Long Weekend

woohoo..i love long weekend!!
haha..long live long weekend
when when is the next public holiday?!?!?
sorry im bit crazy..coz tml which is monday is coming
im already have monday blue hahha..
i like work lar..but prefer to sit at home more *_*
oh ya i get my pc upgraded..week ago
bye bye white monitor..

longer and wider screen..so ill not rheumatic pain on my neck anymore
coz hv to turn my head from one screen to another
ok outfit....
collar polka dots top: Bangkok
Clincher: The envelop
Grey skinny: Taiwan Spree
Studded Bracelet: Bangkok
Silver fat: Nose

Yellow long cardigan: Mooie
Lacey top: Sungai wang
Black Clincher: online boutique
Graffiti mini: Velvet Ribbon
Custom made studded shoe: Vincci

White acid wash sheer tee: F21
Acid jean: Bangkok
Studded Bracelet: Bangkok
Sandal: Vincci

just a random update...hehe..
i still love long weekend!!!u too right???!?! haha..


  1. me too love long weekend! give me five!

  2. five *virtually*!haha..but wei u study long weekend oso not much diff wht!take back my five..hahaha

  3. owhh the velvet ribbon skirt is so nice~ contact me if u wanna sell it k? hahahahahah :p

  4. wear polka dots shirt n go in casino can win a lot of moneys lar.

    can try it next time when u go in casino XD

  5. sherlyn: haha..everyone is asking me to sell off my stuff!!haha..but girl wun be so fast k..im still loving it!heheh

    tommyzine: y ler?i dun und? u wan me to pinjam u when u go next time?hahhaa...wear as undies..

  6. How come u found nice shoes at vincci?
    I never find cute shoes on vincci indonesia.

  7. Acelve d-sign: hello girl, izzit??mayb vincci in m'sia and Indonesia sell diff stuff..i oso dunno hehe..:D

  8. look book! look book! hhahaha. sorry i'm very annoying.

    i love your acid skinnies :)

  9. KIM~ i LOVE ur DIY shoe
    When r u going to sell it ?!! *big wet eyes*
    Make sure im top in ur list *winkz*

  10. vvens: hey girl haha no ya not annoying at all!in fact u gv me encouragement! i finally register lookbook..but kinda lazy to post more outfit there..hehe!

    Thanks! u should go bangkok too..lotsa nice stuff thr!

    lynette: hahaha!!everyone is asking/waiting me sell off my stuff nowadays huh! haha..listed u! no worries!