totally love...

sorry for lack of updates...
everyone was asking but haiz..nth special to update oso lar
my life is eat work sleep church
but please please dun forget me please....
some more i hv Special guest reading..everyone say hello to Special guest!
he make me so stress to post anything here

ok stop the crap...and little update about myself
im getting use of driving myself to church
but some times i really really scare of driving late back home!!
so scary can..ill specially play my p & w cd when im driving at night
since cell group always drag till vy late...
some times hv to trouble others members to worry about me
driving me home..(follow my car), text and calling me
whether am i reached home safety..
thanks brothers and guys are so sweet and nice to me!!
and noe wht i suddenly realize im already in adult circle..people around are elder than me
they treat me like little girl both office and cell group..
which in a way is good for me lar...haha..i did enjoy it..
oh ya im totally in love with this studded belt from f21!!!
its worth every single cents!!im not bored wearing it everyday!!hahaha...

one u with family on sunday...
daddy do some research about maybank card center
and we go shopping!!woohoo...
thanks my sister to take outfit photo for me..have to exchange condition some more one ar
i've been shop alot alot!!!cannot!!hv to control d!control!!
double skirt!
black bow: BKK
grey mini skirt worn as top: Trendreports
totally love studded belt: F21
Black sling bag: F21
peplum dress worn as skirt: Velvet ribbon
silver flat: Nose

Monday outfit
Black blazer: Trendreports
Grey basic tank top: Dorothy Perkin
totally love studded belt: F21
vintage sling bag: Taiwan's spree
nude pink tutu: Velvet Ribbon

how's the background??haha u love it not?or find it annoying ar?
i personally love it ler..ill go crazy with whtever dress or skirt in flowery!!!!

Today outfit
baby blue big tee: Apree...
( i've forgotten this shirt if not mistaken i worn once since i brought it last aug)
totally love studded belt: F21
Black sling bag: F21
Lame legging: Velvet ribbon...

show u girls my buy these 2 weeks, tomorrow!! im so suprise that i accidentally brought so much
but how arh?? more to come this weekend!!!my toplist shop new arrival!!
im goi to sapu again...*cry*such an expensive hobby!!!
ney this is ur fault!u better come back faster!!tahan me from buying stuff....
sorry God..again im not a good girl, not controlling!!

oh so pink

bear with still in missing mood..
at least we at least chat or phoned once a day
but im kinda use to be alone d..
meeting up friends is my next plan!!! hhahaha..wait for me ya!!u noe who u are right!
last sat we had a couple shoot at putrajaya
for our 3rd years anniversary in june..
since he'll not alone by that we take it earlier..
Thanks to xiao bai, your time, your camera and your effort!!
we owe you a treat!!!hahaa..

our fav pic of all!!!
so natural huh! tell you our photographer is awesome!!
he will make us laugh and catch the moments
most of the pic i look mimi..coz its too hot that day..
haha paiseh use smbody name!
we look so bamboo..
another natural shoot...we actually dunno when he catch the moment
jumpie jump! i request it!hahhaa..
couple shoot can be fun too right??!?!?
i love you ney..we hold each other tighly the rest of our life k?

My precious moment is with you...

its being so hard for me! yesterday i went the airport last minutes
coz everyone include my mum and his mum was like
why dun go? go lar..
sound like im acting cruel! coz they dunno what i scare..
i just dun wan to front of them
at the end i did..i cry when he hug me, saying goodbye to me, when watching his leaving back
im just couldn't control myself even today..
i cry while working, while driving, while reading email from friends asking me to be strong!
while thinking of our memories..i've been tearing whole day!
ya i noe its only 3 months!
this apart really make me realize how important is he in my life!
how much i love him!
but every times when i cried ill end it with a prayer
because God is my only strength, i believe He will guide us! He have big plan for us...

Before ney left, he give me a present
my neyney will only buy smth i like but wun to spend money on it
coz he noe i will only spend my money on apparel...
i never expect to get any present from him before he leave..
coz he's broke..and have yet receive his salary...
he brought me precious moment stuff!!! that i always wanted to own
if i have extra allowance to spend...
i remember every times when we went to mid valley..for sure we will pass by this pretty gift shop...have this whole windows of precious moment figurine
they are like angels!! so cute!! so sweets...but non-affordable
he promised he will collect it for me..he will be the one buying each collection for me
and we will have a glass cabinet putting all this cute little figurine
he's getting this very 1st one for me..
You color my world with love..
haha..the funny things was its suppose to be a mother day's figurine
who cares..i love it!! ya you color my world with love!!
preciousmoment4 copy
how good if you're right in front me now!or im with you there at india
why everytime you are the one who leaving!!
i dun care ill be the next one who leave to some where else..make you miss me!
I love you!!! love you so much!!!!

p.s: thanks all...for comforting me!!! you guys are sweet!!hugs

Outfit is back!!

sorry all..for less outfit post nowadays..
present you my outfit to work....
the one of the most enjoyable things for me at work!!
Doll up myself!!!
i spend 1 hour to get myself ready, so no matter how late i reach home or sleep the night before
ill still force myself to get up at 8 to prepare and depart to work at 915
this time round im trying out smth diff on the layout...
hehe..hope u love it ya!

Trendreports-Blazer, Moca- bigheart necklace, MNG- basic tank top, unknown-Black Legging, So beautiful, Sunway- Jean high waist short.

i love this outfit for no reason, simple clean but bit edgy!!

Dorothy Perkins- White Basic top, Diva- cross necklace, blogshop- navy blue pluffy skirt, taiwan spree- grey legging.

i finally found my cross necklace!!! *wink* i've been searching high and low for it, though my mum promise to give a real white gold cross after i get baptize but i cant wait d lar..
Thanks God i found this RM26 cross from DIVA!!! haha..
Baptize! i want be baptize!

Velvet Ribbon- Big batwing top, Apee- Studded Belt, unkown- Black skinny

sometimes i did feel fed up after spend most of the time finding clothes to wear and match around by ending it with simple outfit! and this was the day!!

unknown- Biker jacket, blogshop-White basic top, F21- Studded belt, Ugly Duckling- Layer skirt

i realise i have lotsa white basic!! they are my bestie, and so matching friendly!!!!
getting some black one as well...any idea where to get nice, quality black baby tee???


Trendreports- White vest, unknown- black lacey top, vintage belt and skinny jean

i love love love friday!!! and i always end my week with jean!!! friday is a jean day!!
coz im already in weekend mood!!hahhaa...

kim's small thought:
Today sermon touched me!! Pastor wong really preach the message well!!
every words wake me up and hit me!!
"You're saved because of Faith"
"There is only one gospel justification by FAITH alone both in old and new testament times and today is the same..."
Thanks God for waking me up once again!!!
ney is leaving...tomorrow..everyone was asking whether will i miss him in next 3 month
yes of coz i will!!! i really not going to airport!!!sorry neyney
i dun wan to cry in front of ur parent!!
i love you!! will pray for you ya!!Muacks


i've vy vy vy busy with my work these day
so this post just to keep my blog alive...
from last week i nvr reach home b4 8 at night..
lotsa project on due date tomorrow, everyone is staying up late in office
im much luckier ..coz they even sleep in the office till next day!!
the latest i get home is 12, coz for them im a little girl..
hahha..they always treat me like little girl..which in a way is kinda good to me
but so far im getting use to the working environment and people around
they are so so so funny,sometimes i just cant stop laughing ..
yet i still face some problems in work

Problem 1:
i always got stuck in whtever work im doi when somebody is supervising at me
haha..i just dunno y sometimes simple things can become vy difficult for me infront of them
and will result more people come to my place and give me a hand for help!!
hahah..stupid me

Problem 2:
im still cant finish my lunch...but i figure out a way not to order wht i desire to eat
but something light but still fill my stomach like bread/toast, salad, noodles..
means i cant eat what i spaghetti or set lunch or stuff!

Problem 3:
this is the biggest problem of all!hahah..when i finish my work
and i suppose to go home..i feel guilty should i ask for more job or i just go home like that
sometimes i did ask for more but at the end i regret,
coz it hold me till midnight to go home
sometimes im too lazy to ask too..and ill feel so so guilty for letting everyone behind
coz they are still stuggle with work!!
what should i do huh??

Problem 4:
i cant OT on Friday! i think i should really speak this out
coz i've to attend cell group...
like last friday was Good Friday,
im so so struggling whether to stay or leave to church!
i pray and just leave to church but still no peace in me..
coz i scare how Boss think of me.."so lazy ar this girl"
but lar they dun treat me differently after that night

Problem 5:
i miss my mum cooks!! its been 2 weeks i nvr eat dinner with my family
it suppose to be a beverage of staying together with family
i've been spending my own money on dinner!!!
yala..OT sometimes boss belanja oso but haih..i still miss my mum's dishes..

Problem 6:
i need time for myself!
i booked salon but cancel due to OT!!!
i nid shopping, since im vy fashion show everyday according to my college
but i still shop online..haha so happy i brought 3 skirt/dress today from velvet ribbon!
they hv awesome stuff..cant wait to get'em on hand

those are not big problem..ill soon overcome all these..
after ney gone..i've more times on work
counting down 3days..
these 2 weeks run like rockets..haih
Times flies...


im gonna miss this!

i definitely gonna miss all this after next sunday!
coz he's leaving!! really leaving this jokes!
after being so sticky to each other for 2 years in uni...
we find its really hard time for us when come to working life
of the fact tat we hardly meet on weekdays..
until now we have yet to overcome or use to this..and now
now! Now he is leaving me for 3 month!!
Pray hard i can survive!! i admit im that rely on him!
no one will call me everyday when im bored at work and at night b4 i go to bed,
no one fetch me to church to cellgroup! mean i hv to drive to church every friday and saturday back late at night!!!that's scary!!! no one bring me for good food, no one take me for lunch when he's on leave, no one acc me shopping, no one crap with me!
and most important no one help me to finish up my food! ill be wasting more food in this 3 month!
arh..u've become part of my life and im lossing part of my life in this coming month...
i cried when he had to leave me for 2 week years back, i dunno wht i will do this time
that's the reason y im not goi to airport! im not goi to cry in front of his family!
ya im tat dramatic and dependence!
i always solute girls who have long distance relationship...
coz i seems to be not that kinda girl!
this will be the last dating post for the next 3 month!which something ill be really really miss
he always come to fetch me earlier and either waited me in the car or at my hse!
ill be driving all alone..sometimes i really hate driving..its just too tiring
he always hold my hand while driving!!
and wht can i hold next is just the cold gear stick
no more camwore without the safe belt
no one bring me for good food!!
ya we went Garden, 1u the theme!!
clean and nice interior just like full house (same management)
its such a nice place for couple
mix-fruit tea..
erm..i prefer flower tea more..but its kinda refreshing
Garden Fish and chips...
Red apple sorbet!! nice i love this dessert!
no one gonna share my food...

no one i can camwore with!!
or take pic for me!
love this pic!!thanks ney...:D
arh!! this the biggest prob for my blog!!!
no one take outfit photo for me
no outfit photo???!?!? im just not good in setting the timer for myself!
okie outfit
Black collar: Tea & sympathy, tuxedo tube top: Thifted, Tutu skirt:Trendreports,
Studded belt, Black Studded Clutch: F21, Same old heels...
*ignore the ugly background
no one suit me wearing the same color
or asking me what to wear b4 outing!
you're just my cup of tea!!!!!
May God bless you and ur stomach in India..haha
i love u, ney...

gonna off to bed for tml morning ester service
Happy Ester people!
Thanks God for sending Jesus for us!!!
He's the truth, the way and the light...

Moo moo

Finally i've finallize everything in moo..
if u're thinking im gonna repainting it to spray it into cow skin or anything like "somebody"
then sorry lar! im disappointing you!
who noe i might change my mind to tiger skin next year, according to my college
haha..then my car will change according the "Chinese lunar animal" every year!
haha..that's crazy can..
so today!present you the inner part of moo moo...
the dashboard- i brought this cloth for like so so expensive!!!
so im gonna fully utilizes it!until i've nothing left now...
however it did bring me some trouble! see my mirror?im driving in cow skin vision
my dad drive till pening d haha...but im getting usual already
big handmade bow at the back mirror!!!this is the last piece of cloth...
moo11 matching right!! grass from ROOM..look vy refreshing to have something green
i even brought one in my office!!
i use this for perfumize moo moo!!haha..anna sui flairy perfume gift from sun sun last year!!
haha..paiseh lar sun, until i find my perfect refresher only i replace with it k...
my little moo moo syiling bag
his is bestie!!coz i need lotsa syiling nowadays for parking..
Cushion cover..Miliion thanks to my mummy...
She sew it for me!! its so fitting...especially for moo moo!!
another Moo moo handmade Seat Cushion
which gv ppl illusion that i look kinda taller while driving..haha..
Moo moo bean bag toys.. quite a good deal..coz its so soft and perfect for back rest too!
my pink polka ella..until now haven't really get to use it yet!
God always provide me with great weather! although recently was raining day..
but im so blessed by the time i nid to get down from car! Rain Stop!!Praise the Lord!
another moo friend at the back to accompany my passenger!
ahhaa...he's kinda lonely behind coz i seldom fetch people...

yeah done..more will be add!!gimme some times...
i love moo moo...he's gonna accompany for few years...hopefully he will be healthy always!

Yaki yaki... and ney plan a sudden feast to treat ourself good
ney ask his friend along with us too...
actually i dun mind job there is eat eat eat!!
i've wasting a lot of food since i started eating lunch with my college...
becoz i have finish-food-disorder...since i hv ney ney
haha..i just cant finish my plate of food i will always eat half way or less then half..
then the food will..talking to me:"hey im not delicious dun eat me!" *crap*
my college always very curious...until i tell them i always share my food with my boyfriend
then only they understand!! im not purposely waste the food can
i dun mind sharing with others..
But i proudly announce that yesterday is the day i eat much much food since this year started..
well before feast start we went to pavilion for some shopping
i finally brought something i've been eyeing on for such a long long time!
and i get a studded belt unexpectedly cheap and also free worthly!
Outfit of the day
Black flower Hairband: BKK
neck top zipper ruffles: Pumpkin!
Tier Chiffon skirt: Coming up in Trendreports
( so so in love with this skirt!!!)
Unpaid studded couch: F21
Bracelet: F21
Heels: BKK
(i'm kinda boring with this heels d...hv to buy new one!!)
My best shopping partner..who is leaving me for freaking 3 month to India!!!
its will be a vy tough time for both of us..we nvr separate apart more then 3 weeks!
arh...i dun wan to shop alone..should get myself a shopping partner to replace him..

Yaki yaki a Japanese barbeque Buffet Restaurant!!
situated beside Federal Hotel and Lowyat
i love love love Barbecue...for no reason...
now there are having 50% promotion..until end of April...
which cost RM50 per head...
if no promotion i think Jogaya and Tenji would be better choice then Yakiyaki..haha
it was so crouded reservation was fully book walk-in have to wait like 1 hour
everyone come for the promotion...

couple of the day...
Simon and jocely..
me and ney ney
favorite of the day..Scallop.. my favorite seafood..
there have 3 choose for scallop..fresh, barbecue, and water cook i think!
Coconut!! u cant had enough of this in Japanese Buffet!
but they are kinda stingy about this coconut...Jogaya serve like no tomorrow
they serve like as its vy expensive! u have ask and wait..and one person can only take 2!!!
the thing i enjoy most is barbeque food...
every table have one of this charcoal barbeque thingy..
quite variety choice of food that u can barbeque with!
but you have not much choice on dessert and ice-cream!!!
but overall its kinda satisfying..
okie end..

Trendreports update soon...mayb tonight or tomorrow...
Stay tune!!!
lotsa of nice nice stuff!!!