Random random update....

random stuff post to kick start this new template!!
im so in love in my own blog...layout..haha perasan me

++Random outfit -totally diff theme++

Black kim- translate as "o kin"
studded mini dress wrote as top: Trendreports
(i actually added more studded in that shirt myself..)
Self made high waist paint, The envelop clincher, studded sandal..

Ballet pink
White top: Mooie, belt: Sister, tutu: room0808, vintage bag: taiwan spree, brown strips heel: shoesaholic
im so love the pink tutu..but i think its kinda long for me..gonna bring it to the tailor and do some surgery...

++Random eat++

adore the ice cream..so natural so smooth so expensive
haha..cant afford too much coz im broke now..
Mid valley have the nicest Portuguese grill seafood!!!
situated in oasis food court..my ney ney fav since sec sch..
everyone love spicy food should try tis!!cheap but delicious

++Random Customize++
see how crazy am i to studded..i made my 1st studded ear ring!!!!

since im gonna start work...i hv to prepare myself mentally and physically
notebook is the most important thing- i customize it as well to my own style
cant wait to start using it!!!!

++Random camwhore+

a rare angle for camwhore..

Trendreports gonna have a massive update sooner babe...
with more oversea goodies and customize shirt!!!


  1. im new here, love ur style of blogging u look a doll in last pic!

  2. jill: hello thr..welcome to kiminpink..thanks for e comments!!!nice to meet u~

  3. omg babe! i missed out or room 8008's tutu skirt! and you managed to get it! grrrr :/

  4. ahaha I was lusting over that pink tutu but didn't expect you are the one who bought it! And you rock every style ;) Your first outfit damn gaya studde everywhere.. HAHA can't wait for trendsreport's updates!!

  5. Girl, you got sell clothes online too?

  6. miss ocd: haha..i actually grab it immediately after they post up their preview pic..

  7. crystal: arh..i nvr tot so many girl actually wanting tis skirt! Thanks q sweet..

    寒雨:ya girl,i manage http://trend-reportsss.blogspot.com/

  8. my god NG KIM GEOK!

    i siao si u!!!
    cause u studded the stuff by ur own self. so damn creative man.

    can open a shop d.

    n u're not perasan.
    ur layout r always nice.

    but this one look matured than the previous 1!simple and nice.

    u're the upcoming 小公主浪跡天涯 XD

  9. hey..mimi no full name pls..hahha..i open shop u put modal again okie not??business partner again?ahhaa jk..u noe when i saw ur comment i laugh till die..coz im now watching the drama!!!

  10. i love everything u wear lar!make me envy only

  11. ash: hahaha..u hv more nice stuff..just dun wan to share with me saja!!!do a blog for urself too lar..dun kiamsiam

  12. i'm still in love with your DIY studded shoes :) so cantik! Do you know to get the "gun"?

  13. miss ocd: hey girl..u can get e hot glue gun at master art!!or any stationary or hardware shop...

  14. tommy really is mimi ar?? hahaha..i tot is someone else tim...the way tommy talk here dun sounds like mimi eh...haha..i alwiz tot is somebody else dun dare to perli him when he comment..haha..kim..everybody loves u..syok nyaa..hahaha...

  15. Shevin: haha..ya that's tommy, yalo the way he talk diff from real life..hey so u goi bkk next week right??lagi syok!!