mah ask us to stay at home half day lo..
ya i noe half day only it mean i can wake up late~~~
and go to the post office..mail out stuff...
i think i make a good decision of resigning from the job..
see how happy is me eventually just half day away from work!
i really my blog is more about outfit then my own nowadays huh...
so no pic in this post..haha..jk lar..
not much nice outfit post recently coz im always in vy light make up
which make me look vy pale in most of the pic..
since i start working..weekend is so so so precious to us u noe
and it always pass so fast! i hate Sunday night and Monday morning the most
hahha..yala im a emo working adult
if u ask me to say out 100 point of disadvantages of working life
i can tell u 1000! hahha..anyone with me?
but who noe after a month im back to working life! touch wood touch wood
hope not lar...anyway a random outfit to work.. like long time ago
coz i have no more ump to dress up for work already..wht happen to me
Acid Jacket: Trendreports, White tank: Topshop, Black mini: forget, Glass tight: online, friendship shoe: vincci
i love to wear this set to work..been repeating this for some times
coz its so comfy!!!! i can sit kaki terkangkang hahha..will show u the pic how i sit in the office next time with this baju
silk jacket: Trendreports, Grey long tee: Zara, lame legging: Velvet Ribbon, gladiator: random
since most of my college are guys..sometimes its make me feel comfy to wear something boyish and safe...
zipper top: Bunny noo, silk jacket: Trendreports, Black mini: forget, legging: online
see i prefer something safe and comfortable when come to work..
not fashion at all lar me..hahha
y har..my post still cant run away from outfit pic! i got nth to blog about other than that!
off to call the boyfriend before he go to bed poor thing he have to get up quite early to work..
ok a post with no point at all..
nitez sweetie~

i love Daiso

or should i say i love cheap stuff..
hahha..Daiso sell lotsa cool stuff from Japan with really cheap price!!
i visited 2 different Daiso branch in single days..
see how crazy is me..
they have plenty of cute little thing to dig and discover!!!
i went the curve, Daiso in the noon...
and Daiso at 101 at the night!!!
me haha..i cut off my ugly face...
my Daiso outfit
white bow mini dress: Trendreports, Jean mini: F21, Bag & shoe: Trendreports,
part of the stuff i brought..in pink..for customize thingy!!
gonna decorate my workplace for my freelance
oh ya i started the 1st project on Trendreports ripped studded tee on sales...
limited so far all are reserved once i post the teaser up..
next will be f21 inspired peplum..for sales..im excited to start on that already!!!*scream*
i wanna keep one for myself ler!

another week to work..haih...
oh ya my convocation on next week already!!!*excited*
my mum is worrying about what to wear already..hahhaa...gonna bring her shopping
Thanks God i've go this far...
uni life-> graduated-> full time job-> Resign-> convocation-> ???
i been gone thru lotsa huh!!hahha..

A short one

too many picture too lazy to blog....
i love life looking forward for something, and now im looking forward to become jobless..
woohoo how excited is that!
will try to blog tomorrow rather than today my "scheduled" blogging Friday night..
im just too lazy to write or reply email or anything..sowie babe..gimme some times..

28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
Matthew 11:28-30 (New International Version)

a verse that sis xue er love to encourage us with...always in my mind..
hope you are fine now..:D

DJ in the house

its 5am..and im awake writing blog here
and tomorrow gonna work some more...
my mum gonna kill me..but i sleep too much this few day due to sick...
anyway.. have to keep my blog updating..thought i have nothing interesting to share recently
oh ya before that i done 2 layout design
Trendreports and my sis's blog *clicker click*
tr wantien
nice not..haha sis blog i simply do..free wan mah..haha im bad like tat..
im building up my portfolio..so i can start my freelance next month!!
hopefully it work and it better work..if not i have to work full time again..argh..
curve copy
if not ill end up like that..in the mall..wondering with raise eyebrow..haha
we met Lucas last Sunday for lunch..
never met him after graduation coz he is so busy with his career
ya he is a DJ in one fm..*visit his blog*
of coz..there some reason behind the eating eating
he brought me mine check that i won from one of the competition in one fm..
Thanks dude..so paiseh din treat u, u noe lar..im goi to be jobless..
next time k..when i become kaya..
then we went for a walk..walk in the curve?sound weird huh..no money mah
flora dress: catinbowl, vintage belt: Ugly Duckling, Clutch: Old bossom,flowe on hand: Junkyard sales, flat: Vincci
oh man, my world is territory by online blogshop..everything from online boutique except shoe..
i love the back of the dress more than the front..don't ya?
and im crazily doi this pose that day..believe me i have more than 3 pic doi this
haha im siao i noe..who ask my photographer so rajin taking pic of me that day ..
see this..
so rajin kan?hahha..keep it up k then i will more pic to blog about..
end with a vain photo of mine..
gotta back to bed..hopefully i can fall asleep..

Happily Sick

i noe this is not a very good timing to be sick
anyway im recovering from fever and flu.. not influenza A k
just my yearly fever visit!! ya i will get sick once a year in the past..
remember last year it visited me on my birthday!!!! *read*
in fact i should be thankful that it came earlier *hopefully no more*
so i can celebrate my birthday healthily huh..hehhe
i've been kinda productive when im on my precious medical leave
rather than spend my day sleeping i complete some design thingy i owe
to my sister blog template..i've completed her blog design but yet to launch, i just realize i din save up the code!!!!!!arhg.....
another blog template for trendreports Thanks God this time i save the codding and ready to publish...*wink*
and the most important stuff..church website design..i owe them for like 1 months..bad me
design done!!! and comment are back so now time to improve from that..*release*
im recover not because of i've enough rest or medication but
because of i've finally repaid my design debt
stay tune to all the design outcome yeah?

im sick but happy coz im featured in TIC!
i dun think i deserve it..anyway Thanks so much...:D

im sick but i dress happily!!!
heartshape tank: The Envelopes, heart necklaces: moca, yellow short: forget, bag: Trendreports, flat: vincci..
love this top from envelop.. but dunno y ney dun like it!!
i brought this pair of flat like 3 year ago..so long time ago right???*proud*
i do keep things...

forgive me im sick hahha i dunno wht the point of this post..
but lazy to rewrite..anyway Blessed Sunday~~~
Tomorrow shopping!!yeah~

oh ya i noe something new & great *For me* from today sermon!!Thanks God...
Go green everyone...time to save our earth!

little reward for myself

hehe..this time im back with my buy!!!
i've been a good girl, shop lesser and even i go shopping i seldom buy stuff..
dunno why..working people is different..hahah
"money is so hard to earn girl"...that's wht my parent always told me when im small
and now i know how hard it is...and noe wht
im getting my last pay this month..get what i mean last pay?
ya i've finally finally decide to quit the job..mr i knew it! you are the last one who know tis
anyway..im vy happy with my decision
i feel release and freedom...i've been struggling with this job since i start work
seriously i think im not performing really well but i really thanks boss for comfirm me
im just a robot everyday match to work..building house or offices..
Thanks God for wakening me, making me realize im in the middle of no where
no where near to my dream...i just hand in my letter yesterday another month to work as notice
and im planning my future slowly i dun wan to work something i dun really like in the rest of my life just like tat..
anyway cant wait for next month!! after convo!! a new me then!!
ill be free so whoever want blog revamp or web design or graphic design or whtever you need help! come to me...i'll be free to handle any of it coz i enjoy thoes!!!
dun worry im still getting a job..but mayb not so soon
see how freelance can earn me a living or how soon i get my dream job!
God bless me..
okok..back to the buy thingy..sorry for always drag my story so far away...
overal..hehe..this month is another happy month
coz part of the buy is gift my mummy from taiwan, sometimes is good to have someone to help you do shopping..
Old blossom box pale pink cluth!! finally i got myself something from Jezmine! i failed like more than 3 times i think..always late...i love this cluth so much!!! thanks girl! added new bracelet...light green zipper dress, pale pink zipper top, black cardi from bunny noo, rose cottage dress from catinbowl..(buy sometimes ago but always forget to wear so consider as new..haha), f21 jeans skirt *best bargain ever*, the rest from taiwan..
a pencil skirt my mum brought for me...for RM10??? haha
dunno why i fall in love with it at 1st sight!
another 2 my cheapo f21 denim skirt!and love the fabric of the flora dress..
dunno lar when can wear..too many clothes too less occasion/place to go
that's y Dotty dots keep updating..help to do some recycle ya..hhaha..
black blazer: Trendreports, black tank: online, grey pants: Trendreports
random outfit to work..
tough my job not required me to wear formal but its fun to have some theme isn't it?
realize my new hair?im in love with the bun..ever wonder i have such short hair but i can tat big bun???no more hair perming for me next 2 month..hehe
oh ya Trendreport update..this time with promo packages!

cant wait to end this month faster!

oh ya thanks girls who sent me email with word of encouragement ...
im touched by your words!!thanks all..
with God's grace i can noe you people thru kiminpink..:D
im blessed...

Belated celebration

we missed 2 vy important event of the year
when the boyfriend in india
1st is his birthday and another one is our 3rd year anniversary
he never request for his present and warn me not to buy any for him
he is wan a treat from me...guys is always easily satisfied..
but my side is totally diff..im starting to list down my wish list for him
hahah..to avoid disappointment mah..ya im a bad girlfriend
so i decided to treat him Bubba Gump
which we wanted to try so long ago...and finally got a chance..
but before that i did a bit shopping...hahaha..
if your boyfriend felt boring when you do shopping
pass him the camera and ask him to take pic!!hahah..good idea right?
you'll have pic to blog and he will not complaining..
oh ya i got myself really good bargain in f21!! show ya next update..
outfit of the day..sowie for the not so nice face..
cute pink tube: ugly duckling, white peplum: velvet ribbon, navy blue polka dots flat: bazaar, quilted bag: online...
love this tube so much!!! the color combination is a love!!! and match so well with my newly brought flat..
and finally we head to bubba for our very late(5pm) lunch...
haha..kersian the belated birthday boy..
the very tired and hungry boyfriend
the enviroment is really nice and the waiters there are helpful and friendly enough!!!
love the signage idea...!!
us with lotsa shrimp on the table...we both have like more than 20 shrimps?
forget wht we order but i simply in love with this blueberry drinks!!!its so so nice...luv it!!!
and a picture to end this..Happy belated birthday to you, ney
and belated anniversary for us..love you as always..muackx

is time to save money!!!no more good food and shopping!!!
reason one...i nid to start diet d..did u notice i've gain some weight since i start work??*scream*
reason two...not enough income..hahha..too much burden to bear..loan loan loan..
reason three..i've big plan goi on..nid to save up money for future!

next up my buy this month..:D
chaoz..i already have monday blue now!!argh..

i miss free weekdays

yeah tomorrow is weekend again..
i really miss those days in school when you can just go for shopping, movie and stuff on weekdays
no nid to be in crowds, cheaper singk rate, cheaper movie ticket...and parking fee
yala im cheapo like tat..
now i can only do that if i take leave..but annual leave is like something really precious
only can take for really special reason..*no like somebody* hahha..i knew it!
frankly speaking i really really dun enjoy working life!!...
weekdays ill automatically turn to be a robot at work and only come alive in weekends
that's y i only good the mood to update my blog on every Friday night!
okie back to jb post now..since we went k session with sun this time
in fact its long time ago since both of us singk together-gether
outfit 1st
flora dress as top: Ugly duckling, vintage belt: ugly duckling, pale pink tutu: velvet ribbon, vintage flora sling bag: Trendreports, flower ring : sunway pyramid, and nude tied flat: vincci...
random pic of us singing....miss you so much sun...
they are the love in my life!!! love you both!
so happy they can get along quite well..hehe
and noe wht my ney who have the gold mouth can sing in front of my bestie!!
sun, you're lucky u noe..hahha

end..haha ya its a short post...
gonna update tomorrow..with our anniversary cum ney's birthday celebration
Thanks God for this weeks...:D
and thanks ney for always being there for me..luv you...

p.s: oh ya sorry for the grammar mistake made in my post..im trying to improve that's y i write my blog in english.. bear with me ya..

A broking day...

ok i think i should stop bit for the jb part..
coz seems to be no one interested in it..anyway..ill still do it in between my updates

i dunno wht happen today..
im too reckless or mayb that's devil following me..haha
this morning i woke up early to attend sunday service coz today is the 9th anniversary of the church..since there sm deco stuff to settle so we have to go earlier..
then i do normal wash up make up and stuff and iron my skirts..
and i dunno wht happen to me...half way iron i drop the hot ironic iron on the floor..
but im like purposely drop it or what..coz i do noe that the end of e iron board but i still continue iron and ya its drop like that so loud so loud while all my family are asleep...
but luckily no one woke up
ok fine..its broke really broke i dun think there a way of fixing it
so wht to do..i gotta spend my own money buying a new one
coz my mum is away again..this times she fly to taiwan..
y ar..my mum always travel without bringing us!!!
in my mind electronic applies are always expensive..hundres dollar just fly like that..sob..
then then..bearing that on mind after the dressing up thingy
im matching my bag.. testing on which bag to wear...
then kan...after decided which bag to wear i go in to my room to get smth
when come out my stupid bag knock on the vase in the corridor!!
and noe wht it broke!!!!!!!!!!! what is this keep happening..
this time is really really loud one.. imagine those tradisional china vase drop on the floor
my sister woke up..i think i woke my neighbour up too..hahha
but im not gonna replace one i think coz i dun think i can affort..
ill be a good girl like those stories in kindergarden seeking for forgiveness from mummy..
Thanks God the iron is actually not that expensive as expected
i brought a medium quality wan..for less than hundreds...
okay end of my broking stories..hope it really end..
i dun wan my pocket to broke again!!!!

okie..outfit yesterday night...
me being a vy kepo girl..attend MMU FA (Film & animation) showreel night..
coz ney ney is part of it..though his work does not show but its always the best in my heart k!
no pic of the events..coz its all about sceening of top work only picha of me..ahha
i noe u're getting sick of it..but i oso no choice hahha..
im goi for kinda....erm i dunno wht look
but its totally diff from wht i had previously right...
mustard yellow top: ugly duckling, grey pants: Trendreports, heels: BKK, bag: Trendreports..
back hehe..love the bow design....
im so extra that night..im sitting near to the toilet..
i found myself a task of answering ppl where's the toilet and telling them there's somebody inside..useless right me..haha
ok one more to end..camwore in the toilet..
i noe im vain..ok chaoz..another busy week at work..argh...

Call me Auntie kiM

its weird!! today is sat and im waking up this early to write....
sorry for late of update ya...

hey noe wht im old d..like so suddenly thought can
especially when i meet my bestie's son in jb last week
i couldn't believe we are that old already..
the girl..girl??should i use girl or lady...haha
anyway she is the mummy whom i noe for 23-7= 16 years..
gosh that so long so long...
in fact its my 1st meeting with tis little cute baby..b4 that we really dunno how big or how old is he..me and son brought a set of smart outfit for him in 4 years old size!!!
hahaha..so stupid..anyway he can still wear when he grow up right?
do u ever experience carrying a baby of a mum that same age with ya?
that's really weird!!!!!or its for me only?
and im memang ok if he call me auntie...becoz throughout the night im the only one who saying: come auntie carry! come auntie play play..and stuff.
while my friends who are still dun wanna face the fact is like keep complaining cheh cheh (a.k.a sister) ok..
the little happy family...its funny we have this interview with the mummy and daddy
about birthing a child.. explaining to us how pain how torture it can be to give birth a baby..
but they ended everything with: indeed its totally worthy ok!!
the four of us...they are the closers friend of mine in sec sch..
sun who is so kersian having gastric problem that night.
.see she touching her stomach in every pic
lian and weiyen..miss you girls so much...
the girls...
it was our meeting after 2 years...everyone changed..but our friendship will never change..
we get along in "remove" aka peralihan..haha no longer there already i noe
but to make it clear my mum is the one who force me to take remove k..weird right
she has her own reason for my good..and im thankful with that..
if not i cant achieve better and noe this bunch of cute friends
random picha taking...with everyone...
finally a group picha of all..with the guys..
i really hope to have more gathering like this
but im no longer in jb anymore..i miss all of you so much!!!
Take care and God love you girls..muacks

JB's shopping

its 1am now just back from movie..
what else can drag me to the cinema other than Transformer..
but i still prefer the 1st one...
another thing...
Thanks God! i've been confirm by the company
it really like a test for my ability!! confirmation means pass..increment means grade..
hahha..dun ask me wht grade i get!
and and another things..
i've been losing interest of blogging ler..how ar???sometimes i do thinks to set my blog to private so i feel more comfort or open to share thoughts and feeling...

anyway today all about shopping in JB
JB er..mayb not a shopping heaven for us but for Singaporean..
coz its near and the currency let them shop cheaper in jb..
that's stuff in JB are getting expensive than KL...
but anyway there's only 3 major shopping complex in JB
City Squares, Jusco Tebrau and Plaza Pelangi
ya not much huh..can u can still get good stuff...
this time i went 2 out of 3 city squares for shopping of coz
plaza pelangi for sing-k
some of the boutique u can found in cs (City Square)..
mostly are imported from bangkok i think...
a really nice design boutique!! notice the SA on the left??so tall can!!!
a random back of us...
other than shopping complex..the girls next door is wht you should not miss in JB
it situated at Jalan Dobi a really old street in the town that belong to Sultan Johor..
noe wht u can have ur hairdo there too..is a salon cum boutique..
oh ya this week..i really really goi for permanent curls...
been lazy to do the curly thingy in the morning d...wish me luck k
style shoot with jb new custom as background..
black singlet: online, handmade studded bow, f21 studded belt, Tea and sympathy checker peplum, flora bag: Trendreports and Friendship shoe again..i just love it so much!!forgive me
with sun sun, really thanks darl..for accompanying us for the days..
love you and miss you already.....

ok chaoz..time to sleep....
Nitez all
start tomorrow with thankful heart..
love you Jesus..thanks for all the blessing that u've pour upon me..