urbanscapes!!is over..
we spend like 2 hour finding our way there..crazy right?
us in the midst of lose in unknown road...
when we reached the traffic is bad! parking is not well organize but who care...
my main motive is to shop and meet great ppl!!!
but no picha for the event this time go tic to view k...
ok outfit 1st

headband: BKK, studded fringe long top: Girl next door, bag sling bag: Trendreports, assorted bracelet: BKK+ online, Customize studded shoe: Vincci

this time with ney outfit too...
ney ney luckily i ask him to change last min he came to fetch me with kinda formal look
white collar shirt..long shelve some more..and black skinny..
coz the weather was so so hot and we are sweaty all the way!
baby blue tee: BKK, belt: City square, jb, Stripes pant: Phlox Studio, Camera pounch: BKK, slipper: BKK

guess who i met!!!!
hoe's sister!!oh my i've been they faithful reader..
luckily jing call me if not i really missed the chance of meeting them face to face
they are like dolls k...come out from the monitor..(coz read blog thru pc mah)
they are so friendly and pretty lar!!!! love their way of dressing and so tall..im so short!haih
u girls are hot lar..
and i met sharon!!!! the girl that i've sharing lotsa things with thru mail!!
she is so pretty in person!!! love her outfit color scheme..so soft so sweet..
really nice meeting u, girl...
sadly i get nothing..there's lotsa nice stuff selling but just dunno y everytime when come to bazaar..haih..i just dun feel like buying...
after that rush back home for my youngest sis birthday dinner
we had our haagen-dazs feast again, chocolate fondue, mango tango and chocolate tiramisu..
but it was kinda disappointing..
the fruit is not fresh and the presentation is not up to the standard..
anyway..thanks mum

Blessed week to all..
God bless...

the girl next door....

im back!
trip shorten..due to swine flu! no no..dun misunderstand we are healthy!
but we cancel our s'pore trip coz there's cases of the local transmission thr..
we are scare and timid..
but the trips is fulfilling..in term of physical and mentally
physical= we are filled with good food
mentally= a good rest after months of working life..
and one more reason of getting back earlier!!
im goi to urbanscape tomorrow!!!smth that you should not missed...
there's music, art, and most important things!! BAZAAR!!!
girls love bazaar right???
as bee said..lotsa good stuff u can get there!!!
baci, tea & sympathy and girl next door will be there too all the way from jb..
and u noe wht??! i successfully visit the shop this morning
coz i went on the 1st day i reach jb! the cafe is open
(coz u nid to enter the shop thru a very old school cafe)

everything is 80's from design to deco!
me acting old..hahhaha..ya i noe i am old!
pic come out so vintage feel right...
but we din try our the cafe coz we are too full after having 2 breakfast...
there's antique stuff all around the cafe....best place for photo taking! and lepak!
but the boutique is close...
2nd day...both boutique and cafe is CLOSE!!!!we almost gave up can
but thankfully ney bring me there again for our last try b4 heading back
and its open!!!!!!and the owner told me most of their stock is *exported* to kl
coz they are goi to urbanscape tml!!oh my..im so exicted hearing that can
outfit of the day... today is a bad hair and face day...
red checker toga= tea & sympathy, black clincher= chance, denim high waist short= sunway, vintage flora bag= trendreports
Although the owner said the stuff is lesser but i still manage to get one vy special piece of tee for myself!!and im wearing it tomorrow!!!!
studded+ hole+ fringe==? such a great combination innit?
see you tomorrow lovely...:D

my tricks on skirt

*this is a schedule post*

im in the midst of holiday in s'pore i think by now..:D
should be in far east i hope! my favorite mall in orchard! but no money..sob sob
gotta show u all my tricks i do on my oversize skirt..
actually i hv no secret d..i've share everything here and i enjoy doi it
especially i get feedback from u..!!thanks all..love u girls..
ok stop the crap..
since im pettie..(but i do think i gain weight ler!!how ar?)
lotsa skirts even in s size normally and especially high waist skirt dun fit me well.
u too right? high waist become low waist for me pulak..
these are part of my skirt that do not fit me
peplum, bambi skirt, tutu in peach and black, pink puffy skirt..
such a waist for not fitting those pretty nicely right..
as wht i promise bee earlier..showing how i pin my skirt..
1. the nude tutu i get from velvet ribbon...
2. every skirts will have this connection on the waist! find it
3. and try to get the gap that is loose for u
4. fold it into the inner part..
5. pin it with safety pin vertical not horizontal as in the pic pin it straight k
if not will turn out shape
5. the final outcome its just like the connection as u see in pic 2...

but there are skirts that still does not look good after pin it!
either the waist part is thinner than the safety pin or the shape of the skirt itself
this pluffy skirt of mine will never look good no matter how i pin it
so the only way i figure out is to turn it to paperbag skirt..
and the pluffed part will be more pluffy!!!

other than skirt.. i have belt!!that not fit too...
u must thinking why i buy smth that doesn't fit me!!coz its too hot to resist
and my mum will always there to figure out a way to make it fit on me
f21 studded belt!wht my mum do was to fold the the extra part
and sew it with hand..and its fit me so well can...
thanks mum~~~~

okie dookie..finish my tricks
outfit today to work..
got two ler...coz i always change my mind..b4 i step outta house..
u noe i hv to think a lot ler! coz my college will always make story out of the clothes i wear
im planning for sm formal look..
black turtleneck: MNG, Black Clicher: online, polka dots panel skirt: Upcoming T.R
selling of the clincher..anyone interested? and the skirt!! so cute can..wanna get it? tell me!

my final outfit...*i told u i have a twin..hehhe*
die die wanna wear smth that suit my shoe..
long yellow cardigan and heart necklaces: Mooie & Moca, Vintage belt: forget, white tank top: Topshop, black mini: stockist,
bag and shoe: Trendreports..

argh..i thinking so much recently about my future!!
i do think i need a change but im too lazy to step out...
to go out of comfort zone is the most difficult things!!
smth i wish but i cant share it here!!!argh...
God please guide me!!what Your plan on me...
what should i do.. *pray*

i suppose to be in holiday mood huh..but after this still have to face the truth..

Is back

my life is back to normal..no more alone thingy!
ya my indian man is back!
<span class=
hahha..no lar he's not indian..lotsa ppl asking whr ar he go india
learn to do roti canai?charpati? or missionary stuff..
the actual ans is he was under a 2 month training program to india
and he's gonna work in cyberjaya soon..
so envy can..he got one whole week paid leave!!
but i need to take my annual leave!!argh...
and we planing to go on a road trip to jb and s'pore...
kinda far huh!! main goal is too eat!eat!eat! he is sick of the food in India
and he's claving for all malaysia delight..
why jb coz the only place im vy familiar with food!!*i grown up there*
dun think jb is a small town or city k!! other than lotsa gangster
jb'ian dress up quite well k! which im kinda proud of..
read this love their outfit!how i wish when im back the bazaar is on!
as jb is vy near to s'pore
since young we watch s'pore drama series, we speak chinese, we adapt spore cultural..
most of jb'ian noe more abt s'pore than m'sia..coz even news..we watch s'pore news..
its been sm times since i last back *home*, miss my girlfriends so much...
thanks sun for organizing the gathering and adopt us to stay in ur hse!
hope everyone come k!!!although i noe u girls dun read..hahha..
i miss shopping in s'pore!!! er..hate myself spending too much earlier this month!!
i miss all the food!!jb bak kut teh, kue tiao kia, s'pore laksa, mihun and more!
im leaving on wed..blog will be not be abandon coz i've prepare a schedule post!
coz i noe u will definitely forget me if kiminpink no update right?*sob*
anyway ill be back with fat kim and more update about the trip and my memories in jb!!
oh ya before that..outfit!
<span class=
after sunday services..me with minimize make up and accessories..
hunt for fathers day present at sunway pyramid!
but again mission failed..sorry dad..
stripes singlet: stockist, white peplum: velvet ribbon, bag: sungai wang, friendship shoe: vincci, random white accessories: bkk and sunway pyramid!

may God bless us have a safe journey..
blessed week to you...
take care~

i sew my first skirt!!

**its 12 just back from work...*exhuated* dun blame me if there lotsa mistake in this post k!

yeah~ ya i have my 1st selfmade skirt
in fact most of it is my mum work..im still learning mah..
thanks to yasmine!!after reading her blog she actually burn back my customize fire
i've stop handmade stuff from this post...
and this time round i made my own skirt!! peplum skirt + flora fabric!!
real sample making, real sewing involve this no fake or pin here and thr!
the puffy layer of the skirt i realize its really easy to create pleated with sewing machine
more pleated mean more pluffy...i luv pluffy skirt, so do u right?
some artistic shoot by my sister when im sewing...
dun ganjiong with the final outcome...c more back of the scene picha ok?haha
me sewing with mouth half open..haha i dunno y!
since im not putting any elastic banding on the waist so everything have to be vy accurate..
from waist, hip to thigh have to measure so its fit well
ok now im wearing it...so matching with the belt right *best purchase ever*
this skirt take me and my mum 1 to 1 and the half day to complete
time consuming and we both kinda happy with the final outcome..
yes this is how it look! how u think?nice not?
i luv it to bit...the waist have this hard cloth to hold, pleated part are puffy enough and the gold zipper at the back!!! totally luv it!!
but not yet have a nice outfit shoot with it..gimme some times...

and other customize stuff i did that night
ya i noe studded been in trend for some times..
but i still have some left with me..not to waste mah..
studded black bow and studdize pair of shoe my mum brought back from bkk
zipper bracelet...saw some blogshop selling it ridiculous expensive..
mine with studded cost is RM3..hehhe..
and bow on hand stuff..wht i do previously just tied with rubber band or stuff with it on my hand
but this time i do it properly

ok end!
how how?how u think my flora peplum?nice not?
p.s: hehe..yeah yeah ney is coming back on sat morning!!!which is....TOMORROW!
woohoo..excited..erm..which dress should i wear...hahha..
nitez all

To remind myself..

Romans 8:28 say, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that loves God, to them who are called according to his purpose." Jesus wants us to love life, love others and love him that is the true meaning of life.

This week when life isn't fair, disappoints arise and things don't seem to make any sense remember Jesus is our comforter and it's at the cross where he died that we can lay our burdens down.

credit to ambafrance

im not a music person....

we had a very eventful father's day..
so happen my sister "invite" us to a recital at klcc
in fact im the one paying for the tic..argh..*regret*
so before its the concert start we went for some shopping and lunch at Mdm. kwan...
outfit of the day..im more excited to dress up than to watch the recital..
..goi for kinda vintage feel..
familiar backdrop huh..ya borrow from Trendreports...
Tea & sympathy dress..so love this dress so fitting and striking..
Ugly duckling vintage belt, Trendreports upcoming bags and turquoise velvet flat
so good to out with only one sibling..hahha..no nid to squeez..im a bad sister..i noe
the pic was taken when my dad trying to kill us in the car..
coz he will always lock us in the car without door or window open whenever he pump petrol..
its so "kok" k!!!i rmb once i angry with ney because he did that to me too..
dad and mum with their smiley face..actually forced by me!
me with my beloved partner! see my head so big right!!!sigh
then kinokuniya to buy father's present..but ended up nth
i still cant find the book that Pastor Wong recommend me to buy for my dad!!!
and guess wht i found in japanese department!!!the lastest japanese version vivi..
i din buy coz it cost freaking RM43 smth!!! i can buy a top already...
so after all the shopping thingy we attend the recital for an hour
4 diff group of musician playing piano, violin, blah blah and blah blah..
*sowie..i dunno wht the name*
my parent sleep half an hour i think!!hahhaa...luckily they din snooze if not..memalukan us
as for me..i loss my focus every 10 min looking the musician..
and always ended up asking myself y am i here ar..
haha..im not a music person like my sis k..
she the one who stay awake and listen and appreaciate..
as she's playing violin..im not music talent at all..
i learnt piano when i was 5 and stop b4 6 years old...ya tat's me
but im like karaokea ler..music also right?..haha
then at night..again my dad favorite restaurant..
*lao ma zhi steamboat*..we went twice a month..and we upgrade vip there d i think
coz my dad will book earlier and we always sit at the same old table...
and special offer on meat. although we are kinda sick of it d..
but its Father's day..so no choice...

Happy father's day to you, dad
and my Father in heaven!

update: i just realize father day is next Sunday...hahha so everything its in advance..

p.s: oh my!! my peplum is done!!!1st ever selfmade skirt!!thanks my super mummy!!!
update soon with more customize stuff ..:D
nitez all..

im ugly duck!

hehe..another happy post!
as i told earlier i successfully save up some money from last month from the previous post
so i reward myself with more shopping..*guiltiness*
whenever somebody ask me what is my hobbies or wht i do in free time!
ill answer shopping! without any doubt...
sometimes i do ask myself why i got nothing else better to do than this expensive hobby
maybe coz im ugly! haha..so i nid something pretty like clothes, accessories to turn me into a swan
maybe that's the reason y i love...
Ugly duckling...(my favourite online blogshop)
love every piece in their collection although im rather late
but i still manage to grab a few..
always love their packaging..and the owner!!
she is so honest and sweet!!
without pakaging....
hehe.. 5 from ugly duckling, 1dress from tea & sympathy, black tutu from honey pumpkin,
flora cloth for my next creation!!woohoo.. *another 3 is yet to come*
i got secret plan on go... 1st part is done
now left the last and most important step hopefully tml will complete and it turn out great!
and ill show it here k..:D stay tune..
everyone is on flora craz..so am i!! flora headgear and earring from bazaar



as promise my black and white week...
sorry i only manage to take pic for 3 days...
lazy to descript.. sowie..haha
and my sombong face again!but this times pic look like inner-fighting of wht huh
outfit last monday..marina!!!*love*
blazer, b & w stripes singlet, navy blue puffy skirt, the envelop clincher, black tight and friendship shoe...
today lotsa i've been thinking of lotsa things...
seeing this cruel society with cat fight and rat race...
hopefully im not involve in any of it! i just wanna be in my comfort zone...
being with God is only the safer time i have after the tiring day of work
i have to pick up a good sipirtual lifestyle and quiet time from now on...
no more laziness, kim! wake up!! its time to wake up!!! *real inner-fighting*

P.s: thanks to girls..that email and text me word of encourgement about my blog, my style and my design!!!its so touching!!! im really grateful to noe lot of u thru kiminpink!!! !!! its really special to get to u girls thru this medium!!! lotsa hugz and kisses!!!

p.s.s: linking button added!!! tell me if i miss urs!or ask me to add u in the list k!!:D

-God bless-

Back dated....

again a week that i hv nth interesting to blog about..
my life is boring ain't it?
bear with me especially the post i've promised earlier..
pic are taken im just too lazy to transfer it to my pc and edit!!!
the 1st thing i think of every time i reach home is to SLEEP!

but i found some pic in my flickr that i've edited but no topic to blog about...
so now another lapsap post...
a family pic taken in my aunt house when chinese new year...
my brother, me, sisters, cousin's baby, my dad, and mummy
in case u dunno im eldest daughter but my sibling are all taller than me...
my brother is the giant..haha.now even my youngest sister is same height with me!!
wht happen to me?u can me shortie short kim


that's how my hair look when im lazy to blow and style..
was last month i met my Vietnamese friend
that i know them from Student Congress *click*
i cant join this time!since im no longer student..miss them so much


im so into hair stuff that doesn't give any mark after using it
the wire rubberband shevin gift it to me!! Thanks girl!no matter how long i tied my hair with it
my hair wun have any ugly mark or out of shape..
and another two is for fringe with same function!


my 1st freelance blog design had finally launch!!!!
sasha! thanks for this opportunity!and believing me!!
im in love with it!!cant control myself of clicking sasha site *click*
wht do u think????
want to revamp ur blog??find me!!! special offer to kiminpink's reader!!hehe...

another photo of us that i din put in that previous post!!!
yeah! he is coming back in 11days!!!
im no longer alone...
counting down excitedly

ops its 1022 !! bed time!!hahha...im a healthy girl!
Nitez all..

Big head

since im thinner now compare to 2 year ago
but i realize this vy big problem on me few month back
my body is thinner *happy*
but but but my head and my face is still that big!
so now im looking cacatly big head with small body
i think if i grow thinner and thinner, my body will not be able to support my big heavy head
oh my that why my neck got problem and painful always ler..oh no oh no..how ar
haha...ya im siao like tat!
but really lar!i have a big head!
i even Google for human body proportion and scale
cant really find an exact answer of it..or u tell me do my head look that big

Bangsar shopping trip!
love this cute toga dress from tea & sympathy, gold studded clincher, f21 cluth, trendreports heel, assorted bracelet.
actually plan to wear it to airport..but i cannot tahan already lar..
some more if the flight happen to be 6am? i have to wake at 4 to get ready and dress up like this to airport?
my sombong face with our buy..i only brought one pretty dress..
my sister brought the poem!
my partner in crime
her leg look so long hor! but face problem in this pic!hahha

sunday..a sudden decide to lapsap junkyard sales at palatte palatte
again with my partner!!she is the who drag me out from my lazy sunday
and met naomi!
ya it not the 1st time i met her but i've been loving her creation this while
admire her style!!im a little fan of her now..haha
she is so friendly and pretty..didn't manage to dig anything from her
coz im late already!!hers are always the hot stuff for girls to grab!
then we head to toilet..haha
for testing a pant from vintage biri-biri
the owner also a vy nice and pretty girls who ask me to try one the pant b4 buy
to avoid regret, Thanks God i din waste the money coz its really din fit well on me
outfit of the day
f21 acid washed tee, f21 studded belt, q-loshopy peplum mini, b & w friendship shoe, f21 clutch and bracelet...
then we head to pavilion for dessert and some shopping
the loft..dun really love it coz too creamy for me!
haha..steal sister bag for illustration purpose..
c this pic!!!my head really big right???
and i always bent my head when taking pic...maybe because my head is too heavy!!haha..
i dunno y im so black and white recently..
noe wht i set this whole week..i wear only black and white to work!!!
im boring like tat!!haha...

so how? do u think my head is bigger than it should be?
p.s: may God bless ccf mission trip in Kampar!!!i miss mission trip...always a spiritual power station for me! wanted to join...but work is pulling me back...