Yaki yaki...

Yesterday..me and ney plan a sudden feast to treat ourself good
ney ask his friend along with us too...
actually i dun mind lar...my job there is eat eat eat!!
i've wasting a lot of food since i started eating lunch with my college...
becoz i have finish-food-disorder...since i hv ney ney
haha..i just cant finish my plate of food i will always eat half way or less then half..
then the food will..talking to me:"hey im not delicious dun eat me!" *crap*
my college always very curious...until i tell them i always share my food with my boyfriend
then only they understand!! im not purposely waste the food can
i dun mind sharing with others..
But i proudly announce that yesterday is the day i eat much much food since this year started..
well before feast start we went to pavilion for some shopping
i finally brought something i've been eyeing on for such a long long time!
and i get a studded belt unexpectedly cheap and also free parking...so worthly!
Outfit of the day
Black flower Hairband: BKK
neck top zipper ruffles: Pumpkin!
Tier Chiffon skirt: Coming up in Trendreports
( so so in love with this skirt!!!)
Unpaid studded couch: F21
Bracelet: F21
Heels: BKK
(i'm kinda boring with this heels d...hv to buy new one!!)
My best shopping partner..who is leaving me for freaking 3 month to India!!!
its will be a vy tough time for both of us..we nvr separate apart more then 3 weeks!
arh...i dun wan to shop alone..should get myself a shopping partner to replace him..

Yaki yaki a Japanese barbeque Buffet Restaurant!!
situated beside Federal Hotel and Lowyat
i love love love Barbecue...for no reason...
now there are having 50% promotion..until end of April...
which cost RM50 per head...
if no promotion i think Jogaya and Tenji would be better choice then Yakiyaki..haha
it was so crouded reservation was fully book walk-in have to wait like 1 hour
everyone come for the promotion...

couple of the day...
Simon and jocely..
me and ney ney
favorite of the day..Scallop.. my favorite seafood..
there have 3 choose for scallop..fresh, barbecue, and water cook i think!
Coconut!! u cant had enough of this in Japanese Buffet!
but they are kinda stingy about this coconut...Jogaya serve like no tomorrow
they serve like as its vy expensive! u have ask and wait..and one person can only take 2!!!
the thing i enjoy most is barbeque food...
every table have one of this charcoal barbeque thingy..
quite variety choice of food that u can barbeque with!
but you have not much choice on dessert and ice-cream!!!
but overall its kinda satisfying..
okie end..

Trendreports update soon...mayb tonight or tomorrow...
Stay tune!!!
lotsa of nice nice stuff!!!


  1. i wan to eat bbq too!!!u look so sweet in the photo with the coconut!*sound weird*haha btw kersian u lor, ur bf go India travel ar?

  2. yea..yaki yaki is yummy yummy :) slurpppp
    So fast want to find replacement of me even though i still here >.< sad*

  3. Look at those mouthwatering foods... YAKI-YAKI!!

  4. wow yummy n love that scallop...yummy...

  5. yinle: haha..with coconut only look sweet lar!!hhaha..really sound weird hardly get wht u mean..haha no lar..he go traning!

    ney: haha..replacement of shopping partner! not replacement of u!

    Beverly: ya!it's delicious!!

    Evely: i love scallop too!

  6. the scallop looks superb! hehe. Tenji has those coconuts also. can take as many as u want too :D

  7. ya!!should try tenji one day!!!